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The Flow of the Animus: a History Describing the Beginnings of Each Wonder

The following are excerpts from Caldin the Silver's seminal work of history, The Flow of the Animus. The excerpts below have been collated regarding their subject matter. Caldin the Silver, learned man though he was, put his throughts to unorganized parchment and left it to his assistant to organize his various writings, so few full tomes containing his work exist in the World of Wonder.  


  .....we can therefore attempt to create a grand timeline of the World of Wonder itself by following the recorded and spoken histories of the many different civilizations found on each of the continents. For instance, in Volkyr, the extensive histories of the Fountain Dominion date back some four thousand years, yet, tiefling runes found within the Omukade mountains write of a great explosion some six thousand years ago, when lava arose from within the massive mountain at the center of Volkyr. Determing the date these runes were carved is exceedingly difficult, yet, by comparing trace amounts of....   Various missing passages have yet to be located in any of the major libraries or historical depositories...   ...utilizing the history of this lost empire, combined with our understanding that the tiefling runes within the Omukade mountains must be at least five thousand years old or more, we can therefore determine with some certainty that the eruption of the great volcano at the center of Volkyr occurred some six thousand years ago.   Curiously, the different Wonders that define the other continents did not begin their life at the same time as the eruption of Volkyr. Using similar historical dating methods as the ones described previously, scholars from the massive continent of Tempessi, itself defined by the superstorm that constantly swirls upon the continent, write in their histories that the storm has lasted well over ten thousand years. Combining their histories with the written tales of settlers who arrived from Tempessi to Volkyr thousands of years ago, such as the goblins in their funny little canoes, or the water genasi in their massive longships, helps us gather the full age of the storm that rages above Tempessi. First, we must compare the tomes known....   Passages describing what scholars believe to be the earliest migrants from Tempessi to Volkyr have been lost time.   ....all this vast and irrefutable historic evidence give us a distinct timeline, plus or minus a few hundred years. Herewith is the timeline of the arrival of the Animus to each continent, setting off their wonder and as such beginning each of their individual modern continental histories.   17,000 Years Ago - The Storm Above Tempessi Begins.   15,000 Years Ago - The Great Tree of Elden Root Springs to Life.   13,000 Years Ago - The Great Ravine on Pac Splits Itself Open.   10,500 Years Ago - Vast Portions of the Ocean West of Pac Freeze Over, Forming the Icy Isles.   8,000 Years Ago - The Canyon on Isari Forms.   6,000 Years Ago - The Great Volcano of Volkyr Erupts.   Each of these moments marks the earliest recordings of humanoid civilization on their respective continents, with the possible exception, as noted previously, of the Icy Isles. Thus it can be said that Tempessi is the oldest continent of Wonder, whereas Volkyr is the youngest. This aligns with what we know of the earliest migrations from one continent to another. While these migrations were few and far between, they explain why Volkyr has, in its short existence, become settled by a plethora of humanoid races, creating diverse humanoid societies. This order also suggests a origin point from which the Animus flowed out. This origin point must lie far to the East of Tempessi and Pac. Theories regarding this point of origin would tell us...   The following passages, like so many others, have been lost to time. Please provide any found documjents from Caldin the Silver to Dellin the Silver of the Silversea Walkers.
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