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The West Lands



The clans and kingdoms across the West Lands have seen many war's in their long history. However, as invaders from the north and the east began to assault their towns and settlements, the colonies of the West Lands put aside their differences and joined forces to combat their true enemy. Though few from The Lightpoint Lands have wandered through The West Lands with malicious intent for many years, relations with Rema have been contentious for most of recorded history. When Rema claimed her Kingdom, she didn't want to stop there. Fully blocked by The Fountain Dominion to the East, Rema could only go West. She was met with ferocious warriors and an unforgiving wilderness and for millennia's the two kingdoms fought over land. It was under the rule of King Rolph the Wolf's Bane that a portion of Rema was lost to The West Lands forever. With this forfeit of land came an end to the constant war with the West Lands. Now only rogue raiding parties threaten the border towns between these lands.



Population: 10,201  

The largest city in all of The West Lands, The City of Thorringuard is highly respected. With the largest military and access to resources, Thorringuard if considered the Capitol of The West Lands.


King Jebedir Sloane is the leader of Thorringuard, and Unofficial King of The Westlands. Though there have been few issues during his reign, the Regent of Thorringuard has always been the High King in the Council of Kings. The Council Kings is a loose title referring to the various leaders across The West Lands. Since the days of Rema, the West Lands have been joined in their venture of the land's preservation and prosperity.


Those who join the Wester Guard, take an oath to protect all of The West Land's. Though the Wester Guard training grounds are located outside of the city walls, they have troops patrolling all roads. They are prepared to send aid to any city or settlement who should call upon them. Many of the strongest men and women leave their homes to join the ranks of the Wester Guard. At it's creation, the majority of the Guard used to be comprised of local recruits, nowadays, nearly 68% of the Wester Guard are recruits from outside settlements.


Thorringuard has the largest selection of shops, restaurants, taverns, and accommodations in all of the West Lands. The Vial High Club is one of the most popular shops to get any apothecarial needs.


Yorip Kai

Population: 3,279   Government

This civilization, 6,000 years in the making, is managed by an Elder Council. With High Councilor Farrah Orsin at it's helm, the council, handles the daily concerns of the citizens of Yorip Kai. Though these leaders are wary of outsiders, they are usually viewed favorably amongst those who meet with them. Relying on the better aspects of themselves and each other, the Elder Council is known for having a fair hand when doling out justice.


The waters surrounding the swampy islands of Yorip Kai are some of the most dangerous in all of Volkyr. Anything with a pulse will be quickly devoured by the swamplands many carnivorous creatures. Though there are bridge's that connect many of the town's islands, the local system of ferry's are great for larger parties looking for a faster means of transport. Smaller vessels like row boats and gondoliers can be hired as well and are recommended when trying to get to some of the islands hidden beyond smaller waterways.


There are many fine goods to be purchased in this bustling town. Those looking to study plants and animals will find the biodiversity of the surrounding environment to be a perfect place to explore. It's thick foliage and dangerous terrain have made it an easy choice for a Wayfarer outpost. The only official Wayfarer Hall located in The West Lands, The Fair Way Outpost has some of the rarest goods available in all of The West Lands.



Population: 5,729  

Asurak began as a coalition of four separate villages who each agreed to meet one of the Coalitions dire needs. Together, they created a civilization that helped each of them prosper. Today, only three villages remain. Legend says that the Kin of Minno committed a crime so egregious that the Animas itself pulled the village deep into Wonder. A bottomless pit now resides where the fourth village once stood. Believed to be a place that one can send offering to the Animas, many travel across The West Lands to throw their best goods over the edge in hopes of pleasing The Animas.


The three remaining Chiefs of the Coalition of Asurak work together to keep their civilizations thriving. With each Chief seeing to the needs of their people, as well as the fulfillment of their obligation to Asurak, the relationship between the three villages is quite good.

  • The Kin of Spadori are mostly farmers who work the land, and hunt in the nearby woodlands. They are responsible for ensuring that all in Asurak are fed.
  • The Kin of Brono are warriors. From the age of seven, every citizen in Brono is handed a blade or bow and taught to fight. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of all in Asurak.
  • The Kin of Enlito are inventors and artists. With a faction of wood cutters and a faction of creators, the Kin of Enlito is responsible for most of the construction, inventions, and magical items that are available to the people of Asurak.

The Kin of Brono is responsible for the defense of the three villages. With only a couple roads on and off the Asurak Plateau, bands of Brono Warriors patrol the roads for threats.


