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The Dagger's Tail

The sun had set and most guests had already gone off to bed, which meant only one thing at the Dagger's Tail: Storytime. Semi-drunk residents and guests were loud, toasting, cheering for stories from an embarassed Dagen. Karog the Chef shouted "Tell us about the Raider and the ballista!" and some folks groaned in response.   Dagen rolled his eyes when he heard the request. "Really, we got a few rookie Wayfarers here and you want me to tell a gruesome tale?"   "Oh come on, tell them, they oughta know!" Some nodded, others shook their heads, and a few curious folks were sending inquisitive glances.   Dagen sighed. "Okay, fine. I'll tell a succinct version. Let me have a bite first though. Voureg can entertain you until then."
  The Dagger's Tail is a fortified Caravanserai, built by retired Ogre Wayfarers. Originally a fortified farm built next to the road, popular demand made it grow into a large fortified construction. Nowadays it's not only a popular resting point for merchants, but also a base of sorts for several Wayfarers and Wanderers.   The Wayfarers made sure to construct the Dagger's Tail as a defensible fort. The sight of its tall walls and mounted ballistae bring a feeling of comfort to all its visitors. Raiders dare not come here, and any aggressive Beasts are easily taken out. On top of that, while each resident has their own main skill, they also can easily assist each other. Thanks to this, even in a pinch they always keep things running like a well-oiled machine.

Location Information

Type: Caravanserai
Age: 27 years
Total Residents: 44
Primary Race: Ogre
General Attitude: Distrustful and Confident  
Residents Breakdown
  • Children: 11
  • Adults: 29
  • Elderly: 4
  • Ill/Infirm: 5
Professions Breakdown
(Primary focus, even though all residents jump in wherever they're needed.)
  • Farmers: 6
  • Fishers: 5
  • Animal Handlers: 8
  • Craftsfolk: 4
  • Tavern Staff: 4
  • Guild Staff: 3
  • Apprentices: 3


27 years ago, Dagen the Ogre was a successful Wayfarer who decided to retire at the age of 31. He'd found a nice plot of land, located near both Beast Lands and a caravan road. The presence of nearby Beasts meant there were no local authorities to harass him over taxes, while the caravans could supply him with whatever he needed.   Dagen asked for help from fellow Wayfarers and other contacts, so he could build a fortified farmhouse as soon as possible. Joined by over a dozen friends, the construction quickly took on a life of its own and multiple participants decided to retire there as well. Then a visiting caravan saw the overly large buildings and noted it would be a great place to stay the night. And thus the Dagger's Tail was born.  
Further Development
In the years since then, the residents expanded the place from an initial four buildings to the current seven. They also continuously reinforced its defenses, a typical Ogre habit which surfaces whenever they have spare time. Meanwhile, more Wayfarers and Wanderers moved in over time, sometimes with entire families.   The Wayfarer Guild, recognising the potential of a safe haven near Beast Lands, negotiated permission to house some of their own at the Dagger's Tail. They started to use the local workshop to process slain Beasts, which in turn attracted more Wayfarers as lodgers.

Surrounding Lands

The Dagger's Tail was built adjacent to a perennial stream, which separates the area from the adjacent Beast Lands. While the stream is only six meters wide, almost all nearby Beast species care little for swimming. There are several woods nearby, though the caravan road is kept clear of visual obstruction as to prevent ambushes. The local livestock contributes by grazing on the land next to the road.   The lands are fertile, though the residents mostly farm next to the stream, away from the road. This originates from their distrustful nature, where they prefer to only depend on land they have control over. As a result, a Raider attack would have a hard time going after their crops. The downside is that each year they must wait until after the spring floods before they can plant their crops.  

Within the walls

The Dagger's Tail consists of seven buildings built around a central plaza. These buildings tower over the walls surrounding them. The caravan road passes through the walls, which means that travellers must either pass through the gates or take an off-road detour.   While technically the Dagger's Tail consists of seven buildings, upper floor walkways connect all but the animal hall with each other. Large nets span between the rooftops and even cover the entire plaza. The nets support vines that provide shade in summer.

