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Goldtown Triumphs Introduction

Be careful out there. It gets more and more dangerous the further west you go. - Justice Brightstar, former Sheriff of the Goldtown Plains

Current Camp Members

  Sheriff "Justice" Brightstar   Carin Gluetouch   Kurgan the Mostly Deaf Giant   The Panther  

Backstory Articles & Information



  The Fountain Dominion   Sixpoints  

Other Characters met and/or heard of

  Severian the High Sentinel   Dellin the Silver  

Discovered Locations


Settlements & Cities

  Goldtown   Landelline   Dellin's Inn & Exotic Marketplace   Fennig   New Amnoc   Gildflora   Bluegold Lake   Welllington  

Books We're Using

Player’s Handbook

Dungeon Master’s Guide

Monster Manual

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse

Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook

5e Plant Harvesting Guide


Table Rules

1. Level Up on Long Rest

2. Please roll for character ability scores.

3. Naming conventions for NPCs will follow the book's racial guides for naming. Human NPCs in the Lightpoint Lands, especially around Dominion settlements, will tend to have Americanized, Old West names, but naming conventions are otherwise wide open.

4. Feats and multi-classing are a go. All Races from the books above are a go. Customization options for races, classes, etc, using guidelines from those books are a probable go, but let's chat about it because this is my first time DMing and I am easily confused.

5. Watch out for rattlesnakes.


Duels in the Lightpoint Lands

A tradition originating from the city of Ejavol, duels as a method of resolving disagreements have spread throughout the Lightpoint Lands. A traditional duel, sometimes called a Ejavol Debate, must involve 2 pistols(pg 268 of the DM Guide.) Participants stand twenty paces apart, their pistols holstered. After that, all bets are off; the first person to shoot and injure their opponent wins the duel, and if their opponent is killed, all the better. In duels where both or neither competitor is injured or killed, the issue is not resolved, and oftentimes these degenerate into fights to the death.

To resolve a duel, participants roll opposing initiative checks, followed by attack rolls. The participant with the higher initiative attacks first, and if their attack hits but does not kill their opponent, the second participant receives a -5 to their attack roll. If the duel has a definitive winner, the participants must abide by the results of the duel or have their honor tainted. Duels, such as they even occur as far east as the Lightpoint Lands, are considered illegal by the Goldtown Settlement Authority.





Provincial Maps


Player Character Introduction


You were born in the massive Empire known as the Fountain Dominion. For five hundred years, a vicious military dictator has wielded power. Purges and flare ups of civil strife are the norm, and the most recent rounds of violence have been especially brutal.


On the western edge of the Dominion, Goldtown and its settlements were spared the worst of the bloodshed. But the unsolved murder of a local nobleman has inflamed tensions in these frontier lands, and the Fountain Dominion have brought a crueler hand to manage the affairs of their settlements. Meanwhile, banditry and desperation continue to run rampant as refugees flood into the region.  

You are one such refugee, a recent arrival in Goldtown. You know that the claimed lands of the Dominion extend all the way to the Eastern edge of Severian's Reach, yet, the Goldtown Plains, and the lands west of it, Severians Reach and the Silversea Desert, the Lightpoint Pass and Leskavod, and even the Island of Kenta Kara north of the Lightpoint Lands, offer a chance of a new opportunity, free from the oppressive yolk of Severian and his minions.


  The Silversea Walkers Collective of wizards, sages, and sorcerers who protect the freedom of the city of Silversea and surrounding independent peoples.   Goldtown Settlement Authority Legal authority governing the extension of the Fountain Dominion into the Lightpoint Lands, formerly tasked with protecting their settlements and installing law and order to the land, now tasked with taming the rabble and cowing the criminal elements in the Lightpoint Lands.   The Unseen Hand in the Lightpoint Lands Underground thieves guild using the chaos of the influx of refugees into the settlements to take grow their power and underground contacts.

Other Regions

    The Kingdom of Rema   The West Lands   The Tribal Lands   The Barren Lands  

Other Lore

  The Animus

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