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Fluxus Resonants are typically loyal, compassionate and emotional.
Like the inky depths of the ocean, Fluxus Resonants tend to keep their intentions and secrets equally hidden.
  The ability to manipulate liquid matter is known as Fluxus, and is one of the five forms of Resonance. Liquids naturally exist across all of Errack. Even deep under the driest deserts, bodies of water exist. Water, Oil and Blood, just a few examples of the most abundant liquids on Errack, each able to manipulated and controlled by a Fluxus Resonant.   Fluxus Resonance is second only to Atmos in relative difficulty to manipulate the various forms of matter. Though Firmus Resonance is somewhat more difficult to utilize, its almost incompressible nature, and with enough energy input, mean that the destructive capabilites of Fluxus Resonance can be compareable.  


Eroding structures by saturating them with water, turning solid ground into a sludgy bog, or simply drowning their foes are just a few ways in which Fluxus Resonance can be used. A more brutal method, not often used but feared all the same, is the mumification of an individual by drawing out all of the water in the target's body.  


The power of Fluxus Resonance alowed for the mapping of human veins and arteries early on in history. Finding clots, internal bleeds and other similar ailments with relative ease, would be a significant advancement in keeping warriors of humanity alive and fighting.
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