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The Fiefdom of Kimby


  This land was originally inhabited by numerous Kimby Clans. The capital, founded by Chief Astor Kimby, was one of the first towns to join Queen Rema when she came. Chief Astor Kimby and this 3 children, all governed their cities under the direction of Queen Rema and her descendants. However, during an early uprising against Rema, the Kimby's were removed from power and their descendants scattered amongst the low folk.  

City of Kimby

  The Capitol City of Kimby, Chief Astor Kimby saw this city grow in size and wealth. Since the removal of the Kimby's, few families have held onto their position of power within the City. Those who rule well, are often well rewarded. But any who show are sign of weakness are quickly replaced by the Unseen King.   Population: 17,810   Government:

The City and Fiefdom of Kimby is now overseen by Lord Thek Habak, a retired Half-Orc War General. Many in the city find him to be a fair and noble ruler, but there are rumors that he is a puppet of The Unseen King. The Unseen King is the invisible leader of Kimby. Though little is known about this Unseen King, many agree that he pulls the strings of government across the fiefdom.


Surrounded by large palisades topped with ballista's, the walls of Kimby are constantly manned and well defended. The site of numerous historical battles, and built upon the ruins of history, Kimby is a notoriously difficult city to lay siege. They have two well trained military branches; The Great Mast (Naval Branch) and The Pikes (Armed Soldiers)


The well defended city has long been the home of the Academy of the Arcane. Those wishing to study the art of magic and magical items should inquire at the Academy, and those searching for magical goods will not be disappointed in the variety of shop's and establishments around the city.



  Population: 7,300   Government:

A relatively small but bustling city, Daka is overseen by Viscount Ira Tortini. The Viscount looks over the city for Lord Thek Habak and is assisted by a small council. The counil hears the concerns of the people and brings them to the attention of the Viscount.


Protected by a small band of soldiers and the ability to call for reinforcements from Kimby, the City of Daka is well protected. The few nobles that call Daka home contract their own collection of household guards.


The fertile fields that lie on the outskirts of the City of Daka make pristine land for raising exotic plants and animals. As such, the city is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and rare goods. While skilled inventors and herbalists flock to Daka for discovery and innovation, it is not the most welcoming of places. Newcomers are usually watched closely, and are expected to proven their worthiness.



  Population: 900   Government:

Though the area encompassing Phedding is ruled over by Lady Sadie Mortiz, the daily administration of the city is handled by her three children; Brazie Moritz, Escor Mortiz, and Cassie Eaton. Brazie Moritz sees to the concerns of law, Escor Mortiz sees to the concerns of the citizens, and Cassie Eaton sees to matters of war and defense.


Cassie Eaton, the bastard child of Sadie Mortiz, trains and commands the collection of Phedding Guards, locally referred to as Phedders or Pheds. Cassie Eaton is a respected commander and her guards are well prepared to protect the people of Phedding. Lady Sadie Mortiz has a decent collection of personal soldier that reside with her in her Keep, however these guards have never been required to assist in the protection of the city.


Much of the cities commerce is in mining. The cliffside the town resides near has a network of caverns that reach deep into the earth, and those brave enough to go spelunking usually return with a number of treasures; buried relics, lost adventurers and their loot, archeological discoveries. Most come back with locations of minable veins of Gold and Silver or a collection of gems. Most of the trade is done in the lower quarters of the town where the traveling merchants and day laborers line up to show off their wares.



  Population: 2,190  

Karatant resides on the largest cliff, on the largest Mountain of the Peridot Mountain Range. Though the city has produced many fine artists, soldiers and Wayfarer's, Starbreaker Elissari Yaru is the most famous citizen to come out of this town.


The daily administration of the City is handled by Mayor Bordin Saffron. Though he ultimately answers to the behest of Lady Sadie Moritz, Mayor Bordin Saffron and his advisers help to maintain the peace within the city and build relations with the other settlements of Rema.


]With a steep cliff protecting the town from threats posed in Peridot Bay and the Mountain range surrounding them, there is only one road large enough to traverse with wagons, carriages, or a military force. Incoming visitors can be seen coming long before their arrival, making the town almost impenetrable. If forces were able to siege the gates and enter town, The Green Knights of Karatant have been known to be impressive warriors. Led by General Drinn Puri, representatives of The Green Knights have been crowd favorites at most of the tournaments and games across the realm. Though poor in trials of the lance, they are strong sword and shield competitors.


