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The Fiefdom of Grainwood



Before Queen Rema brought her army upon Volkyr, the land of the Fiefdom of Grainwood was cultivated by a collection of farming clans. Though these clans were always in opposition of each other, there were few recorded wars and battles through the millenniums. It wasn't until Rema threatened their way of life, that they banded together and formed the fortified City of Anis. These four clans unified in opposition to the Reman invasion, but The Acory, The Nasser, The Ichori, and the Sordin capitals were ravished one by one until all that remained was the City of Anis. For six days and six nights the City of Anis was engulfed in flame and blood until Rema and her army penetrated the walls and brought the leaders of the four clans to their knees.


Rema was cold and calculated; she knew the strength and loyalty of blood lines. After forcing the children of the Anis Clans to murder their parents and elders, the new generation was given back their land. Ether Morrin of The Acory, Jah Sabia of the Nasser, Lorik Chor of The Ichori, and Cassor Dor of the Sordin were all Vassalized, and served the Reman Blood line for many years.


The Uprising of the Anis

Three Hundred years after bending the knee to Rema, the descendants of the original clans rose up against the Reman King. Their efforts were futile as the Reman King, Cormick Bloodblade, slaughtered all who opposed him. Cormick Bloodblade combined the clans land into a single fiefdom and Vassalized the leader of the Reman Army, General Fisk Brockwell.



The Brockwell's

After serving his King and country for decades, General Fisk Brockwell was given land and vassalized. This was his reward after helping King Cormick Bloodblade strike down the Anis Uprising and return the kingdom to Reman control. Those who carry the Brockwell name still hold power in Grainwood. The current Ruler, Lord Mecker Brockwell is the governor and high lord of the Fiefdom of Grainwood. Though he resides in The City of Anis, now known as The City of Brockwell, all of the land of Grainwood falls under his jurisdiction.


Important Cities, Towns, and Villages


City of Brockwell

Capital City of the Grainwood Fiefdom


Population: 38,431


Lord Brockwell is the Governor and High Lord of the City of Brockwell; formerly known as the City of Anis. Though most still remember that Anis was founded by the four founding clans of Grainwood; The Acory, The Nasser, The Ichori and the Sordin, much of the cities history has been lost to numerous book and scroll burnings.


It's prime location at the intersection of the Gold's Deep Inlet and The Golden River, the City of Brockwell has been a highly contested area. It's borders and sovereignty have changed hands numerous times in the history of the Volkyr. The Brockwell's have been able to maintain control for the last century, but there are many who romanticize the past and long for the days of The Four Pillars. The Pillars of Anis were the four leaders that Queen Rema appointed to power after defeating the Anis; Ether Morrin of The Acory, Jah Sabia of the Nasser, Lorik Chor of The Ichori, and Cassor Dor of the Sordin.


The Pillars of Anis governance had a complicated and difficult beginning, but together the four leaders worked together to grow the city. Not only in numbers, but also renown.


The Grainwood Military patrols the streets of Brockwell. Though guards from both the Westlands and the Fountain Lands can often be seen strolling the streets, The Grainwood Military is the only recognized military force in the city walls.


As the City of Brockwell is on the Golden River, the Gold's Deep Inlet and it is bordered by two different countries, Brockwell is a Mecca for trade. Some call it the Tri-Kingdom Crossroads, and anyone who has been anywhere would likely have traveled through it at some point. Basic goods can be found at the general shop, but most rare goods can be found at the travelers market or at some of the more famous establishments.



  Population: 2,400   Government:

Alestead is operated by the Caucus of Ale's; a group of farmers who meet regularly to discuss governmental affairs. When they have a need or concern outside of their control, they elect a representative to meet with Governor Brockwell to discuss them. As there are a number of members on the caucus, elections are held regularly to determine the leadership.


The Caucus of Ale's funds a small local crime watch that takes care of animal attacks and local disputes. Many would argue that the scarecrows in the field do more to protect the people of Alestead then the local crime watch. If the town is attacked or has a dispute that they are unable to handle themselves, they can send for the Grainwood Military to assist.


