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The Origins and Migrations of the Many Humanoid Peoples by Daxon Thought-Haver

Daxon Thought-Haver, a Dwarf originally from Tempessi's whose innumerable exploits led him to visit each of the known Wonders of the world, gathered information over the centuries to create his life's work, an exhaustive history of the origins and migrations of the many different Humanoid races found upon the World of Wonder.   Below are collated excerpts from his book, organized by humanoid race, to give insight into the origins and migrations of each humanoid races. "Origins," in this context refers to the location of the humanoids at the time of the arrival of the Animus. There are no known recorded histories or civilizations prior the the arrival of the Animus. This is not to say that there were not small tribes and societies of humanoids living on the continent prior to the Animus; it is only to say that recorded history begins with the arrival of the Animus, and so the location each humanoid race was on at the arrival of the Animus is the most accepted way, among scholarly circles, to describe the humanoid origins.  

Known Humanoids of the World of Wonder

  Dwarf- Unique among the humanoid races, dwarves are the only humanoid for whom evidence can be found of their existence on almost all continents prior to the Animus. In mountains and hills found on Tempessi, Isari, and Volkyr, evidence of early dwarven life can be found.   Elf- The first elves, both high and wood, came from Elden Root. They began to flourish and build societies upon their growing tree after the arrival of the Animus. They can now be found on all known continents in some form or another.   Halfling- Halflings too trace their beginnings back to Elden Root, and can also be found in numbers on each continent of Wonder.   Human- Humans arose on the planes of Volkyr, living in small tribes prior to the eruption of that continents' great volcano. Afterwards, they spread to each of the continents of Wonder.   Dragonborn- Originating from Pac, Dragonborn still call this continent home, and prohibit any non-dragonborn from owning or leasing any land on their continent. They have, however, spread to the other continents over time, though their numbers are always small.   Tiefling- Tieflings arose side-by-side with humans on Volkyr, living inside the mountains of the Omukade until the eruption. They have since spread to all of the other continents, though in not nearly so large of numbers as humans did.   Changeling- Because of the difficulty in identifying even an individual changeling, and the secrecy of whatever cultures they may have amongst themselves, little is known of any major migrations of changelings. However, there are recorded instances of them on each Wonder. There is evidence suggesting they originated on the continent of Isari, though this information is disputed.   Firbolg- Firbolg originated on the great continent of Tempessi, but have since spread to Volkyr. Their numbers have always remained small throughout history, and whatever the strange limiting factor is at play here, it has prevented firbolgs from migrating in large numbers to one continent or the other.   Genasi- The Genasi appear to have not existed at all prior to the arrival of the Animus. This makes them unique among the humanoids of the World of Wonder in that they may have been created or somehow formed by the Animus itself. How this happened, is unknown, but what is known is that the first records of Genasi in any capacity appear on Tempessi after the arrival of the Animus. They may be the only one of the humanoid races who can say with certainty that their origins are the Animus itself.   Gnome- Gnomes are one of the few, perhaps the only, humanoids who did have a rudimentory form of writing and society at the arrival of the Animus. These small societies were found on Tempessi, but since then, Gnomes have emigrated in large numbers and can be found in plenty on all of the Wonders of the World.   Deep Gnome - Deep Gnomes share the same history as the other gnomes, save that they emigrated in far less numbers than their surface gnome counterparts. To this day, few deep gnomes are found outside the continent of Tempessi, where their ancient Kingdom under the Rivers has stood for over ten thousand years.  

Rumored Humanoids of the World of Wonder

  Half-Elf   Half-Orc   Aarakocra   Aasimar   Bugbear   Centaur   Duergar   Eladrin   Fairy   Githyanki   Githzerai   Goliath   Harengon   Hobgoblin   Kenku   Kobold   Lizardfolk   Minotaur   Orc   Satyr   Sea Elf   Shadar-Kai   Shifter   Tabazi   Tortle   Triton   Yuan-Ti


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