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The Fiefdom of the Borderlands


  Much of the Fiefdom of the Border Lands has gone rabid. Once the home of a cannibalistic clan of people known as the Ravage Kin, the majority of original inhabitants of this land were wiped out when Rema arrived. Since then there have been many leaders of this fiefdom but no one has been able to tame the lands wilderness and men. Considered to be the most dangerous Fiefdom to visit, you are likely to be robbed, maimed, or in extreme cases, even killed.  

City of Khita- The anchor city of the Border Lands

  Population: 11,360   Government:

Khita was once a prosperous border town, residing on the edge of Rema and the Fountain Dominion. This city, ruled by Lord Syd Mosca has fallen very much to ruin. Anyone who doesn't live in the city is likely to get robbed from or shanked just for being in the streets. This has caused regular patrols from the Fountain Dominions Border Sentinels. The city has had many Reeves appointed to see to the everyday affairs, but they rarely make it passed the first day. This has prompted many to refuse the position when offered.


The City has a town guard, but they are all on the payroll of the local mob, The Brass Rings, so much of the cities crime goes unpunished. A vigilante heroes pops up every once and while trying to turn the tide of the town, but they usually wind up sleeping with the fishes. Most of the Border Lands Fiefdom has gone rabid. What few towns once flourished have all been turned to rubble and reclaimed by miscreants.


All your basic supplies can be purchased at the local general shop, but unless you are a member of The Unseen Hand, you are unlikely to find anything of value within the city limits. That being said, The Unseen Hand has a well established stronghold within the city limits. It is common knowledge amongst the locals that contact with the Unseen Hand can always be made at The Wounded Sparrow


Oaken Keep

  Population: 1,009   Government:

Located within the Sunset Woods of Asser Rhye, the Oaken Keep is the surviving city founded by Jarl Asser Rhye. Jarl Asser Rhye was the only leader from the lands of the modern day fiefdom who bent the knee to Queen Rema and was lorded for his loyalty. The Rhye's are said to be the Kingdom of Rema's oldest royal family as they are still the ruling power of this town. Jarl Voritz Rhye, is the current ruler.


The Sunset Woods are nearly impossible to traverse if you did not grow up within them. Though the varying shades of red and orange leaves are pleasing to the eye, the ice blue bark is almost dizzying in its formation. The tress blur together in a natural maze which has claimed the life of many untrained adventure's. There is only one clear road leading in and out of Oaken Keep. Pitch Road is hard to traverse with large carts. With uneven dirt roads and rocky terrain, much of the path isn't wide enough to facilitate a horse drawn carriage. These roads allow fair warning of dangers approaching the city and offer ample time for the civilians to retreat to a hidden keep, deep in the woods.


The isolated nature of this small town restricts the items for sale within its walls. Desperate for outside resources, the shopkeepers are willing to pay top dollar for any goods that they can not get locally. There are many items available in town that are considered common to Oaken Keep but uncommon to outside cities. The Sunset Woods of Asser Rhye are known for their avian diversity. Many across the world would pay well for these rare birds meat, feathers, and eggs. The same can be said for plants and other natural resources.



  Population: 3,461   Government:

Lord Gyle Dardy is responsible for administering to the daily needs of the town. Though he has no official council to aid him in his rule, all good rulers should have some type of confidant. Gyle Dardy has a few confidants that he seeks out for advise when needed, but these confidants seem to change depending on the money that they donate to the town.


With tall palisades and manned gates, the town of Jaden is well defended. The Viridescent Forest, which protects the cities back, is almost impenetrable for an army. The Forests dense and unforgiving brush is considered to be 3rd arm of defense of the Armormen. The Armormen are the recognized military force of Jaden, and has two recognized branches; the Sky Men, who are skilled in archery and ranged weaponry, and The Spiked Men, who are well trained in close-quarter combat.


With its prime location at the meeting point of the Ariadne Mountains, the Viridescent Forest and Suit Bay, there is no shortage of shops in this small town. Those looking for rare goods would have better luck in Rhennen or Stonespire, but you should be able to find all the basic goods you may require within the town walls.


Clairynn Hall

  Population: 73   Government:

This small outpost is the boarding and trading house for those looking to study The Ruins of Goda Kai. With a warm hearth and accommodating barracks the archeologists and researchers that call Clairynn Hall home, work together to keep the peace amongst the outposts residents. Though there is no true governmental power of Clairynn Hall, many see Elder Sorma Breen as the unofficial leader of the outpost. Little is done in Clairynn Hall without her knowledge.


Located on a grassy cliff with near perfect views in all directions, any incoming threat would be seen a day before their arrival. There is a troop of 5-6 Reman soldiers who patrol the circular path encompassing Clairynn Hall and The Ruins of Goda Kai.


The residents of Clairynn Hall are always looking to purchase hard to obtain goods from travelers, but they have little to spare. If you are lucky, there may be a traveling merchant staying at the hall at the same time as you. The only items that Clairynn Hall has in abundance, are the locally brewed beers made in the cellar. This is Clairynn Hall's only export, this beverage is thick as mud and tastes like freshly harvested hop's.


The Kingdom of Rema

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