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The Kingdom of Rema



Originally inhabited by small groups of people spread across seas of grassy plains and thick forests, the land of modern day Rema was mostly a free and independent land. The laws were dictated by small local governments and many had trade relationships and treaties earned after countless wars. Others refused to end their oppositions and find peace. It wasn't until Queen Rema made landfall on the southern shore of the land that the kingdom of Rema began to take form and unify.   Scholars can't seem to agree on when Rema made landfall and her conquest began. Some say that her prowess in war ignited something within the Animas and it showed its pleasure with The Great Eruption. Most agree that she arrived a few thousand years after the eruption. The exact date is lost to time.   For over 1,000 years, Rema and her descendants ruled the kingdom. Those who tried to fight were forced to submit while those who bent the knee and pledged fealty to Rema were vassalized. After the initial period of conquest, much of the Reman reign was met with prosperity and growth. The citizens of the realm were mostly content with their rulers, but all good things come to an end eventually, and the End of the Reman blood line was no different.


The Last Reman


King Rolph the Wolf's Bane was the last descendent of Rema to hold the throne, but his fall ended with the death of every last person who shared a bloodline with the Reman's, in what was called the Mass Sacrifice. The beginning of his Reign was well received. He shared the same skill in battle as previous Reman's. Years of raiding and wars with the neighboring dominions have left the tensions on the boarders high and before long the Free states of the land to the west began to strike back with unrivaled savagery's. King Rolph was quick to act, but after a brutal battle left him severely injured, he became a shell of the King he was. King Rolph submitted a portion of his border vassals land to the Free States in the West in a treaty that would end the savage raids upon his border lands. This decision angered more then just Lord Jesser Roidan whose land was stripped from him and given to the West Lands. Many of the vassals of Rema wondered when their land would be taken next. There was peace on the border for nearly 8 years. A few rogue troops of people would wander into small villages and homesteads, but there were no true acts of war. The king remained locked in his castle, hidden from his citizens since his injury and rumors began to spread. While King Rolph the Wolf's Bane cowered in isolation, Lord Jesser Roidan had sown dissent amongst his people, and before long the Reman Kingdom found itself in an Uprising. Lord Jesser usurped King Rolphs throne in the early part of the 161st Century, and his descendants still hold the throne to this day.

  The Kingdom of Rema is on it's 12th Roidan King, and what was once a thriving country has been left to criminals and malefactors alike.  

Recent History


The Fall of the Figurehead King


King Roidan, 11th of his name was known as the Figure Head King. He was a weak King and maintained a façade of a Warmonger, but usually spent battles miles from battlefield. Most of his direct experience with death was watching 8 of his 9 children die "mysteriously". His youngest son, Prince Roidan, 12th of his name, was the most sickly of all his children, afflicted with a rare bone disorder that left them susceptible to breakage. King Roidan and his susceptible son remained hidden behind the castle walls for most of his reign, but when the King's presence is requested for a Peace Talks meeting with the Elder Star Isles Initiates, King Roidan, 11th of his name, boards a ship and sails to the Isles to attend the meeting.


What should have been a meeting about peace, ultimately ended in bloodshed. King Roidan greatly offended the King of the Elder Star Isles and resorted to fleeing under the cover of night. With his ship and crew locked down by the Elder Star King, the King fled alone into the untamed wilderness, but the Elder Star Isles are small and hard to traverse and the King was captured and returned to face judgement. His fate left to the crew he had wronged, King Roidan, 11th of his name, was bound the figurehead of his capitol ship. The crew sailed him deep into the ocean before abandoning him to elements. No one knows exactly what happened to the Figurehead King; did he parish from dehydration or starvation? Did he run aground and sink? Was the ship attacked by a sea creature? Did he find a way to escape and is biding his time till he can seek vengeance on those who betrayed him. One thing is for certain; he was never heard from again and his son, King Roidan, 12th of his name, The Unlucky King was coronated.


