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The Wounded Sparrow



From an outsider's perspective, this worn and tattered building looks like an Inn & Tavern for the light of wealth. Though the bartender and innkeeper are always happy to provide a weary traveler with a lukewarm meal, fermented beverage or musty sleeping accommodation, this establishment is most frequented by members of the Unseen Hand. Hopeful's looking to join the guild, often spend a night or two here, but few who consider themselves civilized would enter such a questionable establishment.


A door can be found towards the back of the Wounded Sparrow. It is locked and under 24 hour guard. Members of the Unseen Hand need only recite the guild response to be admitted entrance. Those who wish to break and enter often find themselves maimed. Located in the City of Khita, in the Kingdom of Rema, this outpost is home to some of the most skilled and renowned members of the Unseen Hand. As Khita is almost unanimous with the terms pickpocket and thievery, one should always be on alert so they do not become the prey of others, and most should be wary of trying to steal anything from someone within this guild hall.


The Wounded Sparrow Guild Hall

Located in the cellar of The Wounded Sparrow, the first room of this establishment is a bar for the guilds many members. Unlike the bar upstairs, this one deals in potions, salves, serums and poisons. If gambling is of interest, a game can usually be found within this room, as well as contract opportunities. This hall also has a couple stores where unique items can be found, and they are located in the back rooms of the cellar.


Notable Guild Members


The Lower Shadow


Mount Caitiff


Mount Caitiff is a short human male with a bald head and unkempt beard. Though he has a muscular form, his height may leave many questioning his physical abilities. But those who have tried to best him, have always left the loser. With many of his abilities fueled by dexterity and charisma, any shortcomings he may have given his questionable intelligence is sure to be compensated for. He has been The Lower Shadow of The Wounded Sparrow Guild Hall for the last seven years and many feel the hall has prospered under his dark order.


Requisitions Officer

Shifty Shyster


Guild member's seeking milestone and monthly rewards should seek out the male tiefling known as Shifty Shyster. His fluorescent orange hair atop his brick red skin make him easy enough to spot in a crowd. Trusted with the expensive rewards that the guild offers, Shyster often boasts about his high constitution and enviable strength. This has left many feeling like conversation with him is dull and boring.


The Fence

Painted Gate


Though some may may be tempted to take advantage of the halfling female responsible for laundering stolen goods, that would be ill advised. Beloved by those who know her, The Painted Gate can either make or break a guild member's renown. Responsible for some of the most sought after contracts, it is advised to stay on her good side. Those who enjoy the company of others are sure to find her company enjoyable.


Unseen Market

Silent Spectre


This dwarven man does not speak. Those who seek him can ask for contract and if one is available he will place a sealed envelope on the table. The envelope will contain all the details that the dwarf is willing to offer. Nothing you do will make him speak to you or offer any additional information.


Guild Shops


The Sewer Rats Poison Bar

Upon landing on the cellar floor, you will see the long saloon style bar reaching towards the far end of the room. Though you can order a drink at this bar, they mostly deal in poisons.


The Wenches Wrenches


Hasadur, a half-orc female with a flare for enchantments, is known for changing the appearance of deadly weapons into simple household tools. Though most of her sales are done with items she currently has in store, she has been known to accept the occasional commission for the right price. These weapons are great for sneaking past a point where they would otherwise not be allowed. These weapons appear mundane to those searching for weapons. These weapons are detectable via a Detect Magic Spell.


Whispers & Secrets


The only goods available at this little windowed stall are rumors and secrets. The human female will not accept traditional currency, and instead you must offer a rumor or secret of your own. Bartering with whispers is a risky business as once you listen to one you are bound to it. This wasn't an issue when the store first opened, but some have started to whisper quests as their offering. If you receive a quest from The Whispers and Secrets, you are bound to complete it. Whispers are weighed on an unbiased, magical scale. You speak your whisper or secret into a glass jar and place it upon the shopkeepers scale. Depending on the quality of the rumor, she will point out what jars are of equal value.


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