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"We will bare the weight of humanity for it makes us stronger."

Humans with no ability to mance, no cybernetics or splicing. But still yield natural advanced strength, speed and perception.   After the First contact war humanity was trying to boost their technology but many thought to advance the human genome project super soldier. Technology at that time could only make a human reach their natural peak, one human was made this way and fought in the First Contact War. he meet his end 6 months later.   You can't force natural evolution but evolution can be forced, just need foreign material. Scientist looked to the Tuleons 90% muscle sturdy thick bones humans could never fight fair against these things Unless we had the same advantages.   Alien Dna was introduced to project supersoldier to selected individuals with varying results, splicing and gene manipulation produced great but deadly results. When all that was needed was time. as each generation passed the alien gene was passed on being refined like a diamond.

Basic Information


Looks the same as True humans but with thicker bones and greater muscle mass

Genetics and Reproduction

5 months

Growth Rate & Stages

Superhumans mature in half the time physically. Puberty is when the abnormal physical attributes show themselves.

Ecology and Habitats

Continental worlds, though can survive hotter temperatures then true humans.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Biological Cycle

A superhuman will physical age twice as fast as a true human but will remain at peak physical condition for much longer not seeing entropy till age 60.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

main venous System becoming clearly visible

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Martial Order Superhuman Union

Courtship Ideals

Arm wrestling has become a common form of flirting.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships of superhumans depends if they are in conflict or not as many won't bother if they is fighting to be done.

Common Dress Code

Clothes are preferred to be flexible and breaths

Culture and Cultural Heritage

super Human Culture is comprised of heavy competition. From the moment they are born they are held to a higher physical standard and to stand out among their peers they must prove themselves. Civilian Super Humans use test or contests to compare themselves to the masses boasting there superior strength and endurance. Though not as previlatent this competitive nature spans to intellet contest as well though they have no obvious advantages in that department.   Those in the armed forces seek frame or recognition from there comarads and sighs of service.


The concept of being the perfect human existed since the dawn of man, but never was quite as true as the first one introduced during the First contact war. Unfortunately, his performance didn’t hold up in the wake of interstellar invaders. The pure human gene as many thought was not up to par with, what was to be believed at the time, speciality soldiers. So a new division took over the research and built upon the past formula using this new superior alien dna to make humans hardy and more powerful, with mixed results.   The Initial test were successful in a sense, granting increase muscle mass, hardened skin but obviously not human looking and were prone to berserking if not active. Though many of these test met their end when they spontaneously combusted after achieving perk work out times. Later renditions sought to tweak the appearance and get rid of that nasty side effect.   Further tweaking was needed and they were able to make a suitable formula, one where the person didn’t die spontaneously or go into a rage when standing still. Though the appearance was the only thing still troubling the subjects could walk like any other human but there skin was scally and claws sharp and spikes protruding. Many of this were...recycled for further research.   They got a breakthrough around the time the cult of the new gods sprang up and had several subjects who looked somewhat human but where giants compared to normal humanity. But in the wake of rising tension between humanity and spirits and the danger from above the stars it seemed that the Superhumans would be put into work soon.     When the war started the Previous subject proved insanely effective in fighting surviving spirit and bullets fights and moving on the the next. There was to few however to impact the world scale war going on. So smaller dose were introduced to a select few essentially the original formula upgraded, though at this stage the war had moved in scale and it was time to look for ways to survive taking their subjects along with them to continue research and leaving the earth to it’s fate.     Progress had slowed when they reached space as the forming livable condition took priority but the scientist who sacrificed his entire life to this didn’t want it to end in a mundane manor so in secret he chose individuals that held the most potential and injected them with a diluted version of the formula in one last ditch effort to preserve his work long after he was gone. A great conspiracy was formed with his family of follow scientist to ensure that what he did would never be found out, and in time humanity wouldn’t know the difference as this was not the time for ethics at the brink of extinction   .   TIme proved the most useful incubation tool as generations later the poper evolutionary sequence formed. The optimal use of muscle, hardened bones and human appearance with few notable exceptions.   During the war of refinement the there were a notable number of abnormal births   Children born with visible blood veins were confirmed to be altered but the scale couldn’t pinpoint who did it. It happened at time when it seemed it was destined as the inclusion of these new super humans aided humanity from suffering constant defeat.             change in both males and females who had the superhuman gene.shown muscle growth with fast reactions and optimal blood supply, without training, and as they aged the had dense bones and if they trained their bodies could turn into comic book worthy feats. (flying not included)

Historical Figures

The Superhumans powers are thought to never reach that of a Mancer or even Contacted. While Apex S. humans could crush hills an Apex Mancer could move mountains. The one exception was Gina Lionfist, using her power during the war of refinement she was able to rip apart enemy ships. She has a Dojo on mars named after her to teach other Superhumans the Techniques she used to get her to that level of power though at a immense cost.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
60 -80 years
Average Height
6.10 ft
Average Weight
275 lbs
Average Physique
Superhuman on average has 10% body fat on males and 15% body fat on females on average.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
some cases abnormal skin colors of Red or Grey. very visible veins

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