The Rise of The Unlucky King


King Roidan, The Unlucky King, has been a lackluster King, but not a cruel one. His lack of leadership and ambition have left his Kingdom a haven for criminals and ruffians. Most have given up hope that the king will send aid, but many more appreciate the freedom his incompetency has offered them. There are rumors that people wish to replace the King and end the Roidan line but most people are just trying to finish their day in a better place then they started.


Notable Locations


Rhennen- The Capitol of Rema


Though all of Rema falls under the control of the King and/or Queen or Rema, Rhennen is the home to the Royal Castle and training ground of the Reman Army. The Jewel of the Crown Lands, all other villages and towns located within the The Royal Fiefdom of Rhennen lay in the shadow of the Reman Capital. Most surrounding villages and towns support the vast number of city inhabitants with food and resources, but the majority of the areas trading, artisanal production and occupational training is done within the Capital itself. Though crime is rampant throughout the Kingdom of Rema, only the most skilled or wealthy criminals can thrive within the well patrolled walls of the Capitol.

*Most guards silence can be purchased for the right amount of coin. Bribery is advised if criminal activity is of interest as all members of the Reman Guards go through rigorous training in the arts of perception and combat. Once tried, they are rarely known to show mercy.

  Population: 24,604   Government:

King Roidan, 12th of his name, is the ruling Regent of Rema, but few trust him with the daily affairs. He remains mostly sequestered in his tower with his Council of Acht. The Council of Acht is comprised of eight members of the most renowned nobles in the land. Some are representatives of the surrounding Reman Fief's while others are well respected War Generals and Spiritual leaders of the area. These are prized postings in the Kingdom and those who wield them are rarely safe from outside forces. Each member of the Council of Acht represents a domain of the Anima; Trickery, Life, War, Light, Knowledge, Tempest, Nature and Death.


With the Reman Army training grounds just outside the city walls, the main troupe of Defense is the Reman Army itself. The daily law troubles of the city are reserved for the Capital Guard. The Capital Guards are well trained in combat, but have seen few War time battles. Though they are often the first requested to join the Army when they are in dire need of recruits, most of the Guards participate in criminal investigations and domestic disturbances. The Kings Arms are the royal soldiers that service the King and other inhabitants of the castle. One must be of noble descent or be knighted to join the Kings Arms. Capital Guards have rarely entered the castle in an official capacity as most investigations required within the Castle Halls are resolved by the Councilor of War and the Kings Arms whom they control.


Anything and everything worth having is available within the markets and establishments of Rhennen. Whether one is looking for powerful weapons or enchanted tattoos, those with enough coin are sure to find something to fit their fancy. Though the headquarters of the The Wayfarer's Guild resides in the City of Sixpoints located in The Fountain Dominion, the largest guild hall in the Kingdom of Rema, resides in the Capitol City of Rhennen. The Great Hall of Isha is one of the most renowned Wayfarer's Guild in the Kingdom and is home to the equally famous Museum of Ishan Artifacts and The Sizzler restaurant.


Dey Port

  Population: 4,214   Government:

The largest town in the Crown Lands, Dey Port is a fishing and port town overseen by the Rykers. The Rykers are a Noble family of relatively young blood. During the reign of King Jesser Roidan, 6th of his name, the Rykers were appointed to rule over the town. Arel Ryker is the official ruler of Dey Port, but the daily administration of the town is handled by her grandson, Lord Mayor Ezra Ryker.


Dey Port is most notably protected by the Tempesto's, a once formidable army of soldiers that has lost much of its world renown in recent years. Though many of the nobles who fall under the jurisdiction of Dey Port reside in keeps outside the town proper, they all have a number of household guards at their disposal.


Most basic goods can be found across the numerous establishments in Dey Port. As a port town, much of the food trade revolves around seafood; fish, mollusks, sponges, seaweed, etc. If you're looking to charter a ship, there are many fine captains willing to accommodate you for the right price. This is especially true if you're looking for a captain well versed in the art of smuggling and secrecy. With the large sailor population, Dey Port has an established gambling community and if there is a gamble that can be made there is most definitely a bookie willing to take it.