Each village of the Asurak Coalition have their own goods for sale. Though small general stores can be found in each, the short walk to the nearby settlements will allow you to find all the standard adventuring supplies you may require.

  • The Kin of Spadori can fulfill any herbal, consumable, or textile need you may have.
  • The Kin of Brono are willing to contract out a number of their warriors for a reasonable sum. In addition to their fee, any hired Brono Warriors will expect room and board at your expense.
  • The Kin of Enlito produce the best tradesmen in all of Asurak. if you are looking for the construction of a building, the production of a weapon or armor, or powerful enchantments and scrolls, you will want to speak with the shopkeepers of Enlito.


The wind split the blue waves of the High Ori Hills, less we forget that it was land we were traversing.

The stories of lore describe the Burnt Hills as once being the color of the deep ocean. Now, only dead and dry foliage remain.


Klei'Ori is a holy city to many of the settlements across the West Lands. It is said to be the place where humanoids were first birthed into Wonder. The Katari welcome only the most respected religious leaders of the settlements across the realm to join their ranks. Well respected by all, the Katari enforce the only law that the city has;

The Shameful Death is all that waits for one who would fight, draw blood, or commit murder within the Holy City of Klei'Ori.


All who call The West Lands home know that violence of any kind is strictly prohibited within the City of Klei'Ori. This has attributed to the city growing in numbers in recent years as many flock to the city in hopes of avoiding their debtors. Though there is no military force, those who break the Law of Klei'Ori are subject to the Shameful Death.

The Shameful Death requires that the guilty party be stripped of their worldly titles, honors, and items, and be placed in one of the cities trebuchets to be ejected from the city limits. Though most die upon returning back to earth, if you survive this punishment, you are forever banished from the City of Klei'Ori. Returning back to this city will automatically make you guilty in the eyes of the Katari and you will be subject to the Shameful Death again.


No trade is allowed within the city limits but there is a small bazaar located a mile down the road. A decent collection of adventuring supplies can usually be purchased from the local vendors. Many of these vendors even offer delivery service to those who reside within the city, but all orders and transfers of money must be completed outside of the city limits.



Population: 2,150  

The Forest of Cessation, which lies at Leechwood's back, is known for its extremely hostile environment. With few animals and beasts, it is said the plants of this forest devour any living creature that should find itself lost in dense brush for too long.


Jarl Carl Bowman is the new ruler of Leechwood, having won the position by piercing an arrow through Jarl Ebbin Gwa's heart. A large farming and fishing town, Leechwood has seen few raids in recent years.


The Piton's are the brute force of Leechwood's military, while the Botan's are the scientific force. Together, the two branches are able to identify and irradicate the most threatening species quickly, allowing the local harvester's time to forage the forest for useful resources.


Killer plants and rare species of herbs and fungi, there are many fine ingredients to be purchased in Leechwood. The most profitable resource that the town produces is the wood harvested from the Vicer Tree. The Wood of the Vicer Tree is said to be as strong as iron once properly processed. It is said that a diamond axe is required to rip the trunk from its stump. Diamante's Logging Company is the only store that sells Vicer Wood in it's raw form.



Population: 8,293  

Wary of all outsiders, the City of Seytree is hidden deep in the Canopy of the Sey Wood. Despite its size and population, if the Wey Guards do not want you to find an entrance to the city, you will never find one. If you find yourself in need of finding Seytree, you will likely spend weeks wandering aimlessly through the woods as the Wey Guard assess if you are worthy of admittance. If luck is in your favor and you stumble upon one of the religious shrines scattered through the forest, it is advised to offer a gift or sacrifice as this can often please the Wey Guard and aid in your cause.


King Fenndle Etheron is the ruler of Seytree. Together with his two advisors, he is able to help the city prosper. Siabahn Solarissa is the Advisor of War and Essin Zephyrynn is the Advisor of Peace.


The Wey Guard both protect the people of Seytree and enforce the laws. Controlled by Siobahn Solarissa, the Wey Guard are well trained in both offensive and defensive battle tactics. The cities hidden location in the canopy of the Sey Woods make it near impossible to siege.


Anything and everything can be found in the City of Seytree. They have many skilled tradesmen and inventors whose creations never cease to amaze their patrons. They have curiosities that marvel even the impressive city that the creators call home. World renowned cartographer, Elena Pyre, was born and raised in Seytree. Though she passed many centuries ago, the city has a museum devoted to her. Some of the rarest maps she ever created can be found at the House of Pyre Museum.

Geopolitical, Country

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