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"Born in blood but forged in metal."

The Enhanced are humans that fully believe that synthesis is the next step in human evolution become one with the machine, looking to turn their whole body into a cybernetic masterpiece. Their starting process is to first make or find a song that describes/fits them and their passions then perform their song in front of an audience before going into their surgery. It begins with Brain, Spine and Heart being "reinforced" or replaced before expanding to the rest of their body they are not considered Enhanced unless they have those 3 basics. (Just because you have a robot arm doesn't mean you can lift cars safely) Enhanced are not allowed to take this process until they are at least 16.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

If they kept the ability. 9 months

Additional Information

Facial characteristics


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Cybernetic enhancements

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Omnicron Guard True Gods

Beauty Ideals

The beauty is in the details of their cybernetics.

Gender Ideals

Cybernetics have destroyed the difference in ideals and most see no difference they just do what they feel is right.

Average Technological Level

Cyber systems, life support, medical advancements.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Solar Common, Binary.

Common Etiquette Rules

Wiping your search history.

Common Dress Code

Enhanced weave a lot of technology into their clothes often showing pictures or ads as it help pay for more cybernetics.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Enhanced seek further scientific pursuits though are culturally diverse as well, seeking new patterns or forms of expression an Enhanced Body is a blank canvas waiting to be used. Civilian Enhanced use their augments to aid and improve everyday life for themselves, to show off wealth and Status, or purely for fun. Enhanced and Formers can often be found arguing over whether flesh or metal is better   Military Enhanced fit in the best were subtly and special requirements need to be done.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

When an Enhanced has reached their limit on cybernetics the Enhanced don a mask (which may be their new face) symbolizing that they are no longer just a human with cybernetics they are now something more. These artistically crafted bodies, allow the Enhanced to fight with precision and grace, their minds able to reach a new form of enlightenment from now the seemingly limitless time they have not to learn and apply information. a fully Cyber-ed Enhanced is truly a sight to see, and a nightmare to fight against.


The use of certain cybernetics were used across the solar system but the massive wave of cybernetic engineering came from mars. With humans exploring new worlds and regions many thought the the human flesh was weak and even the simplest of implants would increase humanities viability in these new environments, and they were correct.   Though the scientist of mars were in constant conflict with other ideals especially those from the contracted. It wasn’t until the formation of the Lord Admiralty Pack who had no choice but to place technology innovation above all else or be snuffed out by the abyss.   The cybernetic engineering was one such path and without the numbers or reason to oppose this ideal from the contracted on their ships, the Lord Admiralty pack made numerous scientific strides and when the completion of the first fully cybernetic human took their first steps out of the labs, the Enhanced were born.

Historical Figures

Doctor Adamantium-a major figure who pushed cybernetics moral breaking point, by using herself as the subject.

They have cyber implant in their brain to allow interfacing and hormone control. Next the spine of the subject is replaced, finally the heart. Once all 3 of those cybernetics are in place the subject can readily be upgraded with another cybernetic in the future, for replacing those specific parts are able to control the body and lowers the rejection rate of any cybernetic. They also are more expressive with their actions as they new to make more noticeable visual cues to speak with someone not enhanced.Enhanced can not go through with this procedure until they are at least 16 though full maturity at 25 is preferable.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
300 years
Average Height
6.0 Ft
Average Weight
300 lbs

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