The Dagger's Tail (w/ clickable map icons)


Drinking Hall
For those in need of food or drink, this is the place to go.  
Sleeping Hall x2
Only at the busiest times is there a shortage of bedrooms.  
Animal Hall
For both local and visiting cattle and beasts of burden.  
For all the needed blacksmithing, tanning, fletching, brewing.  
Storage x2
Supplies, food, weapons, ammunition, even spare ballistae.  
Central Plaza
For wagons, cooking your own food, and excess crowds.  
Farmlands x4
A variety of crops, enough to feed the locals and visitors.  
Beast Lands
Most hazardeous Beasts will come from across the stream.


The buildings make heavy use of stone for their foundation and ground floor walls. Their upper floors are mostly built from logs. Sloped roofs prevent snow from becoming a threat in winter. The sleeping and drinking halls have balconies that provide the lodgers and residents with a great view over the walls. The workshop and storage buildings only have narrow windows.  
While the buildings are the highest, the freestanding walls are what visitors find most intimidating. They stand five metres high and 1.5 metres thick, consisting of countless chiseled rocks held together by mortar. The walls are flat, except for the 15 shielded ballista shooting platforms.  
For each of the 15 ballistae mounted on the walls, a backup is kept in storage. Their ammunition includes rocks, straight bolts, and barbed bolts. The barbed bolts have cables attached to them, with automated winches. If an attacking Beast is hit, the barbs and cable prevent it from escaping.

The Raider & The Ballista

"Okay, so, the Raider and the Ballista. Well, you know how some Beasts run when injured, then come back later for revenge? Now to prevent that, our ballistae are equipped with barbed bolts and cables. Bolt hits Beast, bolt gets stuck, and then you pull them in so they can't escape."   Several people nodded, as most present were aware of that tactic. A few flashed grins and chuckled in anticipation.   "So like a year after we first installed those, we were attacked by Raiders. Now one of us had a bit too much to drink... So while the Raider captain was giving us an ultimatum, he fired the ballista at the captain, not realizing there was still a cable attached. Clean hit too."   A few people grimaced and one turned mildly green, picturing in their minds exactly what a ballista bolt would do to a normal person.   "Now the winch was cranked, and the thing automatically pulled the captain in. Now this is a system designed to pull in a struggling heavy Beast, not a mere human... So before the other Raiders had even realised what was going on, we already had a new wall decoration, so to speak."   While the rookies opened their eyes wide, as their minds painted that picture for them, Karog guffawed. "And THAT is why we never get any Raider attacks around here!"

Important Staffmembers

Dagen (Ogre)
Founder, head farmer, and arrowsmith. Some even say he's mainly the mascot. He spends most of his evenings assisting his friends and telling stories.   As a Wayfarer, Dagen wielded a shortsword and a barbed chain whip. A shortsword is practically a dagger in an Ogre's hands. As a result, people ended up calling his weapons The Dagger and The Dagger's Tail.

Karog (Ogre)
At night, Karog often serves as the main chef of the Dagger's Tail. Whenever a Beast is taken down nearby, he immediately starts prepping the kitchen.   Karog used to be a Wanderer that made a living ranching cattle, before sticking around 14 years ago. He's currently responsible for the animal handlers, running both the livestock and the stables.

Voureg (Ogre)
Voureg juggles knives, as well as unruly drunks. Behave at the drinking hall or else. She primarily works as carpenter, though she's also responsible for the armoury. She's married to Fiddes the physician.   Voureg was one of Dagen's comrades and helped build the Dagger's Tail. She was amongst those that chose to retire as well, too proud of what they'd built.

Radogund (Halfling)
Radogund Thornburrow is almost always the one that serves the drinks at the bar, and she always knows what people are in the mood for. She spends her daylight making bows and arrows, as well as tanning hides.   She initially came to the Dagger's Tail as an apprentice bowyer, until she became a master herself. Her teacher has moved on, but she intends to stick around.

Fiddes (Gnome)
At night he brings people their food and drinks. During the day he brews said drinks, or uses stronger alcohol as disinfectant when treating injuries.   A former comrade of Dagen, Fiddes's skills as physician allowed him to make a fortune as a Wayfarer. Eventually he couldn't stay away from Voureg's advances. Once he chose to move in, they married within weeks.

Jadescar (Human)
Nicknamed after the green scars a Beast gave her, Jadescar represents the Wayfarer Guild at the Dagger's Tail. She also takes the lead in dismembering Beasts into materials, and smiths her own gear.   Jadescar was assigned Guild Representative 8 years ago. The addition of her crafting skills helped decrease the dependency on travelling blacksmiths.


