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The Animus

The Animus is a force of creation and destruction that runs throughout the known universe. Some models of the Animus treat it as the blood that courses reality itself, helping it to keep its form and trajectory as it courses through time. Others believe the Animus to be a celestial spirit from which all life and matter originate. While little is known as to the exact nature and purpose of the Animus, its touches all aspects of life.

Animus and Magic

  While it is commonly accepted that the Animus is the source for all magic, this is actually disputed by scholars. What is known is that, such as magic is confirmed to exist in the world, it is flowing with Animus same as all other things. There are schools of magic, such as Divination, of which the use and manipulation of magic by the Animus(or vice versa) is certain. Necromancy, that cursed and abhorrent magic, is similar.

Animus and Religion

  Worship of the the Animus is common and takes shape in a vast array of practices. Druids within the Circle of the Land might worship the Animus as manifested in spirits of the woods, or they may simply worship the Animus within the woods itself as its own divine worthy of protection. A cleric in the War Domain might worship the destructive power and awe of the Animus, whereas a Paladin who has taken the Oath of the Ancients might make offerings to the Animus in exchange for peace and tranquility for their dearly departed.
  While specific practices, rites, and rituals may very, the commonality of the Animus generally keeps religious conflict to a minimum. However, they are not unheard of. Paladins who have taken an Oath of Vengeance may wage war in the name of a war-like aspect of the Animus. A fallen Cleric of the Death Domain may commit terrible atrocities in the name of sending as many souls to the Animus Obscuras as possible. Cults that form around Animus Apparitions are more prone to violence and intolerance.

Animus Apparitions

  While rare, the Animus sometimes manifests itself in strange and fantastic ways. These manifestations are often interpretative as gods and treated similarly. A Paladin might swear an Oath of Devotion to Libras, an Animus Apparition that has existed for thousands of years and is concerned with aiding the weak and administering justice in the world. Animus Apparitions can manifest as a physical being, as a ghostly monstrosity, as a face in the clouds or simply as a voice in one's head. These manifestations have led to the formation of many religions and cults in service to these strange beings.


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