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The Fiefdom of The Rocks



The Ariadne Mountains are the heart of The Rocks. For thousands of years, much of the land encompassing the modern day Fiefdom of The Rocks, was claimed by the Stone Gnomes who lived within the mountains. When Rema claimed her kingdom, she formed a treaty with Stone Gnomes of the Ariadne Mountains. Constructing a small outpost called Stonespire in hopes of continuing to build trade relations with the Stone Gnomes, the city grew into one of the most prosperous cities in the Fiefdom.


City of Stonespire

  Population: 16,001  

Though Stonespire began as a small trading outpost between two kingdoms looking to build relations, it is now one of the largest and most visited cities in all of Rema. Though it was once common to see Stone Gnomes roaming the streets of this great city, relations with the Stone Gnomes soured after the Roidan Uprising destroyed every last descendent of Rema. Scholars disagree on if the Stone Gnomes of the Ariadne Mountain's have gone extinct, or if they have just retreated so deeply into the mountain's that they were never heard from again.


The administration of the city is handled by Lord Kenton Klimcheck and his approval amongst his citizens is quite high. Though crime is an ongoing issue, like most of Rema, the prosperity of the town has allowed many to overlook that mild inconvenience. Below Lord Klimcheck is the Spire of Parliament. The spire of Parliament is mostly comprised of members of the most affluent Noble Houses. Together the two arms of the government work to keep the prosperity of Stonespire ever rising while pleasing their sovereign, The Unlucky King, King Roidan, 12th of his name.


Nestled on a cliff beside the Ariadne mountains, there are only a few roads into the City. Those entries are lined with thick stone walls topped with watchtowers. The Stone Guards who man the walls and gates, and defend the fiefdom from harm, are well equipped to protect their citizens. Only a rogue wave of goblins from the mountains pose a threat, but they are usually dispatched of quickly. There is a City Watch that handles the everyday affairs of the city, and most noble households have their own paid guards at their disposal.


Though the Stone Gnomes were said to have had the best supplies of cut stone, gems, glow stones, cave crops, and other rare goods only found in deep within the mountain, the city has made due with their own mining operations. They have the best Blacksmith in all of Rema, a Tiefling female named Aniyola Veltari, and their masons are unrivaled. Due to the availability of resources, the jewelers, metalworkers, and mechanical inventors seek knowledge and inspiration from the Great Stone Spire. They are also known to be quite experimental, so one need only expect the most unexpected of items for sale.


Ariadne's Tears

  Population: 4,729  

After the Roidan Uprising, many Reman loyalists retreated to the far side of the mountains and founded their own town. Though they eventually bowed to the new Roidan King after the destruction of Rema's bloodline, they were forced to submit to heavy taxes. Not only were the financial taxes high, but every Reman loyalist was required to offer their first born child up to the Reman Army. This remains true to this day.


Like salt in the wounds, King Jesser Roidan ordered that the leader of Ariadne's Tears refer to themselves as Little King's and Queens. The current regent, Little Queen M'eclaire, claimed her title after she won a dual with the previous ruler, Little King Vykkin.


There is no trained military force that the Little Queen controls. Instead, the Reman Army patrols the streets. Sometimes only a handful can be seen, while other times the town is crawling with soldiers. It is rumored that only the most uncontrollable soldiers are sent to patrol Ariadne's Tears.


Nestled between The Giant's Woods, The Ariadne Mountains, and Lockes Deep, there are plenty of fine shops to be explored. Though Stonespire is more renowned, those who have travelled the world agree that the jewelers in Ariadne's Tears sell the best creations since the days of the Stone Gnomes.



  Population: 590   Government:

Mayor Karu Opal is the leader of Woodrow. Though a new leader can be elected every 4 years, Karu Opal has been voted Mayor for the last 60 years. A commune style civilization, those who work for the betterment of the town are rewarded.


The defense of the city is left to those with the skill to fight and trap. Though all citizens go through combat training, there is an understanding that those with minimal combat abilities should remove themselves from the field. The village is protected by tall palisades with multiple watch towers.


A popular place for painters, sculptors, wood carvers, etc.; there are many fine artisanal wares to be purchased in this small village. Though most agree to work for their room and board, as is customary, some opt to pay for their room and board. This is frowned upon in town.



Population: 1,029  

The City of Brightstar was built beside The Sunken Ruins of Borakess. Borakess was considered the oldest archeological site in all of Rema until The Lost City of Isha was discovered. Brightstar was founded by Wayfarer's as many of these adventures flocked to Borakess in hopes of finding the lost tomb of Aris Chor. The tomb of Borakess's favorite king, Aris Chor, is said to contain countless treasures worth an unfathomable amount of money.


High Heron Zephin Lasserbach is the recognized leader of this small town. With the Assembly of Heron's as his sounding board, the High Heron and their assembly help maintain peace amongst the towns citizens. The largest town in Rema operated by the guild of Wayfarer's, the City of Brightstar is a must stop for all who join the ranks of Wayfarer's. Exploring The Sunken Ruins of Borakess is considered a right of passage to all new members, though everyday citizens are also welcome.


The strongest Wayfarer's are recruited to join the Kelenken's, an elite military force charged with protecting the City of Brightstar and The Sunken Ruins of Borakess. Not an official military force, the Klenken's have rarely answered the call's for aid from the Reman Army. If it weren't for the gracious financial gifts that the High Heron offers the Crown, they would have likely been punished for these slights.


Many rare treasures can be found at the shops of this small town. If you are a member of the Wayfarer's Guild, you are likely to find impressive deals. If you are not, you are likely to be charged more then you could ever afford. Basic goods can also be purchased from local vendors who will charge a reasonable price.


The Kingdom of Rema

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