Author's Notes

Ever since I played Baldur's Gate, the Friendly Arm Inn has stuck with me. So for this challenge, I chose to combine it with the concept of a Caravanserai. Of course the Dagger's Tail isn't exactly the same, but it was still real nice to give those inspiration sources a home at last.   Credits to Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator for the map. I tried several tools to generate a nice map for this Caravanserai, and I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end.   And a shoutout to NerdBuilding, their generator was a great help here with working out the details.

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8 Mar, 2022 07:44

What a solid and interesting read! I love how you've cut the prose in two parts and got back to the story later down the article. It gives the article an extra bit of flair. ^^   Keep up the good work! :D

8 Mar, 2022 08:02

Cheers! Yeah, I was all 'I really like this prose bit but it's just too big...' and then the idea came to me. Now it serves both as personal touch introduction, and illustration to the defenses, and somehow I'm really chuffed with it. ^_^

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8 Mar, 2022 17:26

Only possibly edit i would make is I think it would make more sense is in the beginning i would change defensive to defensible. I see the former as more a strategic military thing, while the latter is more a safe place for people to stay (just my opinion).   Great job overall though. Its always nice to see callbacks to old classics that are still inspiring people. Wonderful use of some great resources available to us world builders as well. It does seem like a fun place to visit, and at least based on how you describe the Beasts, a fun place to run a Monster Hunter style campaign out of.   One last question, for the barbed bolt chain winches, how do they know when to retract? Automated makes me thing that no operator intervention is required. Motorized (mechanically or magically) may be a better way to describe them

8 Mar, 2022 20:12

Defensible definitely fits better! As for the winches: I have no idea. o,o I'm not sure whether to commit to motorized yet, I'll sleep on it.   Glad you like the article, and Monster Hunter should fit in nicely yes. I'm not sure yet since the world is still green so to speak, but I do hope to run some form of short campaigns in it at some point.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
15 Mar, 2022 01:34

Mechanised can be by weight or spring power too. No need for motors. Have a heavy block of granite hanging on the winch. pull lever, block falls driving the winch. with some pullies to gear up or down. Think how a clock works.

8 Mar, 2022 19:22

Decent setup. Could definitely see using this for DnD night.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

8 Mar, 2022 20:17

That's nice to hear, since it means my goal of a setting workable for both stories and campaigns is working out. =)

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10 Mar, 2022 13:40

I love this article! The details are amazing, the story is awesome, and the map just fits into this so well! It's such an impressive article and I hope you do well! It's really unique to see a bar not run by humans, refreshing really! Good job!

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I'm really glad I managed to push a tool into giving me the kind of map I needed without having to map one out in detail myself. ^_^   And I thank NerdBuilding for the Ogre part: I was all 'hm... what race would Dagen be...'. Then NerdBuilding generated Ogre as main population for me, so I was all '... sweet'.   Best bit there is that the Flash challenge also was Ogres, so I got to use some of the established lore from that one!

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11 Mar, 2022 17:15

You have painted a really strong picture here, and I enjoyed the addition of the story of the THE RAIDER & THE BALLISTA which I think reinforces the cultural element of oral sagas which I also really like! A solid article :)

11 Mar, 2022 17:25

Glad you enjoyed it! Had a blast coming up with that story then censoring it enough to include.

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12 Mar, 2022 01:56

As others have said, I find this to be an interesting and pretty solid article. It looks nice and is easy to read / follow. I love the concept and the bit of story added. I could easily imagine what bloody sight it had resulted in, hehe. The map buttons with extra little descriptions were a nice touch to help keep the page, "clutter free"? The staff all sound neat and unique from each other.

12 Mar, 2022 09:15

Clutter-free was the intent, yes. Didn't want to dominate the article with a large section on the buildings, but felt the need to write said details, so there they went!   Thanks for the compliments on the layout and the story. ^_^ Feels good to know that I'm improving.

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12 Mar, 2022 13:25

I love the map, its simple but very effective at giving a sense of placement and scale. I really like the irregular shapes of the buildings; it makes me curious if there is there a reason the buildings were constructed in their specifics shapes. I would be excited to start a campaign here.

12 Mar, 2022 19:16

Between you and me, the actual reason is that the map generator used these shapes when I told it to use blocks instead of single houses (but I did use varied blocks, not simple square ones). I ended up loving it and didn't try to alter it.   The in-universe reason is that they tried to form a nice circular outside and a good diamond-shaped plaza. I'm glad you like it as a starting area, it's definitely a more newbie-friendly part of the Frontier.

