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Davii Dwynwen Williiams


Davii: beloved (masculine)
Dwynwen: blessed wave (feminine)
As male Mermaids are uncommon, they are often given two first names. One will be masculine, as they were born male and one will be feminine as a blessing to keep them safe from the rough seas. Generally, the child or their family will use one of the names more frequently, but both names are considered 'first' names. For Davii Dwynwen, his family and others in the palace call him Dwynwen, and as a bard he is known by Davii.


Davii Dwynwen Williiams is a son of the Mermaid Queen, Queen Naidene Williiams, with 21 sisters and 1 brother. He was born in the Coral Palace, in Mermaid Cove (south of the continent of Turien) as all his siblings were. He was raised as a Mermaid in Coral Palace. After the initial 10 years raising period (where he was only allowed to briefly be on land for infrequent times), Davii Dwynwen first toured the entire continent of Turien. He soon forced himself into the Bardic Association (at 10-12 years old) and quickly became a much-beloved performer.   Wherever he went, he heard songs. Although it was common for a Mermaid to sing (as that is how they interact with the ocean after all), to hear a variety of songs on land, just for the sake of song, was inspiring. Mermaids are brought up in song as that is how they communicate with the other creatures of the ocean, especially Magi-clams.   A particular magi-clam of the Palace particularly loves Dwynwen, the name of the magi-clam is Odysseus and it was named by Dwynwen. The name of a magi-clam is given when they form their first pearl. Many of the magi-clams were named by Dwynwen, but none are so expressive towards him as Odysseus is. Even when Dwynwen is gone, it can be seen that Odysseus is sad and waiting. Thus, the songs that Dwynwen sings to Odysseus are the widest in variety. He composes and practices with Odysseus as an audience member and they enjoy each others company, Odysseus humming along with Dwynwen or just when they really miss Dwynwen.   Davii's youngest sibling, his only brother, didn't make it past the age of 12. Dwynwen was like a father figure to the young boy, who had a unique way of looking at the world, yet the boy died while saving a fish (his best friend). Since then, Dwynwen has locked himself in the Coral Palace, taking particular care of the coral, magi-clams, and fish that also live there.   Performance-wise, Davii gets into the song, and the audience fades away into tunes (unless it is Odysseus or he is teaching his younger siblings). However, there are songs where he gets into character - if it fits the song, then he can see what goes with it. E.g. when singing a song about Chad Eyles, Davii will swoon the ladies but have no notice if they are sitting on their husband's lap.

Bardic Association

They are an inter-racial group that sing in taverns and the like (basically wherever they are let) across Turien. They do not have particularly strict criteria to join, however, a love (or at least curious interest) is required as well as an age limit of 15. Younger than that and parents' permissions and finding places to stay gets finicky so they don't bother with it.
They are the organisers of the Bardic Challenge, a yearly event run in 6 towns to represent the 6 different races all coming together with one voice. Even if there is a cold war going on. It is a travelling competition.   Only those with registration in the Bardic Association may participate in the Challenge. At least, until that one time.
South City.
Tavern in the Docks.
Davii had long promised to meet one of the Bardic Association organisers. It was not the half of the year that he particpated on land, yet they had a promise and it wasn't far from his home (so long as he used the Mermaid magic within the ocean tides). Which he did, but the organiser could feel something was wrong as soon as he stepped in the Tavern.   For starters, Davii had not fully phased into his human form, still with the blue colouring of his Mermaid form, though he did have legs walking well.   Next, he started drinking straight away, without even saying hi. Normally when upset, Davii would shut down, but this time...   Third, he started to cry. Loudly. Bringing the ocean in with him.   And then he got violent. Only to the wooden tables and chairs, but it was more that he couldn't see the people sitting at them than that he was avoiding them.   As the waters rose to above the knees of the patrons, Davii phased into his Mermaid form and sung the most haunting tune the organiser had heard.   And then everyone got mad. At first, Davii was just a reckless Mermaid, but as he kept singing, raw emotions erupted.   The organiser had been trying to stop him all night but couldn't take it anymore. "You're out of the Bardic Association!"   A death sentence for any musician, as once outed, they could never come back.   Davii was kicked back into the sea.   A few days later the organiser was caught crying at his desk, quill in one hand and pen in another. He looked up to his bewildered assistant. "Why did I do that? Now he can't come back!"   After much crying and attempting to gather the organisers wits, the organiser decided to allow non registrated people to participate in the Bardic Challenge. It was passed by the other organisers and stakeholders.   Then they found out Davii's behaviour was due to his younger brother's death. The organiser scratched the back of his head, "At least the words of his songs make sense now."

Queen's Coronation

Nazireth, the eldest daughter of Queen Naidene Williiams (and Dwynwen's eldest sister) was set to be coronated on Willmonth the 1st, Year 57 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle, i.e. the first day of the month dedicated to Mermaids and their annual celebrations. Although the coronation isn't an annual event (and often only happens once every 300 - 600 years), it is customary to have it on the first of Willmonth for the chosen year of the coronation, including subsequent 'Ingestion of the Waves.'

