Gnomes are relatively rare, and it is even more rare for people to encounter them. This comes due to their wandering nature where they tend to stay far away from large settlements. One can often find them near or past the Frontier. They also can be found in more inhospitable areas inbetween civilisation.   While Gnomes are relatively small, they are also extremely strong for their size. This puts them slightly past the strength level of Humans. Despite this strength, their elusive nature means they tend not to get drawn into armed conflicts. Though they do fight Beasts when needed.  


If there's one word that describes Gnomes, it's wanderlust. A Gnome will rarely settle down until old age is beginning to restrict them, and their societies are heavily influenced by this. They are almost always on the move, only staying in the same place for a few weeks at most.   Gnomes tend to be close to animals, either as their livestock or hunting partners. They have tamed some animals and even the occasional Beast to accompany them, and many of their societies are built around the livestock they escort to new grazing grounds.   That doesn't mean Gnomes don't build settlements. But their settlements are usually heavily integrated into nature, while also of a transient nature. Examples include huts made from branches, natural caves, tree cabins, or just tents that can easily be carried with them.
Max Length
Usual Body Type
Typical Team Role
Controller, Striker
Typical Weaponry
  • Hand Axe
  • Lasso
  • Bolas
  • Armguard


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