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12 Mar, 2022 23:56

Your Ogres again! I love how this all came from that one NerdBuilding generator XD   This is a nice article. I like how you've shown how this place developed, and I got a good feel for it. The prose was fun too XD Your map of the building is also nice, I really like the simple style.

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13 Mar, 2022 00:05

I wasn't sure what race to make Dagen, and then NerdBuilding suggested Ogre again. Cue me going '... sure, why not'. Thanks to this and Ratenwell, I now know that Ogres love to build. And I'm glad you liked the prose! XD

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
13 Mar, 2022 10:40

Great article. I find it quite rounded, both how the tavern came about and the setting and crew. I would have been interested in typical dishes or drinks. On the other hand, there is probably more frequent beast as well as crops and what the gnome brews. What I find particularly successful, by the way, is the mention of the story in the intro, just so that the story is then actually told. As I said, very rounded because of that.

Welt: Yenort
13 Mar, 2022 10:49

Yeah, the menu and drinks vary due to season, whatever Beasts Wayfarers and Wanderers bring in, what the caravans happen to have in stock, and Fiddes experimenting.   I wrote the story, realised it was just too dominating length-wise, and ended up cutting it in two. Ended up nicely! =D

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
15 Mar, 2022 01:42

Lovely article again! Time to follow this world and see what the ogers are up to next :)

15 Mar, 2022 08:51

Mostly building. So much building. O_O Piece of advice: Never leave your Ogres near a stone quarry, you'll end up with 10m tall walls and then they'll start thinking of what to build within said walls. Especially if they have chickens, since the eggs do miracles for their mortar.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
29 Mar, 2022 05:25

These new map icons really improve the map!

29 Mar, 2022 07:44

Glad to hear it!

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
15 Mar, 2022 09:43

Very good article! It flows nicely, has good structure, and provides plenty of information through maps/quotes instead of just exposition.

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15 Mar, 2022 10:15

Glad you liked it! The things you're mentioning are exactly the kind of things I've been working on improving, so it's nice to hear I'm making good steps there.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
16 Mar, 2022 23:22

I really like the way you've set everything up! It's like nice to look at the way all the information is displayed, and the way that the story is carried through the page is satisfying to read. The only tiny grammatical thing I noticed is I think you might want a comma after the word 'shouted' in the very first paragraph, but otherwise the writing is good and all the aspects of the caravanserai are well thought-out and cohesive.

16 Mar, 2022 23:28

I'm torn on that comma, left it out to make it flow more without a break, but I do know I'm violating grammar conventions with it.   Glad you liked the organization of the article. ^_^ I'm really glad I came up with the idea to split the story up, so that it's not too dominating and now perfectly fits with its related section.

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I pointed it out just cause I wasn't sure if you were aware of it, but honestly most people aren't gonna notice something like that anyway, so I think you're good if you prefer it left out too.

17 Mar, 2022 18:29

I'm amazed, this feels so well constructed in many ways. It's is pleasing on the eyes to read, and everything is structured so well. Someone already mentioned it, but I loved entering into a prose, and picking it up later on. I'm new to writing and world building too, but work like this inspires me! Beautiful work!

17 Mar, 2022 20:34

I'm glad to hear that! I've been inspired by others, so it's awesome to have my own work inspire people in turn.

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18 Mar, 2022 10:42

I said I was not going to comment too much but gonna leave one nonetheless even though you already have quite a lot :p This is definetely a great article with lots of details. But what really makes it stand out for me is the bits of prose and especially the tale of the raider captain xp that for sure will make raiders think twice!

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18 Mar, 2022 12:10

With thanks to whatever flash challenge article included harpoon guns, reminding me that I needed those (and in this place, barbed ballistae which function as harpoon guns).

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18 Mar, 2022 13:41

I love everything about this. The reason why this place exists, how it got named, evolved and got fortified into what it is today. Well done^^

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18 Mar, 2022 14:02

^_^ I've always been good at rolling with my random improv and making it a lovely unified picture.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
20 Mar, 2022 15:12

I very much like the idea of a mixed staff. The second mixture - Tavern and Fortress - seems a bit uncomfortable, but maybe the times and local customs create need for that. At last, when the ballistae were mentioned, I realized that one would gave a safe place to slep if he is inside this Fortvern ;-)

The world is not enough.
20 Mar, 2022 16:55

Yeah, this setting is all about the Frontier and how people navigate the nearby presence of those dangerous massive Beasts. My Flash Challenge entry Ratenwell handled this with a river and large walls as defenses. The Dagger's Tail has less water and less wall, but they're also in a safer location relatively. A 15m large snake needs better defenses than an elephant-sized boar that doesn't feel like crossing the stream.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
20 Mar, 2022 20:35

I love how different and unique this one is. I really like how you formatted this article. easy to read and digest all the information.

