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World of Wonder

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Created by Danger Ben and MauriaValoria
The World of Wonder is a world of fantastic features that define the continents they call home. In Wonder, a tree grows so tall it holds entire nations in its branches. A volcano stands so tall and wide that the lava flows as if from the clouds themselves. A twisting storm showers a wide continent with rain and lightning for millennia after millennia after millennia.   These wonders, and so many others, create a world of fantastic realms and daring adventure. For the prospective adventure seeking fame, or glory, or atonement, or conquest, or any other object of excursion, wonder awaits the brave and bold.  

Continents of Wonder

  The following are articles which combine the common knowledge of citizens and scholars to give a brief overview over the different geographic locations and their histories and cultures. They are cobbled together from written documents and common knoweldge, and give a birds eye view of what a person who grew up in or near the locations in question may know of the area.   Volkyr   Elden Root   Tempessi   The Icy Isles   Pac   Isari   And more, waiting to be discovered.  

Lore of Wonder


The Animus

  The Animus   A force of magic and gods that flows through the World of Wonder, the Animus is a little understood magical force that is said to animate the magic and gods of Wonder. The learned scholars of the world believe that, some fourteen thousand years ago, no Wonders were active, and the world was a dark, desolate, mundane place.   When the Animus began to flow through, the sages of Silversea say the supervolcano of Volkyr erupted in an explosion of fire and light. The thinkers in Tempessi say their land was naught but dirt and stone until the storm began to pour without surcease, so that much of the land became the most fertile in all the world. So it is that each of the continents have legends and stories of the Animus' arrival triggering the start of their Wonder, such that all these stories, converging together across continents many thousands of miles apart, must suggest some truth to this belief.  

Histories of Wonder

  The following are excerpts from books found through the World of Wonder, written by scholars trying to make sense of their world and their own place in it.   The Flow of the Animus: a History Describing the Beginnings of Each Wonder   The Origins and Migrations of the Many Humanoid Peoples by Daxon Thought-Haver  

Campaigns of Wonder

  Goldtown Triumphs Introduction

Recent Articles