Dichotism is a polytheistic faith that was founded by Ansul in 55 3E after a series of visions, dreams, and revelations he experienced. He wrote a book encompassing his revelations, titling it The Dichotomy. This book became the holy text of the religion, and though Ansul isn't revered as a god or even a messiah, he is given deep respect as a prophet by the followers of Dichotism, as the vessel the gods chose to enlighten this world.   In The Dichotomy, Ansul writes that he learned the true origins of the world through visions and visits in his dreams by the gods. Ansul described 10 creators of the world, 5 of good, and 5 of evil. The 5 gods of good he called the Risen, and the 5 gods of evil he called the Fallen. Ansul explains that the gods had once roamed the world, leaving it scorched and barren as a result of their unending conflict. Ansul writes that some powerful magic was created to protect this world from the gods. Ansul admits he does not know the source of this magic, he speculates it may be a pact between the gods, or perhaps the work of ancient mortals trying to save this world. This powerful magic forced the gods off of the material plane, forcing the Risen and the Fallen to make new homes for themselves. Ansul called this powerful magic that prevents the gods from battling on the material plane the Mortal Bulwark. After being forced out, the Risen created Celestia high above the material plane, seen as the sky, sun, and stars. The Fallen made Infernus, deep within the core of the world, a place of darkness and fire, hidden from sight. Despite the power of the Mortal Bulwark, the gods can still force through small shreds of power, often in the form of visions, omens, or in rare cases a holy blessing. The Paladins and Clerics of Dichotism are granted these blessings, allowing them to carry out the will of the Risen, though they can't enter this world. The gods can only exert their will upon this world so much, thus only the most worthy gain their favor.   Ansul also emphasizes in The Dichotomy that the number 5, and multiples of 5 are holy. 5 Risen and 5 Fallen, 5 days in a week, 25 days in a month, 5 months in a seasonal year. Any clue or omen that is of the number 5 is to be respected. Dichotism also acknowledges that Masoritanism is a valid religion, but only a piece of the whole reality. The faith acknowledges the 4 Primordials of Masoritanism (earth, air, fire, and water) do exist as powers of this world, but stipulates that the gods are of the 5th Primordial power, the 5th element, the Quintessence. Another elegant holy 5th.   Near the end of The Dichotomy, Ansul warns that some day an event called the Great Reckoning must happen. The Mortal Bulwark will be lowered, and the Eternal Conflict will resume upon this world. It is the duty of Dichotists to unite all mortals in service of the Risen, for when the Mortal Bulwark is lowered, the Eternal Conflict will resume, and only by the powers of the Risen and mortals combined could the Fallen be defeated. If the Fallen are defeated, the Risen will bring the heaven that is Celestia to our world as well, and eternal peace will have been achieved.   The Dichotomy didn't give any instruction on how to build an organized religion, or the hierarchy and conduct of members of the religion, though Ansul clearly implies that the Risen should be revered while the Fallen should be pitied. The current hierarchies of the Dichotist Church are creations of society and culture, not based on scripture. The style and hierarchy of these churches varies region to region. Many villages and cities simply have small churches run by independent priests, not a part of any larger organized religion. In some regions, such as the Arbethian Kingdom, Bishops preside over multiple churches, and Cardinals preside over the faith of a whole nation. In the Darnesian Sultanate, Imams lead mosques, Grand Imams lead large religious parishes, and all answer to the Sultan.          

The Risen:

  • Althus: Aspect of Justice, Penance, and Purity.
  • Aravand: Aspect of Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance.
  • Xanthilia: Aspect of Nature, Harmony, and Growth.
  • Artius: Aspect of Freedom, Hope, and Honor.
  • Galbator: Aspect of Order, Civilization, and Community.

The Fallen:

  • Soth: Aspect of Sorrow, Apathy, the Forsaken.
  • Kane: Aspect of Dominance, Tyranny, Control.
  • Drik: Aspect of Submission, Envy, Greed.
  • Orros: Aspect of Hatred, Vengeance, Power.
  • Kalyphos: Aspect of Ruin, Chaos, Decay.
Fundamental Tenants of the Faith
  • The Primes of Masoritanism (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air) do exist, though they are servants to a fifth prime not acknowledged by Masoritanism, the Quintessence. The Risen and the Fallen are beings of Quintessence, a far more powerful force than the other elements.
  • The Risen embody the various aspects of all that is good, while the Fallen embody the various aspects of all that is evil. Mortals are born without aspect, and with the freedom to choose between the two.
  • We must serve the Risen, and embody their aspects of good. We must pity the Fallen, for they cannot help their nature, and must be given to their final rest.
  • All the most amazing things in the world come in fives. When the world presents you with an omen, sign, or opportunity that is themed in fives, or multiples of five, it is wise to take heed.
  • A great magic shields this world from the gods, called the Mortal Bulwark. It is a righteous thing that protects this plane, and mortals, from the Eternal Conflict between the Risen and the Fallen. The Mortal Bulwark saves us from destruction, yet bars the Risen from bringing their light to this plane. The Risen place their faith in us mortals to freely choose to serve them. It is the duty of us mortals to use what blessing the Risen can push through the Bulwark to fight against the corruptions that the Fallen push upon our world.
  • All Dichotists must work towards the Great Reckoning. Once all mortals are united as Dichotists in service to the Risen, the Mortal Bulwark will be lowered, and the Fallen will be defeated by the combined powers of mortals and divine. This Great Reckoning against the Fallen will bring the world into an era of holy peace unlike anything that has ever been seen.

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