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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

My Summer Camp 2023 experience

  This Summer Camp 2023 I thought was going to be tough due to my exams, but in turned out to be another great and fun challenge, and, may I say, a total success because I again reach gold again like last year. I had the opportunity to write about things I wanted to write about a long time ago, like Blatikuski, The Prophet of Blati. one of the fundamental figures for understanding religion in Yeia or the Reformed Church that was created after his preaching. I wanted to write about these two things perhaps for WorldEmber but the amazing prompts of this year's Summer Camp forced me (in a good sense) to write about these topics.   I also had the oportunity to make some drawings in time (which I'm very proud of) and that makes me really happy. I tried to read as much as I can and gave some kind of feedback, but writing, making the drawings and rushing to get gold consumed most of my time so, aside from these articles, I'll try to read as much as I can before the reading challenge ends, but even after I'll try to make comments on the amazing articles that I've in my SC list (yes, I've one) that you, beautiful anvilites have written over the course of July. This is an small selection of the ones that really caught my attention, but if I could, I'll add many, many more.  

Prompts and favourite articles


Seat of Power:

Settlement | Apr 14, 2024

The largest city on Osao. Sakara is a gorgeous coastal city, etched into cliffsides.

What a nice article by Mochi!. The art of this article is soo good (the slime fishing literally melted my heart!. Sakara seems like a nice place to live or visit. The article is full of details such as the distribution of the population according to age or the different districts that form this settlement. I really enjoyed reading about the layout of Sakara as well as its economy and its detailed history. I've to say that the auto-walker is a great idea! Congrats Mochi for such a beautiful and awesome article!.
Chocolate Plantations
Settlement | Jul 7, 2023
Who would have thought that such places associated with such delicious food could be seats of power too! as Eddie has shown us. I really love how detail work at the plantation is with workers taking care of the chocolate trees and planting new ones guards, supervisors... and also the level of detail in the description of the plantation. What i also found fascinating is how well defended this place is, truly a sight to behold in Pisocenia!!. Really inspiring work Eddie! You've show me new ways of approaching economic buildings in my world!.
Settlement | Sep 27, 2023

A town in Vagrigh that is the base of operations of the Gatherers of the Past

A settlement located both on the surface and underwater?, what a cool idea!!. The fact that there are two governments for each district of the town is also a really good and interesting idea!. The section of the article that really caught my attention was the Demographics; I really love those graphics! (and I would like to ask Cato how to do these wonderful things!). This section adds a lot of immersion to the settlement, it feels like something "alive" that evolves through time. I wonder what brilliant future awaits to Etetol and the Etetalians since it seems that despite that the settlement is very new, Etetol has become a really important and wealthy settlement through trade. This is the type of article and layout i would like to do for my settlements!.

A historical culture whose influence is still felt today

Ethnicity | Jul 18, 2023

Long-lost inhabitants of the north; knot-crafting fey-friends of Iskaldhal.

Feidísfolk are indeed a really interesting culture!. I love this aura of impressive legacy that they left in the world even millennia after their disappearance both through their ruins and the objects they left behind and also the mystery of how the Feidísfolk disappeared and the multiple theories regarding this event. This article was an absolutely joy to read with a great layout that made it easy to read and the quote and the pictures made it even more immersive!!.
Ethnicity | Mar 9, 2024
Kefkejaco's articles are always awesome!!. The history of the Isshani and the consequences of the fall of their Empire are both really detailed and fascinating. I'm really amazed by the fact that some of them even used telekinesis to move hills, that's AWESOME !! and shows how advanced the Isshari really were as well as powerful by defeated the, until then thought to be invincible, Dragons and Draconids. If I had to highlight a section it would be the one that talks about how the Isshari became refugees and divide themselves into different groups that established themselves in other regions. So I'm glad to see that, despite the tragedy of the loss of their Empire they managed to somehow survive and, judging by the article about the Tenari gnomes, prosper.
Elfos astrales
Ethnicity | Dec 22, 2023
Those who followed Yeia or talked with me know that I love elves! and I am always interested in reading about elves from other worlds. Johe's Astral Elves are really fascinating. I love that their skin tone changes according to the changes in the sky. Also, the theory of how the other races of elves were formed, as well as their approach about mixing with other races is really curious (as Johe says, they indeed are really "conservative"). Their legacy is also really impressive (it reminds me of how classical elvish was created in Yeia). Overall, really interesting article and elves!. Good job Johe!. (For those of you that can read spanish i recommend you this article)

An item of great cultural or religious significance to a people in your world

Quack Stone
Item | Oct 15, 2023

The holy symbol of QUACKS.

The title and header image of this article put an smile on my face. What a nice and awesome item indeed!!. I love the ritual around the Quack Stone is so detailed and full of religious symbolism and meaning. The Feathered Dreams section is so funny! hope QUACKS is getting rich selling Quack Stone replicas! Also the history of the creation of this peculiar item is a really nice touch! A great article indeed!
Heart of Gods
Item | Jul 20, 2023

An ancient, massive piece of pink crystal that constantly produces an unsettling humming noise believed to bring humanity closer to godhood, yet has an entirely different effect instead.

The Heart of Gods is clearly a sight to behold!. The idea that brings mortals closer to godhood simply by living near it is really intriguing and no wonder why it is displayed at such an important spot. But, if I understood correctly all these beauty comes with a price, and this price is that this precious crystal turns you into easily suggestible victim ,forcing you to do what others suggest, and here lies the real danger. Certainly, an awesome item by Stormbril!
Handscythe of the Druid
Item | Aug 1, 2023

Ancient tool once belonging to a goddess, bearing the symbol of the late monarchy.

Another wonderful article by Strixxline. I love the whole history behind this fascinating item and how it was too sacred to hide that finally the authorities had to give in to the people and let the faithful venerate it. I found the last paragraph (the one that talks about the origins of the item) really interesting and I love the approach Line took of having various theories about the origin of the relic and historians trying to establish a chronology for the object. Sometimes I tried to do have the same approach regarding mythical objects or characters or events that happened thousands of years before the current time, so it was so nice and inspiring seeing how Line dealt with this.

Goals for the next half year

As the famous TJ gif in the discord server says : WORLDEMBER IS COMING!!... in 4 months!. And thanks to Summer Camp 2023 I learned about new approaches to settlements, new ideas for article's layouts related to this topic and also new ideas about items and relics related to the past, that, in a world rooted in religion as Yeia, can be really important. And with all the inspiration i got after reading all these wonderful articles I think that I will be able to write many interesting articles during WorldEmber!.   Related to WE, this year I should prepare my drawings in advance (specially taking into consideration some of the topics I want to write about because last year, as well as in 2021 I didn't have anything prepared and, although i managed to do quite beautiful and cute art, I felt a bit rushed to finish them in time.   And now that I'm grandmaster; I should try to use more containers and come up with more beautiful layouts for my articles using the new features I have at my disposal.


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