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The Royal Fiefdom of Rhennen



It is said that when Queen Rema entered the lands of what is now the Fiefdom of Rhennen, she fell to her knees and wept. She saw the picturesque cliffside and wanted to claim it as hers. She demanded that a city be constructed and left to claim her land and build her kingdom. She named the region and Capitol City after her first child, Rhennen. The boy did not survive his first month on Wonder and his passing left a hole within her which could never be filled. She ravaged all she met on the sea and on land, until she found the place that filled that hole. When the years of pillaging and conquering were done she returned to see the city she demanded be built. As she entered the gates and walked the streets with her children, husband, and lover, she felt the hole in her heart begin to close. To honor the founding of the City of Rhennen, and her beloved son, she established an annual festival to honor the eldest child of all families. Though originally a day of mourning and remembrance, this holiday has grown to include games, festivities, and a Rhennen Day Ball. It is common for the eldest child to be presented to the public on this day in hopes of finding a marital match. This usually happens when the child reaches the age of 18 to 20.


Rhennen- The Capitol of Rema


Though all of Rema falls under the control of the King and/or Queen or Rema, Rhennen is the home to the Royal Castle and training ground of the Reman Army. The Jewel of the Crown Lands, all other villages and towns located within the Royal Fiefdom of Rhennen lay in the shadow of the Reman Capital. Most surrounding villages and towns support the vast number of city inhabitants with food and resources, but the majority of the areas trading, artisanal production and occupational training is done within the Capital itself. Though crime is rampant throughout the Kingdom of Rema, only the most skilled or wealthy criminals can thrive within the well patrolled walls of the Capitol.

*Most guards silence can be purchased for the right amount of coin. Bribery is advised if criminal activity is of interest as all members of the Reman Guards go through rigorous training in the arts of perception and combat. Once tried, they are rarely known to show mercy.

  Population: 24,604   Government:

[King Roidan, 12th of his name, is the ruling Regent of Rema, but few trust him with the daily affairs. He remains mostly sequestered in his tower with his Council of Acht. The Council of Acht is comprised of eight members of the most renowned nobles in the land. Some are representatives of the surrounding Reman Fief's while others are well respected War Generals and Spiritual leaders of the area. These are prized postings in the Kingdom and those who wield them are rarely safe from outside forces. Each member of the Council of Acht represents a domain of the Anima; Trickery, Life, War, Light, Knowledge, Tempest, Nature and Death.


With the Reman Army training grounds just outside the city walls, the main troupe of Defense is the Reman Army itself. The daily law troubles of the city are reserved for the Capital Guard. The Capital Guards are well trained in combat, but have seen few War time battles. Though they are often the first requested to join the Army when they are in dire need of recruits, most of the Guards participate in criminal investigations and domestic disturbances. The Kings Arms are the royal soldiers that service the King and other inhabitants of the castle. One must be of noble descent or be knighted to join the Kings Arms. Capital Guards have rarely entered the castle in an official capacity as most investigations required within the Castle Halls are resolved by the Councilor of War and the Kings Arms whom they control.


Anything and everything worth having is available within the markets and establishments of Rhennen. Whether one is looking for powerful weapons or enchanted tattoos, those with enough coin are sure to find something to fit their fancy. Though the headquarters of the The Wayfarer's Guild resides in the City of Sixpoints located in The Fountain Dominion, the largest guild hall in the Kingdom of Rema, resides in the Capitol City of Rhennen. The Great Hall of Isha is one of the most renowned Wayfarer's Guild in the Kingdom and is home to the equally famous Museum of Ishan Artifacts and The Sizzler restaurant.


Fort Reed

  Population: 1,575   Government:

General Faukeer Jorn is the leading official of Fort Reed. Responsible for training the best soldiers in all of Rema and housing the entire Reman Army, General Faukeer Jorn relies on the Assembly of Generals to help meet goals and milestones. With strict training routines and limited leave time, soldiers often visit the nearby village of Crassberry to seek good spirits and warm company. The Assembly of Generals if comprised of the leaders of each troop; Light Infantry, Pikemen, Archers, Heavy Infantry, Light Calvary, Mounted Archers, and Heavy Calvary


A Military training post and housing fort, those trying to attack Fort Reed are more likely to end up on pikes outside its walls then accomplishing their goals. Fort Reed houses the Reman Army, so they are well stocked with soldiers, weapons, projectiles, and ammo.


There is a skilled armorer and weaponsmith within the Fort's walls, however, any shops within this Fort are restricted on who they can sell too. Their goods are reserved for the soldiers of the Reman Army and in order to purchase goods from them you will need to gain approval from General Faukeer Jorn. The nearby village of Crassberry has a well stocked inn and tavern, a decent brothel, and a general goods store that can satiate all your basic needs. If you require more then is available here, the City of Rhennen is only a days walk.


Dey Port

  Population: 4,214   Government:

The largest town in the Crown Lands, Dey Port is a fishing and port town overseen by the Rykers. The Rykers are a Noble family of relatively young blood. During the reign of King Jesser Roidan, 6th of his name, the Rykers were appointed to rule over the town. Arel Ryker is the official ruler of Dey Port, but the daily administration of the town is handled by her grandson, Lord Mayor Ezra Ryker.


