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"Combine your will, with our purpose."

Dolls (Disposable Offensive Light Luxury Soldiers) are children with mental disabilities usually between the age of 8 and 15 who undergo many cybernetic enhancements and religious training to transform them into portable killing machines. Only capable of very little emotion, unless subjected to high amounts of external stimuli they await orders from their Handlers before even performing the most basic of tasks. You will always be able to spot one by their signature glowing blue eyes.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Grows as per normal human but a Doll stops physically aging after a certain amount of cybernetics are implanted.

Ecology and Habitats

Continental Planets, space stations

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Intial use was as soldiers which failed then used as spies and assassins with greater success.

Facial characteristics

The cybernetic eyes are always shown and glowing.

Average Intelligence

Which their implants they mentally mature twice as fast as normal humans.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Cybernetic eyes.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are given a name by their handler.

Major Organizations

The Countdown Sabertooth Death Play

Beauty Ideals

Care not for Beauty.

Gender Ideals

Do what is needed.

Courtship Ideals

What is love

Relationship Ideals

Baby don't hurt me.

Average Technological Level

Dolls do not invent.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Solar Common, Binary

Common Etiquette Rules

They greet other dolls as Brother or Sister, no matter what there actually relation.

Common Dress Code

Their clothes are whatever is available, practical, or appropriate

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Dolls have had a rocky start to life, normally this wouldn’t make them any different then and human or even enhanced human. But it that cyber surgery at such a young age is what shapes there future even now in the post rebellion era the dolls Unique upbringing has made them a staple for humanity’s less than fortunate. Dolls use to have a ranking system, all registered dolls were in direct competition with one another even if they didn’t notice it. With there freedom granted this practice is banned though some might be still around from those days.   Civilian Dolls are model citizens. If a bit lacking in the social department. Armed Dolls, are able to join the military at proper age, once more and are given the same rights as any other soldier. Once they are trained they are just as effective as the dolls of old.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Dolls will test their reflexes with each other if there is nothing to do by trying to slap eachothers hands.

Common Taboos

Killing their handler.


The Doll(s) or Disposable Offensive Light Luxury Soldier was a program proposed by the military to make use of all human assets during a crucible time in human expansion, originally called project David. When the ability to create cybernetics that were fully integrated into a human nervous system came about it marked a monumental occasion for medical science. In the Abyss the occasional defective child was born and the Doll Program was set to make them into a fit soldier by whatever means necessary. Originally asking the parents permission they would take the child for experimentation. At first this included the Gene Splicing Program, but it was nixed after getting underwhelming results. Exposure to alien agents would also increased the likelihood of defects over time and the constant battle on the frontier eventually hit a crossing point. Soon in the Abyss Birth rates had to be monitored and influenced sparring humanity but it lead to a breakdown in family structure and soon if a child was born it would be sent though a nurse to be graded and deemed worthy to live. The Military would still ask that any defective children be sent to them instead of being euthanized though this was no longer a parent decision but in the hands of the acting nurse at the time.   The First groups of these children were subjected to cybernetics and modified genes to see the effects of invasive surgery, and post birth gene modification. Gene Modification lead to breakthroughs and the repair of bodily defects though didn’t help with mental ones in a way that allied with the Military's goals. Cybernetics how ever showed the quickest and most effective results, soon after the second phase began taking a group of 1000 children from ages 8-15 and officially deeming them the first subjects. They were then subjected to grueling surgery, training, and indoctrination for 5 years. Starting with the Enlightening module that was implanted into their skulls 523 didn’t survive the initial surgery. The training was what an adult would have to be put through and depending on how they did they would choose to implant cybernetics in the areas that caused the lack of performance. Though the cybernetics where of varying quality.. Only 74 of them were able to hold out until later years in which 312 of them perished. Throughout the 5 years the children were in a almost religious schedule, even worshiping their own government. During the end of the 5 years 211 subjects remained and were subjected to their last test a show of loyalty. During Graduation each were given a knife and told to remove their own eyes. They all complied, though over various times. After which each subjected to their final surgery ocular replacement. This aloud for superior perception and combat awareness. As well as providing recording potential anytime through the Dolls eyes.   After recovery they were split into two groups. One was sent to an Abyss World to fight alongside ground forces and the other to work as spies. After another 5 years only 83 of the subjects remained but using the data collected they found a way to increase survivability and effectiveness.   1 Ease the Religious training. The Subjects followed any order but they also became unable to adapt under extreme situations were self preservation would matter. 2 Do not make them cut out their own eyes. As it seemed they blinked 54% more then the average person despite not having the need to blink. This was assumed to be a trauma and would be better to have them offer to give their own eyes.   The second run of dolls were 1000 in number again and ran through the same process with tweaked regiments and surgeries. In which 395 survived.   When the third line of dolls ran they only changed who was teaching them. Which was another doll, one of the First Gens in fact. This lead to a 551 dolls surviving, but it was clear that front line combat was not where the dolls strength lied, though useful Subjects were quick to sacrifice themselves for the mission unless ordered not too by a clearly designated singular commander.   The 4th Gen was the last testing group and this was tested in the reclamation of earth. Focusing on Small strike teams or bodyguards lead to 856 surviving loyal and battle ready subjects. After which they approved expanding the number to 10,000 children   These 5th Generation kids were given the title Dolls and officially put into active service though were met with mixed reactions from everyone upon being made public.   The Following generations were either orphans or parents just looking to fix their child's defect at an small cost. Orphans were always put into military or protection services.

Historical Figures

Azul Machina- Doll Leader of the Rebellion. Brisk Hold - First Doll Business owner

Common Myths and Legends

Nethlaham Incident- A doll got infected with an alien nano virus and was never heard from again.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Many find them unsettling.

There are times where two doll handlers are on they same task whether it be violent or civil. This is an uncommon occurrence but it’s called a play date by those witness to seeing two dolls interact.   Likewise when 3 or more dolls are on the same mission it’s called a tea party. It’s unnerving to most who viewed it before the doll rebellion. As a single doll was trouble waiting to be unleashed. A tea Party you were hoping your weren’t the target.
Difference of Enhanced & Dolls   Despite the use of Cybernetics, the different uses, amount, lifeStyle and age determines what they are. Dolls- To be a doll has certain requirements first the child is born with mental disabilities. Second the Child's brain is replaced or repaired with the use of cybernetics. Third they are sent to a facility to be conditioned for their new life. End results making dolls seemingly cold. Dolls are choosen between ages 8-15
The Color of the Dolls eyes is almost always traditionally blue by law during pre rebellion times. Showing that a doll is infact a doll and is in a calm state.   Red is a color all dolls eyes can change to. This symbolizes that the doll is experiencing a lot of stimuli, usually from combat drugs or adrenaline. This color is not one that you want to see on a doll if you are fighting one.   Purple is a color that is reserved for corporate owned Dolls.   Lastly, yellow this color is for the Doll Teachers or Big Sisters/Brothers as they are referred to by their students.   Any other customization to the eyes is usually in the form of shapes of pupils or patterns in the eyes.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
20-300 years
Conservation Status
Lord Admiralty Pact current holds firm on keeping the D.O.L.L.S program but remaking it for those with disability to have a normal life.
Average Height
Average Weight
100 lbs
Doll Mini FIg
Mini Fig

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