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"Vast knowledge or great power, a disciplined mind can make use of both."

Soul and blood bound contacted with spirits or the supernatural to get their powers. These humans had their minds expanded, when the knowledge of the other planes of existence came to be known. Unlike Mancers. the Contacted don’t have the ability to harness any of this power without the aid of a being or multiple beings from other planes and an essence core. The Essence core is Agolbathe made from the very spirit itself and it’s infused into the Contracted body. Common places being the middle of the torso or head. This manifesting in a magical-like power which is much more versatile then the Mancers, if less convenient. Contacted can be cut from their power at any time by their supernatural partners, and in some cases temporally cut off if an area does not hold enough elemental essence for the spirit to safely gift its power as is a problem in space, but regain their power later. It's not uncommon for a contacted to carry one or two Infused Agolbathite for emergency power.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

9 months

Ecology and Habitats

continental planets and planes

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Might have a gem embedded

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ability to sense essence

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Assembly of Realms

Courtship Ideals

A gift of an Agol crystal shows you care.

Relationship Ideals

This is treated like business deals.

Average Technological Level

We're the brains behind the Void Gate and Helios Projects which allowed humanity to travel beyond there solar system with greater ease. Invented the Spell-graph weaponry many others.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Also with Solar Common they speak Planar.

Common Dress Code

They are almost always dressed for some type of long span work or research. So comfortable and practical are what you would see them in.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Contracted are bit more reserved when talking to others as they are never truly alone, they focus more on talking to their spirits learning all they can about them and their abilities. Contracted usually bring this attitude to their workplace preferring to finish quick and efficiently or learn something new.   Contracted in the armed forces, usually focus on research rather than combat rolls but their contribution in fighting are priceless. Though those who choose to fight are usually doing so with the additional goal of making their contracted spirit more powerful.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Various rituals and chants to appease or empower their spirit.

Common Taboos

Killing another Contracted spirit.


The Tuleons of Aliens that attacked earth were a group that used a derelict vestige ship. When the humans won the battle of first contact, what was left was the ship. When humanity tried to use the hyperdrive it worked but exploded. Ripping a hole through space time to another dimension at the cost of the setting in place an event that would later destroy earth's ecosystem. The beings on the other side had great power, power that could be shared, but not taken. So special humans were chosen to be host to this power. the agreements lead to the first contracts.     The Contracted arose after the hyperdrive accident that shook the world. The Great Spirits offered humanity a chance to fix the damage that the incident had caused but it would require co-operation and time. Many didn’t trust these new visits, as the last unknown race that came was anything but friendly, and my believed the Spirits caused the accident themselves.   But with minimum options humanity discussed terms. The didn’t need much just a host to channel their great power the only condition when the subject died their soul would be one with the Elemental planes of theia and they would protect it for all eternity.         With heavy hearts the chosen 11 where picked from a selection of thousands by the Great Spirits themselves. They had the final say who would be there hosts. Once chosen those 11 individuals were the first contracted. They would later be known as the God Kings and Queens of a New Era in time but at that moment they took to their position and helped heal the broken planet.         Though there was something they could not fix, the Passage Rift, with this remaining open lose spirits were able to spread throughout the land, many were harmless at first but other then the G.K.n Q no one could stop them if they were to turn hostile. So in a bid to help further ensure safety more contracted were needed. The Great Spirits however didn’t wish to spread more of their power but they would ensure that any spirit would be able to do this ritual though the price may differ slightly the cost of one's own spirit was always apart of the deal and so the age of magic began.       The contracted after the initial 11 were immediately sent to different countries to serve as the Spiritual Guardians of their country officially, though at the time the spirits were hardly considered a threat. Years of peace went by as the new contracted slowly learned the extent of their new mythical abilities. The options opened to not only the military but the public was at a all time high. The military saw that for humanity this was a resource they could not ignore, and with the introduction of Agolbathite as well this could be what tipped the balance for when the visitors from the stars returned, the problem that soon arose however was their soldiers weren’t the only ones making contracts.   The First reported civilian contracted was a streamer who let all her views see first hand how to do a contracted ritual. After that the flow gates were opened and it was a race to gather Agolbathite, but they couldn’t stop the Passage Rift as long as it stayed open, they control on spirits and magic waned   . Not soon after the first crimes committed with spirits took place and for the first time they Spirit Guardians were deployed, with there longer time in practice, they were able to quell most spontaneous threats. It wasn’t until they were involved with organized crime that the situation took a dive. There wasn’t enough contracted to face the spirit abusing threats and any weapons imbued with power would just take away from the combat ability of a trained contracted, this is what lead to the creation of the directed sonic weaponry, as even spirits still reacted to it.     Even with Sonic weaponry and spirit imbued weapons, one couldn’t convince a spirit to not form a contract with a host, it was all positive in the spirits favor. So the Spirit Guardians were sent on hunts to cleanse the area of all unofficial spiritual presence in attempt to curb the flow. Special teams were trained and formed, squads of 5 were formed. 4 sonic weapon humans and one contracted many countries took this approach but the first program for it was called Clairvoyance.         During these dim days however was when the first signs of the God Reign cult started. The original 11 were kept far from these conflicts bound to there countries and sworn to serve but in time this ideology changed in some. As the conflict was seemingly becoming unending and it looked like humanity would end itself before those beyond the stars would even have a chance too. The frightens people needed guidance they needed someone to step in and make sure they were safe, with the power to make sure it was a possible promise to keep, and there were 11 candidates for that.           Some looked to the future while others remained on the side of their countries it was a boiling pot that finally boiled over when the First God King officially took the over a country. The embers of war were completely reignited leading to WW3.       In Attempt to stop the war before it truly began they god king was challenged by the others leading to titanic battles but it was all for naught. The first colonist to the moon were off and the war was suspected to end life as we knew it on earth, and yet it was not to be.       Moments before the end Utilizing there combined might, the God Kings and Queens were able to stop preserve a sizeable portions of humanity and swore to not let this happen again, opting to take over as humanities new leaders and would lead humanity to its rightful golden age and not abandon it like those who fled into space       Centuries of peace and knowledge followed, with the passage rift remaining greatly unaffected it continued funnelling spiritual power into the world, and soon become a holy sight for the Gods Reign. With greater understanding they now were able to show the ultimate fate of those who came under the contract. A golem of sorts forever guarding a realm we barely know anything of. This diseased many and those who still went through it the Contracted ritual had to follow the God Reign Rules and at this time the God Kings and Queens had Grown in power untold power no one could match them but themselves, as such a New Era for humanity began one alongside the spirits.

Historical Figures

The God Kings and Queens of a new Era.

A contract can only be formed one of two ways. While the person is in a spiritual realm. Hence why during the height of Magic, earth had the easiest access to the Rift without the need of rituals and conditions. When in space or off Earth, Contracted ritually passed down or spirits split off a part of there essence to give to their host child forming a new spirit and contact in exchange for a part of its own being.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
100 years
Average Height
5.10 ft
Average Weight
200 lbs
Related Materials

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