Dey Port is most notably protected by the Tempesto's, a once formidable army of soldiers that has lost much of its world renown in recent years. Though many of the nobles who fall under the jurisdiction of Dey Port reside in keeps outside the town proper, they all have a number of household guards at their disposal.


Most basic goods can be found across the numerous establishments in Dey Port. As a port town, much of the food trade revolves around seafood; fish, mollusks, sponges, seaweed, etc. If you're looking to charter a ship, there are many fine captains willing to accommodate you for the right price. This is especially true if you're looking for a captain well versed in the art of smuggling and secrecy. With the large sailor population, Dey Port has an established gambling community and if there is a gamble that can be made there is most definitely a bookie willing to take it.



  Population: 2,300   Government:

A moderate sized town not too far from the City of Rhennen, The town of Flesshire is ruled by Kiarid Bloodwing. Though he is a beloved political figure, much of his success can be attributed to his three advisors, locally referred to as The Forked Council. The trio rarely agreed on much, but Lord Kiarid preferred it that way. Having three different views of a given situation help him to assess the most appropriate course of action.


A small farming and livestock town, much of military defense is left to the Town Guard. A reliable income can be had for those who join the Town Guard, but the most desperate of families will send their children to the the Capital to join the Reman Army. Kiarid Bloodwing and his advisors all live within a keep just outside the town, and the keep is protected by a well-trained band of fighters. Calling themselves the BloodSpawn, many travel across the kingdom for a chance to join their ranks.


Renowned for their meat and cheese production, much of the town smells of manure and fermented cheese. That being said, the pungent scent of the tannery drifts through town during the working hours. Most basic goods can be found in the shops around town, and those looking for a decent set of light or medium armor will not be disappointed in the supply of tailors and leatherworkers.



  Population: 1,200   Government:

A small seaside town, Sir Edden Dorgi is the appointed Reeve. Though Lord Vestin is the ruling Noble of the land, he resides within Rhennen and has left the daily operation of the town to his Reeve.


Located on the southern shore of the continent, much of Onadon's military are navally trained.


The local logging company allows a number of skilled shipwrights to make their living on the port and the same can be said for the local carpenters. Though the locals can get most of the saltwater fish and goods from the town fisherman, seafood is not this towns main export. If food, veggies, and basic supplies are of need, they are always purchasable at the daily market around Boatem Square. Boatem Square is named for the large statue of Lady Erin and Lord Aaron Boatem heroically posed aboard a rowboat. The market is renowned for having rude patrons and even ruder shop keeps, but it is the go to place if items are required and the town is nearby.



  Population: 950   Government:

A small village built off the southern end of Rich Water Run, locally known as Bargeman Pass, the daily operations of the city are overseen by Mayor Margo Lespin. There is a monthly village meeting where people can come and speak on their grievances, and there is a jail and hearing hall where criminals are tried and sentenced. It is up to Mayor Margo Lispin how justice is to be administered.


There is a small local crime watch that tries to maintain order, and a troop of 5-6 Reman Soldiers who patrol the village and offer minimal protection.


This small village has very little trade. Basic goods can be found, but you are likely to pay more for the items you seek. The most notable point of commerce in the city is the Bargeman's Barge's. Bargeman's Barges will escort interested parties up and down the Rich Water Run. The area of Rich Water Run which passes through the village of Triss is colloquially referred to as Bargeman Pass.


Trader's Point

  Population: 12   Government:

There is no true governmental power at Trader's Point. This small village seems to pop up and break down regularly. Traveling merchants from across the Kingdom, and in some cases across Volkyr, will stop at Trader's Point and set up shop. These pop-up shops usually last a few days to a few weeks before moving on to their next stop. Sometimes this small Trading Post will be full of Merchants of varying skill level. Sometimes, there is only Possa's Barrels and Lean-To's.


There is no crime watch to defend the town and no palisades for protection. That being said, there have been few deadly attacks made upon visitors of the town. Though theft is high, like most Reman Cities, there have been few physical attacks that rose above the threat of a drunken bar brawl. These are usually taken care of by brave onlookers but have been known to be resolved upon death.


You never know what you may find at Trader's Point. Though some professions are more common then others, there is little one can do to predict what items may be on sale. This has left many opting to take the long way to their destination if it means they can pass through this small trading camp.



  Population: 1,390   Government:

The Keeper's administer to the daily needs of the Bevyl citizens. Keeper Spire sees to matters of the law. Keeper Copper sees to matters of the treasury. Keeper Kin sees to the matters of society. Keeper Aro sees to matters of war and defense. And Keeper Balm sees to matters of health and science.


Keeper Aro is responsible for ensuring the peace of the town. The Keeper of matters of war and defense, he has a troupe of 150 soldiers ready to combat any threat. IF the threat is out of their abilities, they can always send for aid from the Reman Army.


Built between the River Rage and the Bumble Woods, this peaceful town's economy thrives on freshwater fishing, farming, and also bee keeping. There are a number of hunters and trappers who call Bevyl home, but most of the wildlife within the Bumble Woods has been known to be quite docile. The most popular bee's in town are the Bevyl Bee's. These opalescent pink bee's are said to produce a sweet and sour honey, comparable to a pink lemonade.


The Kingdom of Rema

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