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Often stocky and stalwart, Firmus Resonants tend to be patient and practical, they make for great teachers and reliable friends. Whilst they can be stubborn and a bit too serious, they are driven to persevere through troubles.
  Firmus, one of the five forms of Resonance, is the ability to manipulate solid matter. The density of said matter is one of a few determining factors for how difficult it is to manipulate using this power.   Whilst a rarer power than Atmos and Fluxus Resonance, due to its difficulty, Firmus Resonants have found many uses for their powers.  


In warfare, Firmus Resonants had a myriad of uses; from constructing barriers, trenches and traps, to more offensive uses such as hurling projectiles, impaling their foes on sharp rock and in some cases, crushing armour or bone. Firmus Resonants could also simply weaken armour by stretching it out, causing it to become thinner and more easily defeated.   Depending on its speed, these Resonants can also stop projectiles in mid-air and redirect them back at its origin or towards another hostile target. Should the projectile be too quick to slow down in time or simply require too much energy to do so, a Firmus Resonant might opt instead to realign their armour - if they happen to be wearing any. Doing so might take the form of completely removing any armour from their back and instead shifting all of the metal in front of the Resonant in a wedge shape to cause a deflection.   Alternatively in historical hand-to-hand combat, they could simply rotate the rings on chainmail armour in an area, if for only but a moment - like bunching up a net, to make it significantly harder to penetrate or break.  


Historically, this ability was used in industry to increase efficiencies in quarrying, mining, and metal-work. For Firmus Resonants are able to cleanly remove chunks of material from the desired areas increasing worker safety, as well as efficiency of transporting waste.
Additionally, there are accounts of once famous figures who used Firmus Resonance in masonry, sculpting and architecture to further their craft, pushing materials to their structural limits.   Some ingenious Firmus Resonants even found their fortune in prospecting for rare minerals and metals, by pinging bodies of water for gold and then tracing the origins of said gold. They would then remove the soil and rock, leaving only the precious resources behind which could then be carved, carried and carted away.  

    Puzzle locks

    In order to secure wealth and protect secret passage-ways, Firmus Resonants have been known to create massive doors with no keys or handles, seamlessly embedded into walls and floors alike. By manipulating the mechanisms within the door, hidden from sight, it is possible for a Firmus Resonant to unlock the otherwise unopenable lock.
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Jan 14, 2023 20:08

As any military historian will tell you, dig trenches. When you're done with one trench, dig another one. This seems imminently useful for that, and everything else too. My favorite bit, though, is the gold prospecting use! Inventive :D   Am I reading it right when I see they can only manipulate matter, not create any from scratch? If so, do they make their apprentices/minions lug around their favorite stuff into adventure/battle/work? :O   Great stuff! :D

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You're damn right, it does sound useful for that! :D I mustn't take credit for that idea, it came from one of the wonderful folks over in the WA discord - @Finalor, I asked for some ideas after presenting the ruleset to the community and this was one of them.   You are indeed, there is no creation of matter in VISCERIUM, only altering and manipulating that which is already present. If you're in the middle of the sea and there's nothing around? No Firmus powers for you! haha.
I'd imagine some do, for sure. Others likely just make use of what is around at the time as and when needed.   Thank you for reading and commenting!

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Love this! Great job! I love the practical applications, it really seamlessly blends the concept of this form of magic into everyday life.

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This is a wonderful goal. I strive to do the same, but I find it difficult to walk that line between explaining something in a way readers can connect it to the larger picture and revealing too much of my plot lol.