The farms of Alestead supply the nearby cities with food and spirits. Though many travel to the town annually for the Alestead Uncorking Festival, there is not much shopping to be done within the small farming town. The town square is often full on the weekends as farmers and traveling merchants set up temporary shops.



  Population: 1,570   Government:

Though the City of Quares falls under the jurisdiction of Lord Brockwell, the daily administration of the city is maintained by the Two Templars. A holy city dedicated to preserving the memory of Queen Rema and the beginning of the Kingdom of Rema, the city is mostly inhabited by religious leaders and soldiers. That being said, it is common for the city to be visited by thousands of people annually, as citizens across Rema make the pilgrimage to pay their respects to the late Queen Rema.


A peaceful City that has seen little war during its lifetime, it is well defended by The Ethereal Guard. The Ethereal Guard is an elite group of religious soldier who guard the temple, the city, and Rema's grave site. There have been few times in Reman history, that the Ethereal Guard was called upon to handle matters outside of the City of Quares. Many agree that their protection has attributed to Quares being named Rema's Safest Place to Live in The Reman Quarterly News Letter.


A small village with minimal goods, Quares is most notable for its large and intricate Animas Temple. Commissioned by Rema, it is also the home to the crypt in which she is buried. The city doesn't see many visitors but there is a yearly festival that draws people from across the Kingdom to partake in a pilgrimage to pay their respects to her grave. This Pilgrimage is most common during the anniversary of her death, but there are many who make the pilgrimage at their own availability. It is customary to bring a stone or pebble from your home town to place at Rema's gravesite; with the most devout performing the pilgrimage with the pebble lodged in their shoe. These tiny stones are offered as a protection to Rema and are added to the crimson wall that encircles Rema's gravesite.


Rael's Peace

  Population: 3,130   Government:

Chord Strumm, Lord Brockwell's cousin, is the appointed Reeve of Rael's Peace. Though the town is pleased with Chord Strumm's leadership, many fear and despise his son, Lord Clef Strumm. Clef is a power hungry man who has tried to hire people to kill his father multiple times. Though government control does not legally get passed on through bloodlines, it takes extenuating circumstances to deny an heir of their predecessors role.


Located in the center of Rael Woods, many of the Kingdom's best hunters, call Rael's Peace home. The Rael Woods are known for ferocious beasts and an unforgiving environment. Rael's Peace is the only reprieve from danger that one can expect. Almost everyone in town is skilled with a bow or sword, and all are willing to come to the aid of the town when danger comes. The Trappers are a small mercenary company that can be hired to settle town disputes. Though Reeve Chord Strumm acts as judge and jury when need calls, he commissions The Trappers to keep the peace. With multiple outposts along the Hunter's Road, The Trappers offer the safest accommodations and protection to any traveling to or from Rael's Peace.


A prime location for hunting and resource harvesting, this town is a mecca for rare herbs and textiles. It is said that the biodiversity of wildlife in the Rael Woods can be attributed to a Fae Vein rumored to be in the area. Though no living person seems to know where this vein is, all manner of creatures, beasts, and monstrosities can be found within these woods. With more then enough to eat and live off of, many hunters sell their goods to the town tailors, armorers, herbalists, and other shopkeepers.


Port Oren

  Population: 7,810   Government:

General Morissi is the leader of Port Oren, though there is little he can accomplish without the agreement of The Council of Sharks. Most Captains who operate vessels of renown are member's of the Council of Sharks. At this time, there are 49 recognized Shark members, though they hold meetings annually to hear from those who would like to join the Shark Ranks. It has been 3 decades since they allowed a new Shark onto the Council. The Council of Sharks represent the average citizens and soldiers who call Port Oren home. There are far more vessels that come through the Port and the Golden Deep Inlet then are recognized by the Council.


Port Oren is well defended as General Morissi and The Council of Sharks each control their own crewed vessel, and work together to protect Reman waters.


Fishing and Ocean resources are plentiful within this city; from fresh grouper and salmon, to sea sponges and seaweed. Being a Port City, there are also many fine shipwrights that can be hired for the construction of a vessel. Located in the bay between three regions, the city sees many traveling merchants. These merchants may be more likely to have rarer goods as they have the money to operate a ship.


The Kingdom of Rema

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