20 Mar, 2022 20:49

Awesome to hear. =) Thanks for the compliments. And yeah, fortified inns are something alright. There's a reason this idea has been haunting me for the entire century.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
20 Mar, 2022 21:00

Love the layout and graphical elements, as well as the content (of course!). The story was fun as well.

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When I came up with that story, the mods were already '... be careful with this'. I think I managed. ^_^

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21 Mar, 2022 19:12

It's neat. Gruesome story with the raiders. I can see why they'd give the place a wide berth.

22 Mar, 2022 08:48

It was nice to try to balance gruesome with safe-for-work. ^_^ Glad you liked it. And yeah, why waste lives raiding a place like this? It just ain't worth it.

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22 Mar, 2022 16:42

"Ogres avoid warfare"   huh.   Great article! I enjoyed the prose as it engrossed me in the setting, and the setting itself is pretty descriptive. I like that you went to the length of giving a quick bio for the main staff of the caravanserai (I learned a new word today).   This has a lot of potential for many more stories and it introduced the themes of your world quite well I think.   Good job!

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22 Mar, 2022 17:41

Good to hear that it introduces things well. This and my Flash Challenge entry are really helping me figuring out this new setting, including both typical and non-typical characteristics of the various races.

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22 Mar, 2022 18:06

I particularly love the thought process going into how the Dagger's Tail was designed and how the inhabitants' decisions are informed by their mindset. The place is so complete and fun that I wouldn't hesitate to put it as-is into any D&D campaign. The story was very well done, especially its ending was a really nice payoff. All in all, the article just comes together really well in its entirety, every part being interesting and with just the right amount of information.   As I said, the article is fairly complete as it is. If you still wanted to add anything, I would be interested to learn more about the surrounding lands, the roads and places one can go from the Dagger's Tail. Maybe some hints at miniplots happening involving the tavern and staff behind the scenes. Some more fleshed out external threats. Or details like a menu or things you can buy here.   I think this is a great tavern and should be used as reference for how to write a fun place without relying on large set pieces. No magic, no dragons, no gods descending down from heaven. This is definitely something I will remember.

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22 Mar, 2022 18:19

With its main inspiration being a place from a D&D videogame, I really like that you consider it fit for an rpg campaign. ^_^ And your other compliments also are making me blush here.   I do want to work out its surrounding areas at some point, but will probably not put that in here. Maybe in Summercamp. As for the menu, that's largely varied. o,o With a crop rotation system, caravans dropping by with goods, and the nearby Beast Lands, the menu changes a lot throughout the year.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
27 Mar, 2022 15:16

Sorry for the long comment. Beautiful article with interesting even if bit gruesome story in it. In my mind this article works well without any pictures. I like the beautiful layout of the article and I enjoyed the nice flow of the text, that had plenty of interesting explanations in it. The story at the beginning sets the mood of the article nicely and then the continuation of it at the end was really nice “discovery”, even if it was more brutal than I had thought. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it and especially the explanations that it gave. I just hope that the corpse of that poor raider is not still part of the wall decoration.   The map is nice and simple, and I love it that the legend is actually in the article next to the map, as it makes the reading of the map easier. However, I felt like most of the abbreviations of buildings are very similar with each other (every single one has either S or H in it), also the colour and shape of the markers are identical. This made it hard for me to find the place and to get the overall picture of where everything is. I feel like the map could benefit from making the markers more distinct from each other, so that one could see with one glance where everything is.   I found the shapes of the buildings drawn to the map very intriguing, as they are not the regular rectangular shapes. I was bit disappointed that it was not explained in the text, as I would have liked to know how the buildings actually looked like. Otherwise, I liked how the architecture of the place was described (and especially the use of meters). The mention of the roof shape and snow made it nicely and subtly clear that this is a place with four seasons.   I really liked the history part, as it felt very logical set of events. I love the mention of how ogres have a habit to reinforce of their defences, and the fact that ogres avoid warfare gives an interesting light to it. When you think about it building good defences is actually a good way to stop people from attacking and thus avoid warfare. On the other hand, people seeing impressive defences might think that the people living there are belligerent and that provides an interesting basis for misunderstanding.   I also loved the part of surrounding land and especially the mentions of beasts not liking to swim and how the livestock keeps the vegetation low. I however wonder how they make sure that the livestock stays away from the fields? Is that one of the jobs the animal handlers or are there fences? The part of the staff was also lovely.   Overall great job with the article! I really enjoyed reading it and like you can see from my long comment I found it very thought-provoking.

