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"Humanity is just taking their natural spot in the food chain."

A play on words for transformation, as they were formerly humans. The Former are humans that undergo gene splicing and reconstruction to become better, faster stronger. This is achieved by splicing their own DNA with the DNA of animals or insects usually originating from earth. The most common and cheapest procedure is the splicing with canine and feline genomes. How much of the animal essence is taken on is dependent on what genome and how much of it is used in the splicing procedure. From a human with slit eyes to full on lizard man it all depends. Though one needs to be careful not to let the instinct take over. This process is still not perfect, as unexpected mutations show. For example: a person getting spider genes for better eyesight or reflexes, but also gaining a small, useless and probably unsightly spinneret.   Because of there unstable dna it's not recommended that a former get cybernetic enhancements particularly the internal ones. .

Basic Information



Genetics and Reproduction

5-11 months

Ecology and Habitats

Various environmental types.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Biological Cycle


Additional Information

Facial characteristics


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Degree of animal senses based on type of creature dna used.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Many choose to base they ideals with the animals they choose to splice with.

Common Dress Code

Former clothing Varies from creature type.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Formers love freedom and aspects of nature, that allow to be express themselves. Similar to enhanced they choose to improve and alter themselves using gene splicing with animal dna. This leads to a wide variety of formers each eager to share stories about their choices. THey have a strong sense of community on average. Though are often seen with enhanced usually arguing over which way to alter yourself is better.   Formers in the Armed forces seek the jobs that no one else can do or would need mechanical assistance not for frame but just because they know they can do it.

Common Taboos

Forcing the Former procedure on the unwilling as the change is permanent.


Created by the God Kings and Queens to aid humans who would not receive the blessing of the spirits using the same tactics they used with project super soldier it was re engineered with a new earth in mind. A sect of humanity that would adapt with the world be one with the world not just inhabit it.   First Created on earth to see if humans could become better adapted to the changing landscape, the Former program piggy backed off of the super soldier program, but substituted Animal Dna to create beings that could achieve feats even super humans couldn’t do. It was also used to give those who didn’t acquire a contracted spirit better chances to live in these new hostile environments without the need for technology or supernatural power.     Though not all that underwent the former procedure did so for pure survival, many just was not happy with their current appearance, or wished to be closer to nature. So they choose who or what they wished to be and where happier for it.       Though the early procedures didn’t go off completely scout free and sometimes still doesn’t to this day. Many of the Early Former suffered horrid mutations turning them feral 90% of the time.       Though the transformation changed them in almost every way, one thing did not change and that was the price of their spirit. Formers could still undergo the contracted ritual if they had an opportunity.     This discovery came at the perfect time, as the creatures of earth mutated by the spiritual Agolbathite in the areas became increasingly problematic. The Situation Escalated even further with the Mutations spawned creatures of town destroying size and city collapsing numbers. Even the God Kings and Queens had to be personally involved at certain points in time because of these dangerous animals. Though eventually they were able to calm and tame the planet, though a spontatious creature still pops up in more remote parts of the world.       Though as the numbers of Former grow so did there, beastial instincts, Every month a strange phenomena occurred. For one random day of the month red haze would appear in the air, causing animals and those with there dna to acquire increased Strength-Endurance, Experience Greater Perception and Reflexes as if they were in peak condition. Some could not take this feeling of pure instict and went on rampages, Those who were said to be leaders even lead war bands across the lands attacking all who were weak, animal, former, contracted it mattered not. This Phenomena was dubbed the Wild Hunt, and was prioritized into searching for a solution. The God Kings and Queens most brilliant Scientist discovered the source and brought and end to the Hunters, though they discovered they one could harness the Red Haze of the Wild Hunt and turn it into a Combat Ready chemical. To be used my Former Kind Dubbed Blood Moon.     Now up to a certain Point the Contracted and Formes lived in relative harmony under the rule of the Contracted but when formers numbers a inbalance some influential few decided to make it so that formers become the rulers of earth. An uprising was attempted in the continent of Australia to overthrow the Current God King. Though this ended in failure it damaged the relationship of Former and Contracted world wide, which lead to more unrest for centuries.     When the knowledge that humanity was out in the vast reaches of space this split the opinions of earth populace and even further when it was known they were thriving. Many were treated as second class citizens at best for centuries by the contracted, and the thought would it be the same if human returned to earth. Many leading contracted played up this fear for it kept formers inline and prepared them for the battle that was predestined to come.         When the Reclaiming finally hit the Former were the first to battle, Earth was there planet, every area was contested, Blazing Deserts, Open Skies, Deep Oceans, and Frozen Tundras there was no easy foot hold onto the planet when the former were around, and with the backing of the contracted they made extraterrial human know their primal fury .   After the war many feared it would be the end of them, and their brothers from space confirmed just that, but not by human hand, and they can make sure it doesn’t any time soon. Things are out there and humanity will need ever able body and safe harbor they could get.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Fanus
60-200 years
Average Height
3.0-10.0 ft
Average Weight
50-750 lbs.
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
There are 4 stages to a Former each needs to be done once after another. Formers oddly enough when exposed to Agolibite have higher success on acquiring a positive mutation from the experience. As such some Formers take the risk and ask to include Agol Mutation into there already forced transformation. Some are easier then others, for instance an Eel Former can use an Agol Mutation to turn there now acquired electricity and make it more precise. Since the Eel Former already had some semblance of this ability before the mutation is near perfectly integrated. As oppose to a Pig Former gaining the same said ability might yield side effects.

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