  Population: 2,300   Government:

A moderate sized town not too far from the City of Rhennen, The town of Flesshire is ruled by Kiarid Bloodwing. Though he is a beloved political figure, much of his success can be attributed to his three advisors, locally referred to as The Forked Council. The trio rarely agreed on much, but Lord Kiarid preferred it that way. Having three different views of a given situation help him to assess the most appropriate course of action.


A small farming and livestock town, much of military defense is left to the Town Guard. A reliable income can be had for those who join the Town Guard, but the most desperate of families will send their children to the the Capital to join the Reman Army. Kiarid Bloodwing and his advisors all live within a keep just outside the town, and the keep is protected by a well-trained band of fighters. Calling themselves the BloodSpawn, many travel across the kingdom for a chance to join their ranks.


Renowned for their meat and cheese production, much of the town smells of manure and fermented cheese. That being said, the pungent scent of the tannery drifts through town during the working hours. Most basic goods can be found in the shops around town, and those looking for a decent set of light or medium armor will not be disappointed in the supply of tailors and leatherworkers.



  Population: 1,200   Government:

A small seaside town, Sir Edden Dorgi is the appointed Reeve. Though Lord Vestin is the ruling Noble of the land, he resides within Rhennen and has left the daily operation of the town to his Reeve.


Located on the southern shore of the continent, much of Onadon's military are navally trained.


The local logging company allows a number of skilled shipwrights to make their living on the port and the same can be said for the local carpenters. Though the locals can get most of the saltwater fish and goods from the town fisherman, seafood is not this towns main export. If food, veggies, and basic supplies are of need, they are always purchasable at the daily market around Boatem Square. Boatem Square is named for the large statue of Lady Erin and Lord Aaron Boatem heroically posed aboard a rowboat. The market is renowned for having rude patrons and even ruder shop keeps, but it is the go to place if items are required and the town is nearby.


City of Kimby- The Anchor City of the Fiefdom of Kimby

  Population: 17,810  

The Capitol City of Kimby, Chief Astor Kimby saw this city grow in size and wealth. Since the removal of the Kimby's, few families have held onto their position of power within the City. Those who rule well, are often well rewarded. But any who show are sign of weakness are quickly replaced by the Unseen King.


The City and Fiefdom of Kimby is now overseen by Lord Thek Habak, a retired Half-Orc War General. Many in the city find him to be a fair and noble ruler, but there are rumors that he is a puppet of The Unseen King. The Unseen King is the invisible leader of Kimby. Though little is known about this Unseen King, many agree that he pulls the strings of government across the fiefdom.


Surrounded by large palisades topped with ballista's, the walls of Kimby are constantly manned and well defended. The site of numerous historical battles, and built upon the ruins of history, Kimby is a notoriously difficult city to lay siege. They have two well trained military branches; The Great Mast (Naval Branch) and The Pikes (Armed Soldiers)


The well defended city has long been the home of the Academy of the Arcane. Those wishing to study the art of magic and magical items should inquire at the Academy, and those searching for magical goods will not be disappointed in the variety of shop's and establishments around the city.



  Population: 7,300   Government:

A relatively small but bustling city, Daka is overseen by Viscount Ira Tortini. The Viscount looks over the city for Lord Thek Habak and is assisted by a small council. The counil hears the concerns of the people and brings them to the attention of the Viscount.


Protected by a small band of soldiers and the ability to call for reinforcements from Kimby, the City of Daka is well protected. The few nobles that call Daka home contract their own collection of household guards.


The fertile fields that lie on the outskirts of the City of Daka make pristine land for raising exotic plants and animals. As such, the city is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and rare goods. While skilled inventors and herbalists flock to Daka for discovery and innovation, it is not the most welcoming of places. Newcomers are usually watched closely, and are expected to proven their worthiness.



  Population: 900   Government:

Though the area encompassing Phedding is ruled over by Lady Sadie Mortiz, the daily administration of the city is handled by her three children; Brazie Moritz, Escor Mortiz, and Cassie Eaton. Brazie Moritz sees to the concerns of law, Escor Mortiz sees to the concerns of the citizens, and Cassie Eaton sees to matters of war and defense.