With optimal access to the caverns of the Peridot Mountains, Karatant exports a far amount of raw resources; coal, silver, gemstones. With a few general stores and taverns, you can find most of what you are looking for within the city limits. During the day hours, a market of pop-up stalls can be found in the town square. Traveling merchants often visit Karatant for a restock on raw resources, so you never know what they may be selling. If you find yourself in town during The Feast of First Harvest, you are likely to meet some of the most skilled merchants and artists in all the realm.



  Population: 780  

Leandor is a military fort that houses the largest number of soliders from The Great Mast and The Pikes military branches. Though a couple hundred soldiers remain in the City of Kimby at all times, the Town of Leandor is where most of Kimby's military is trained and housed.


Lord Thek Habak has full command of the The Great Mast and The Pikes, but the daily governance of Leandor is overseen by General Kimber Emberstrike, a dwarven barbarian.


With steep palisades protecting the town proper, and the naval power of The Great Mast patrolling the Peridot Bay, there are few threats to the great Kimby Militia.


Many who reside within the city can find their basic needs met. Soldiers and their families have a number of general stores, grocers, and blacksmiths to choose from. Few traveling merchants find their way into Leandor as commercial licenses within the town are extremely expensive to aqcuire.



  Population: 1,250   Government:

Magus Pena Hyr is the leader of the small town of Sweetwater. She is assisted by a council of Archmage's to assist in the daily operations. Each Archmage on the council represents a domain of the Animas. A town that glorifies the use of alchemy and magic, many seek lessons from the Archmage's or their star pupils.


Magus Hyr and her Archmage's have spells and enchantments guarding the town at all times. It is said that between the nine of them, they could take on the entire kingdom should they desire. Necromancy magic is strictly forbidden and punishable by death, while spells that manipulate the mind can be punished with a fine or jail time. Though more time's then not, these matters are handled in civil court.


Sweetwater Bay has long been considered to be blessed by the Animas. The land and water around Sweetwater seem to produce plants that are sweeter in taste to all others. Even the meat of the wildlife is sweeter, and their hide softer. The fish, the plants, the herbs, the beasts. This has afforded this town some of the best contracts in all of Rema. With much of their supply shipping out to only the Capitols of each fiefdom, these delectable foods are most affordable when purchased in the town.



  Population: 3,642   Government:

The Town of Aldis is almost forgettable despite its relative size. Mayor Casper Kagen, the drunken noble who rules the town, sends what men he can to join the Reman Army. In turn, he claims the stipend's reserved for the soldiers families. That money disappears to the bottom of his cup most nights, so much of the town's citizens and infrastructure is worn and dilapidated. The crookedness of the Mayor has afforded him a crooked council. The three members of his council steal as much of their citizens money as they can while still holding their power. If the land surrounding Aldis weren't thick with rocks and roots, the care of the land might be more of a concern for Lord Thek Habak and King Roidan. Unfortunately, the land and commerce of the city is so poor that most have left to die in peace.


Elder Figson Acre is the leader of the town guard. He and his two great grandsons patrol the streets and try and resolve disputes. Elder Figson Acre is 73 years old, and with his great grandson's Zachary (6) and Darren Acre (3), can do little to protect the city. A few recruits have joined Elder Figson in his law enforcing venture, but as soon as a decent guard joins the watch, Mayor Casper Kagen orders that the person be shipped to the Reman Army.


Aldis is where people go when they don't want to be found. A haven for thieves and murderer's, if a shady deal is what you seek, you will find few places that can fill your needs better. Though basic goods can be purchased in town, many prefer to skip Aldis altogether.



  Population: 66   Government:

The Family of Zol is ruled by a strict hierarchy. The oldest male, Omega Zol, is the unforgiving leader of the family. Though Zol is open to accepting new citizens, the majority of their members are related by blood. The only way to join this settlement is to marry into it.


Located on a steep plateau with few roads in or out of the village, Zol has seen little conflict in its time. New to the kingdom, with its founding only 40 years prior, there are few who have travelled to Zol incurring little interest in the occupied land. That being said, offending the family of Zol will make you subject to their criminal system. With Omega Zol as your judge and jury, you are likely to feel the wrath of oblivion for even the mildest of transgressions.


The women in the village are responsible for making cloth and clothing, while the men work the field and beasts. There is plenty of food and clothes to be purchased, and the Zol's will be all to happy to restock what supplies they can for a decent price. If you are looking to sell goods, only the leader of Zol is authorized to make such transactions. Both a haggler and quick to anger, it is advised to avoid trying to sell him anything that you aren't okay with giving away for free.


The Kingdom of Rema

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