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20 May, 2019 22:06

Thank you for the follow!

20 May, 2019 22:27

Thank you for creating an interesting world.

19 May, 2019 06:49

Thanks for the like and follow! ^^

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Feb, 2019 13:31

Thank you for the like

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Venerable Grandmaster Shaudawn
Shaudawn (a.k.a. Donovan)
20 Feb, 2019 15:16

Thanks for your interest and ♥ of Genetics in 2100 C.E. and in the Post-Human Earth world! I hope to continue adding to it in time, so stay tuned :D And good luck with your own worlds!

21 Feb, 2019 06:46

Your very welcome, the whole world interested me but those two articles just clicked with me.

14 Dec, 2018 18:49

Hey, thanks for the follow!

5 Dec, 2018 21:27

Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading more of your articles!

5 Dec, 2018 22:30

Your welcome, your world has peaked my interest and I'll be reading it more throughout the month.


Dead Tree Studios was founded in November 2014 with a singular purpose: Bring a new level of insanity to the gaming community. Starting off with the ever fun and popular "Fallout Equestria: PnP" they pulled a Pixar Studios during drunken escapades one night, and planned out the next slew of projects for the next 10+ years.

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