27 Mar, 2022 15:35

Now that you mention the labels, I recall there's the possibility to use map pin icons in articles as well. I should look into replacing the labels with icons and then showing the icons in the Legend as well.   There's fences next to the fields, yes. And yeah, they cleaned the walls after that event. Lots of scrubbing with a sturdy brush and cleaning supplies.   Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you really liked it, including the subtleties!

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
28 Mar, 2022 22:17

Icons added!

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
29 Mar, 2022 08:40

I love the new icons! The colours fit well and now you get the idea what might be where from one glance without even reading anything.

29 Mar, 2022 08:57

An embarassing amount of time went into picking colours before two of the icons literally received the same colour as the headers. XD

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Master FalconX
Lachlan Grierson
28 Mar, 2022 01:18

I like the idea of a fortified safe place to rest, restore and rearm. Interesting people here as well. I would like to visit.

29 Mar, 2022 06:52

You're always welcome. It's a good place for rookie Wayfarers to get some experiences in.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Tobias Linder
28 Mar, 2022 08:48

A bit long for my taste, and occasionally a bit dry (informative), but if there's one thing I truly appreciate it's the excess of tooltips. I hate reading things and getting stuck wondering what something is or means, so mad props for taking the time to be inclusive!

28 Mar, 2022 09:00

I love tooltips so much, I store most of them in variables. ^_^ Thanks for the feedback!

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
29 Mar, 2022 01:59

Great article! So many details, and I love that it's a caravanserai which makes it just a little distinct from some of the other choices. Favorite detail was the comment about taxes, and the ballistae. Got to protect from raiders, after all.

If you're seeing this, I may have used your article for my 2023 Reading Challenge.
29 Mar, 2022 06:54

I've fallen in love with the concept of a caravanserai the second I learned about it, so glad I finally wrote one up.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
30 Mar, 2022 08:40

Great work here! My only note would be to read through the "THE RAIDER & THE BALLISTA" section, as you have a bit of repetition in there that makes it a tad clunky. Otherwise, a fantastic article and a unique concept!

30 Mar, 2022 09:04

I did notice the repetition, was wondering about it, but decided to leave it in as Dagen's typical talking style. (That's a lousy excuse but it fits XD) Let's just excuse him with that he was trying to think of a way to tell it without all the gruesome details, like he normally does, so it wasn't as fancy as the oral saga style he usually uses.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
30 Mar, 2022 21:35

Hahaha perfect.

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
31 Mar, 2022 00:54

What a fantastic bit of work here. My favorite part, and this is going to seem like such a small thing to pick out, is the phrase "perennial stream," which I don't think I've ever heard before. And somehow that one phrase helped tie together all the bits of setting you described.

31 Mar, 2022 18:50

The term covered exactly what I wanted so I just had to include and tooltip it.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
1 Apr, 2022 04:01

Interesting place this is, I like the story aspects and it seems an interesting place to stop in your travels.

1 Apr, 2022 06:54

Glad you like it. Yeah I'm working on slowly developing a few Frontier locations so that I can use them for whatever floats my boat in the future. Interesting waypoint is the goal for that, so I can have fun using them in a story or short campaign.

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Master Anthraxus
Jason Hosler
1 Apr, 2022 12:30

Great article. I love the layout, particularly the map, and the flair of the Raider and Ballista story is great.

1 Apr, 2022 12:33

Thanks! I had a real blast making this stuff.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Grandmaster Piggie4299
Jacqueline Taylor
2 Apr, 2022 08:12

A unique choice to go with a caravanserai. Fun read :)

2 Apr, 2022 08:48

Thanks! I hope to write a full one later in this setting, which actually would be one building attached to its outer walls, but this variant I've been wanting to write up for a while now.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young