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A fledgling galactic space opera scenario, what if humanity became everything they were envisioned to be, masters of magic, cybernetic soldiers, genetically changed performers and so much more. After surviving first contact, securing their own solar system, and fending off the numerous challenges the galaxy threw at them humanity stands alongside it's greatest enemies. The Tuleons, Solvendari, and Humanity with these 3 civilizations will they be able to put aside past aggressions to forge the first symbol of galactic unity, the Zenith.   The Zenith is the name of the galaxy's first Galactic Hub project and it's still in construction but enough of it is do to have at least the first select members of each race. Along with the trials of joint construction between alien race the amount of resources used in this means this project is the 1 and only shot. If this fails, and many want to see it fail, who knows what the future holds for the galaxy.

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