Cassie Eaton, the bastard child of Sadie Mortiz, trains and commands the collection of Phedding Guards, locally referred to as Phedders or Pheds. Cassie Eaton is a respected commander and her guards are well prepared to protect the people of Phedding. Lady Sadie Mortiz has a decent collection of personal soldier that reside with her in her Keep, however these guards have never been required to assist in the protection of the city.


Much of the cities commerce is in mining. The cliffside the town resides near has a network of caverns that reach deep into the earth, and those brave enough to go spelunking usually return with a number of treasures; buried relics, lost adventurers and their loot, archeological discoveries. Most come back with locations of minable veins of Gold and Silver or a collection of gems. Most of the trade is done in the lower quarters of the town where the traveling merchants and day laborers line up to show off their wares.


City of Stonespire- The anchor city of the Fiefdom of The Rocks

  Population: 16,001  

Though Stonespire began as a small trading outpost between two kingdoms looking to build relations, it is now one of the largest and most visited cities in all of Rema. Though it was once common to see Stone Gnomes roaming the streets of this great city, relations with the Stone Gnomes soured after the Roidan Uprising destroyed every last descendent of Rema. Scholars disagree on if the Stone Gnomes of the Ariadne Mountain's have gone extinct, or if they have just retreated so deeply into the mountain's that they were never heard from again.


The administration of the city is handled by Lord Kenton Klimcheck and his approval amongst his citizens is quite high. Though crime is an ongoing issue, like most of Rema, the prosperity of the town has allowed many to overlook that mild inconvenience. Below Lord Klimcheck is the Spire of Parliament. The spire of Parliament is mostly comprised of members of the most affluent Noble Houses. Together the two arms of the government work to keep the prosperity of Stonespire ever rising while pleasing their sovereign, The Unlucky King, King Roidan, 12th of his name.


Nestled on a cliff beside the Ariadne mountains, there are only a few roads into the City. Those entries are lined with thick stone walls topped with watchtowers. The Stone Guards who man the walls and gates, and defend the fiefdom from harm, are well equipped to protect their citizens. Only a rogue wave of goblins from the mountains pose a threat, but they are usually dispatched of quickly. There is a City Watch that handles the everyday affairs of the city, and most noble households have their own paid guards at their disposal.


Though the Stone Gnomes were said to have had the best supplies of cut stone, gems, glow stones, cave crops, and other rare goods only found in deep within the mountain, the city has made due with their own mining operations. They have the best Blacksmith in all of Rema, a Tiefling female named Aniyola Veltari, and their masons are unrivaled. Due to the availability of resources, the jewelers, metalworkers, and mechanical inventors seek knowledge and inspiration from the Great Stone Spire. They are also known to be quite experimental, so one need only expect the most unexpected of items for sale.


City of Khita- The anchor city of the Border Lands

  Population: 11,360   Government:

Khita was once a prosperous border town, residing on the edge of Rema and the Fountain Dominion. This city, ruled by Lord Syd Mosca has fallen very much to ruin. Anyone who doesn't live in the city is likely to get robbed from or shanked just for being in the streets. This has caused regular patrols from the Fountain Dominions Border Sentinels. The city has had many Reeves appointed to see to the everyday affairs, but they rarely make it past the first day. This has prompted many to refuse the position when offered.


The City has a town guard, but they are all on the payroll of the local mob, The Brass Rings, so much of the cities crime goes unpunished. A vigilante hero pops up every once and while, trying to turn the tide of the town, but they usually wind up sleeping with the fishes. Most of the Border Lands Fiefdom has gone rabid. What few towns once flourished have all been turned to rubble and reclaimed by miscreants.


