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Volkyr (Vol-Keer)

In the World of Wonder, nothing burns hotter than the fiery super-volcano of Volkyr.

Volkyr is a continent characterized by the massive, active volcano at the center of the landmass. It contains six broad regions: the Fountain Dominion, the Kingdom of Rema, the Westlands, the Lightpoint Lands, the Tribal Lands, and the Barren Lands. The volcano itself, and the lava river valley that extends from it to the Northeast, can be considered a region unto itself.

While the mortal races have managed to spread across the entirety of the continent, the most populated regions far and away are found in the South. The aptly named Barren Lands to the north is the least populated region.


Regions of Volkyr

  The Fountain Dominion   A name applying to both the region and the empire that rules it, the Fountain Dominion is the easternmost region in Volkyr. The most populous region in Volkyr, the region is fully controlled by the Fountain Dominion empire, an empire that has lasted for thousands of years, founded originally by humans from the plains and tieflings from the caves near the volcano.   The Kingdom of Rema   Founded by the legendary figure Queen Rema, the Kingdom and region that bears her family name is the southeastern region of Volkyr. Queen Rema united dozens of tribes and petty kingdoms under her banner, and under her family dynasty the Kingdom grew into a prosperous and just society. That ended the day her line fell, and now the Kingdom of Rema faces internal misrule, and constant conflict with the Fountain Dominion at its borders.   The Lightpoint Lands   A mostly untamed region, the Lightpoint Lands are so named for the Lightpoint, a tall(though much shorter than the supervolcano) mountain with a peak of pure light, which shines so bright most days it can be seen from anywhere in the region. The Lightpoint lands are the westernmost region of Volkyr. On the eastern edge, the Fountain Dominion has begun to claim land, but struggles to maintain their foothold, while on the western coast, the coastal city of Ejavol has grown separate from the rest of civilizations of Volkyr, and little scholarly histories and tomes have been written about this strange city at the edge of the world.   The West Lands   A region that has dealt with turmoil and war throughout their history, the West Lands are on the southwestern end of Volkyr. Dealing with bandits and raiders from the Lightpoint Lands while combating wars for land with the Kingdom of Rema to the East, the West Lands have seen their fair share of war and turmoil.   The Tribal Lands   Located on the Northwestern region of Volkyr, the Tribal Lands are populated by migrating tribes. Their wandering nature is an important part of their culture and religion, and maps of the region always tend to include the tribes' migratory routes.   The Barren Lands   A land little known and less understood, the Barren Lands are a mostly unpopulated and mysterious region on the Northern end of Volkyr. The few villages to be found are located in the foothills of the Omukade, but they keep the secrets of the Barren Lands to themselves.


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