Humans are the most widespread civilised folk, with small and large communities everywhere. Most large countries originally expanded due to Humans, due to their thrill-seeking tendencies expressing themselves in warfare. While they generally don't discriminate against other folks, they often do tend to dominate society.   Bodywise Humans tend to be up to 2m tall, with mostly lean builds. They're a relatively strong folk, allowing them to take on many Beasts species. However, in combat they will often dance around enemies rather than fighting head-on. They're also extremely resilient, allowing them to endure situations that would cripple or kill many other folks.  


Humans like to leave behind a legacy. This expresses in their love of written history, as well as making a difference. A farmer family may very well live in the same place for centuries, no matter the price they pay for it. Leaders often are obsessed with conquering land or having some important building constructed.   Some folks are confused by the duality of Humans. On one hand they bring forth a lot of warmongers, being responsible for by far the most armed conflicts of all. On the other hand, many of them like to hunt or travel. The simple conclusion is that these are all symptoms of their true nature: Thrill-seeking.
Max Length
Usual Body Type
Typical Team Roles
Ranged, Striker
Typical Weaponry
  • Longsword
  • Shortsword
  • Longbow
  • Buckler


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