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True Humans

"We can become anything, because we were born with nothing."

Uncommon to remain one by choice, but indeed possible to stay a human without resorting to cybernetics or genetic splicing. Focusing on personal mental and leadership capabilities. True Humans hold the least amount of natural power. Though they tend to live the longest on average and proper family structure.   They are the back bone that makes up the majority of the population, True Humans excel in jobs of leadership, utility workers, and traders this along with various research and development departments that lead to new technology, and new ways to outlive their opponents, are always being developed to assist in aiding the True Humans survival.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

9 months

Ecology and Habitats

Continental planets

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Industrial Frontier Guard. Human Directorate. Lord Admiralty Pact Mercantile Collective of Worlds

Beauty Ideals

The advertised ideal of beauty to pure humans is actually one with out physical augmentation or blemishes.

Gender Ideals

Men and women have achieved equal understanding.

Courtship Ideals

A year of familiarization before committing to anything serious

Relationship Ideals

Serious matter and not joined without strong enough reason.

Average Technological Level

True Humans have been the brains behind every aspect of their space faring history.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

Common Dress Code

True Humans, aren't bound to any one clothing style the are free to dress how they like.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

True Human Culture is as vast and varied since before First Contact. That also includes a bit of either Supremacy or Jealousy. Since True Humans have decided to either Keep their original mind away from cybernetics, bodies clean of gene therapy, and their souls free of binding contracts. This leads them to push themselves to be great without a crutch.


Humans history is short on galactic scale but if humans are involved you remember it. True humans are the seed of growth they are gonna keep the right amount of religious, tradition or sex because they can True Humans are the most populous and expansive Faction in the galaxy. They come in all sorts of shapes an sizes and of various genetic lineages. True humans cross paths with all of the other major Factions, through trade, warfare, and colonial exploration.   One for all and All for one, these legendary ones have applied to make situations in human history, but now with the trans humans and aliens shattering the perception of what is normal for humans, those who didn’t want to change, who believe that being human truly what it means to be human, is the greatest form of superiority, when you have nothing yet rule everything. When you have nothing yet are able to do what others are unable or unwilling. Stubborn pride, most would say, But for true humans it’s simply determination.       The universe is a scary place and while those who cling to external enhancements, or magic cling to a false sense of invincibility despite the fact bullets kill special powers or no.   Though many would call this pure gene useless and expandable, though expandable is arguable, useless is stickly false, not having to deal with rituals or baby boomers, or the fear that an emp will shut down their organs, humans live and learn as they always have through continuous adaptation.

Scientific Name
Homo sapiens
100 years
Average Height
Average Weight
200 lbs

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