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Elena Pyre

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Elena Pyre was born in the small elven village of Seytree. Seytree, located in the unmapped West Lands, has been pillaged regularly for thousands of years. But after the death of her father, Elena and her mother fled east. As her father had been a parchminer, Elena had watched and learned his craft. Though she loved parchment, her passion lied in covering it. As she and her mother fled she began making maps of the routes they took. Across the continent of Volkyr, she would sketch the land as they went. This allowed them to make a good deal of coin when they sold the maps at various cities on their travels. They traveled for many years before Elena's mother began to grow tired of the work. They set up a small cartography business in the City of Stonespire, called The Parchminers Daughter, in dedication to Elena's father.


With her mother in Stonespire to look after the store, Elena enjoyed many years of traveling on her own. It is rumored that she has travelled the entire World of Wonder; even mapping out what lies beyond the Wonders Edge. But while rumors may spread, no such maps were ever found amongst her belongings after she died. Many of her maps can still be purchased across Volkyr, with The Parchminers Daughter containing many of Pyre's original and rarer maps.


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