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"Children of the ether and the terrestrial keeping all things balanced."

Mancers are born with a strong connection to one of the 11 elemental planes. After significant study they can gain absolute control of this power, Producing fascinating effects. Ex. Mancers of the Aero have the easiest time to fly, but a Pyromancer can also achieve flight with enough hard work, other element can produce the same or similar effects.   Some are not so easy like with the concept of teleportation Void Mancers have the easier time. Spirit, Light Darkness, Lightning and the other other elementals that could teleport or produce a similar effect that involves fully removing yourself and appearing someplace else.   One of the greatest advantages of the Mancer came from Mancers who studied in the medical field and incorporated medicine into their power. This training is particularly tough as it involves using one's energy and element and make it harmless to the target and focus on healing. Again some have it easier than others Fire being the toughest to convert but one it's done it's an invaluable asset to one's ability.     If the Contracted were versatile reliable to an extent, the mancer was potent and portable. Mancers weren’t bound by the rules of the Contracted or their Spirits. They were free to use there essence, unfortunately that essence is something they can burn through quickly if not careful. Also it was possible for a mancer to learn multiple elementals though it gets progressively harder for said individual.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

9 months

Growth Rate & Stages

Infancy is the hardest time to deal with a mancer child as they have no control over themselves yet.

Ecology and Habitats

Continental planets but can easily adapt to a harsher environment depending on their element.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They always have an eye color associated with an elemental and it's always the color of the first element they are born too. I.E Fire has red eye color.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Has the ability to sense essence.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Assembly of Realms

Courtship Ideals

Skill in manipulating their element is equal to showing off ones abs.

Common Dress Code

Mancers will typically wear loose or minimum clothing to make sure one part of them is exposed to the elements of nature. This is traditionally the face, hands and feet.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Mancers almost have an urge to use their abilities from lighting smokes to getting to work. mancer often hold festivals or competitions. To perform acts and dazzle the surrounding audiences. Which can be offset by strange periods of lounging they do after wards.   Mancers in the armed forces are a great asset though only when it comes to terrasial battles as space only agrees with one type of mancer and even they aren’t completely useful in open conflicts, great at rescue mission though.

Common Taboos

Using they're powers on space vessels without permission.


Fully made known to the public during the War of Refinement, mancers were humans that were born with the ability to tap into the worlds primordial essence and use it for themselves. Studies revealed that this was in fact a genetic evolution, meaning they are there own sub species of human, like the superhumans. The uses of this mastery over the elements without spirit intervention was a glorious day but soon the differences in power became apparent.

Common Myths and Legends

Though if one is able to master there primary element the is a phenomenon that might occur called the Elemental Peak.   This was a state where the mancer gains spirit like traits, visually there body becomes an embodiment of an element, form assumed based on the mancers personal tastes. In terms of Practicality this form is near unstoppable for those with other proper equipment, training and forward knowledge. However the longest this form has ever been held was 5 minutes after which the mancer is in a state of total exhaustion.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
120 years
Average Height
5.5 ft
Average Weight
175 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
constant use of their powers leads to darken spots from where they manifest it.

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