All your basic supplies can be purchased at the local general shop, but unless you are a member of The Unseen Hand, you are unlikely to find anything of value within the city limits. That being said, The Unseen Hand has a well established stronghold within the city limits. It is common knowledge amongst the locals that contact with the Unseen Hand can always be made at The Wounded Sparrow


City of Brockwell- The anchor city of the The Fiefdom of Grainwood


Population: 38,431


Lord Brockwell is the Governor and High Lord of the City of Brockwell; formerly known as the City of Anis. Though most still remember that Anis was founded by the four founding clans of Grainwood; The Acory, The Nasser, The Ichori and the Sordin, much of the cities history has been lost to numerous book and scroll burnings.


It's prime location at the intersection of the Gold's Deep Inlet and The Golden River, the City of Brockwell has been a highly contested area. It's borders and sovereignty have changed hands numerous times in the history of the Volkyr. The Brockwell's have been able to maintain control for the last century, but there are many who romanticize the past and long for the days of The Four Pillars. The Pillars of Anis were the four leaders that Queen Rema appointed to power after defeating the Anis; Ether Morrin of The Acory, Jah Sabia of the Nasser, Lorik Chor of The Ichori, and Cassor Dor of the Sordin.


The Pillars of Anis governance had a complicated and difficult beginning, but together the four leaders worked together to grow the city. Not only in numbers, but also renown.


The Grainwood Military patrols the streets of Brockwell. Though guards from both the Westlands and the Fountain Lands can often be seen strolling the streets, The Grainwood Military is the only recognized military force in the city walls.


As the City of Brockwell is on the Golden River, the Gold's Deep Inlet and it is bordered by two different countries, Brockwell is a Mecca for trade. Some call it the Tri-Kingdom Crossroads, and anyone who has been anywhere would likely have traveled through it at some point. Basic goods can be found at the general shop, but most rare goods can be found at the travelers market or at some of the more famous establishments.



  Population: 2,400   Government:

Alestead is operated by the Caucus of Ale's; a group of farmers who meet regularly to discuss governmental affairs. When they have a need or concern outside of their control, they elect a representative to meet with Governor Brockwell to discuss them. As there are a number of members on the caucus, elections are held regularly to determine the leadership.


The Caucus of Ale's funds a small local crime watch that takes care of animal attacks and local disputes. Many would argue that the scarecrows in the field do more to protect the people of Alestead then the local crime watch. If the town is attacked or has a dispute that they are unable to handle themselves, they can send for the Grainwood Military to assist.


The farms of Alestead supply the nearby cities with food and spirits. Though many travel to the town annually for the Alestead Uncorking Festival, there is not much shopping to be done within the small farming town. The town square is often full on the weekends as farmers and traveling merchants set up temporary shops.



  Population: 1,570   Government:

Though the City of Quares falls under the jurisdiction of Lord Brockwell, the daily administration of the city is maintained by the Two Templars. A holy city dedicated to preserving the memory of Queen Rema and the beginning of the Kingdom of Rema, the city is mostly inhabited by religious leaders and soldiers. That being said, it is common for the city to be visited by thousands of people annually, as citizens across Rema make the pilgrimage to pay their respects to the late Queen Rema.


A peaceful City that has seen little war during its lifetime, it is well defended by The Ethereal Guard. The Ethereal Guard is an elite group of religious soldier who guard the temple, the city, and Rema's grave site. There have been few times in Reman history, that the Ethereal Guard was called upon to handle matters outside of the City of Quares. Many agree that their protection has attributed to Quares being named Rema's Safest Place to Live in The Reman Quarterly News Letter.


A small village with minimal goods, Quares is most notable for its large and intricate Animas Temple. Commissioned by Rema, it is also the home to the crypt in which she is buried. The city doesn't see many visitors but there is a yearly festival that draws people from across the Kingdom to partake in a pilgrimage to pay their respects to her grave. This Pilgrimage is most common during the anniversary of her death, but there are many who make the pilgrimage at their own availability. It is customary to bring a stone or pebble from your home town to place at Rema's gravesite; with the most devout performing the pilgrimage with the pebble lodged in their shoe. These tiny stones are offered as a protection to Rema and are added to the crimson wall that encircles Rema's gravesite.

Map by Elena Pyre

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