Coronation Day:

All Mermaids are expected to travel to Mermaid Cove and attend the coronation ceremony of the event. The event starts at Midnight that morning, with the Current Queen, the to-be-coronated Queen, and their family following behind them. They swim from the Coral Palace front entrance to the sea field, humming the starting song of the Mermaids. The words have been lost over the centuries, but the tune has remained and will continue to do so for as long as the ocean is the ocean.   The procession arrives at the sea field about mid-morning. From there, the siblings of the to be coronated Queen, split off in two lines to surround the staging area of the coronation, changing the hummed tune to a coronation ceremony tune. They continue for the rest of the ceremony to hum (unless they have another role). The current Queen and to-be-coronated queen stop humming and make their way to the centre of the staging area of the coronation. All Mermaids from around Turien are expected to be here by this time (unless, of course, they have previously notified of their unavailability and thus have been sent an online invite to attend the event).   As the ceremony continues, a few of the siblings have roles to play. The most remembered role is that of Davii Dwynwen. He, of course, performed. Once he was at the stage, instead of continuing to hum with his sisters, he took out his sea instrument and blew into it, creating an overlapping melody with the hums. Through his gills, he also channeled the sea into a relaxing current that merged with the music, adding a few sounds of relaxation to Nazireth and his mother. He shifted the currents in tune with another sister who was sending relaxing scents to Nazireth.   It was after the formal ceremony that Dwynwen really shined. He sung. For the rest of the hours into the next midnight, Dwynwen sang and performed. This is the first time that any coronation ceremony under the sea has been performed by a single performer or band. But Dwynweni wanted to show his sister his appreciation and support of her, hoping she will understand that he agrees that she is fit for the job and thinks she will do splendidly. Even if he sang about her losing her pearls in the middle of the performance.

His performance itinerary:

Traditional Ceremonial Songs
  • Coronation song 1
  • Coronation song 2
  • Coronation song 3
  • Passing the Ocean
  • Support and Encouragement Songs
  • Waving Hello (A Davii Original)
  • The Ocean is Your Oyster (Original by Davii and siblings)
  • Sea the Queen
  • Comedic Songs
  • Passing the Burden (A Parody of Passing the Ocean - by Davii)
  • Losing her Pearls (A Davii Original)
  • Lyrics
    What holds your head up high?
    The things around your neck shine bright
    What holds your head up high?
    The pride of a Mermaid Queen is your right

    Hey sister, I saw it
    You were reckless
    You were short sighted
    Searching through the palace
    Trying to hide your face
    You lost your pearls
    You lost your pearls

    Showing off to the world
    Your pearls glimmer shine and shimmer
    Showing off to the world
    Your cleverness and wit deliver


    I never heard you rant before
    The jewellery that was only yours
    I never heard you rant before
    Your sanity may be questioned evermore


    Hey sister I saw it
    You lost your pearls
    You lost your pearls

    And if I sing it doesn't count as breaking my promise not to speak of it again.
  • Palace Cleaning
  • Celebration Songs
  • A Pearl for You
  • The Future Queen
  • My Children will Grow Up
  • If You want to live in the Sea (A Davii Original)
  • Celebrate
  • Celebrate Again (A Davii Original)
  • The Ocean will Free You
  • The Ocean will Feed You (A Parady by Davii and sisters)
  • Sea Breeze (A Davii Original)
  • Love Like a Mermaid
  • During Dwynwen's performance, the buffet was opened and a general party atmosphere was established.

    Ingestion of the Waves:

    For the next five days, Nazireth and her mother went to the deepest ocean drop and stood atop the cliff to transfer the Ocean Protection magic to the new Queen. As this magic allows the Queen to double their lifespan (as they become a part of the ocean itself), Naidene will only have a month of the ocean's grace to live afterward.   For the five days, the transferring of the magic involves both fighting with the ocean, and then merging with the ocean. The fight may be from the waters themselves, or creatures within the waters, at times such large, dark and dense creatures that are unknown to anyone else in Turien may appear. Be they creatures hidden by the side of the Locklong or living within the magic discs and otherwise trapped under Turien; imaginings of the new Queen's mind brought into the physical through the magic of the ocean; or simply the ocean itself is for the ocean to use and the Queens to simply accept.   Merging with the ocean does more than sharing the magic of the ocean with the Queen. The Queen is unable to live on land, nor spend more than a week at a time on land (similar to the restraints of the 10-year raising period), however, the Queen gains the ability to feel what is going on in the ocean at all times that she is in it. This includes hearing the practicing of Dwynwen and his composition trials with Odysseus from wherever in the ocean she is (bringing many a smile to her face).

    Spreading the Love

    After the coronation ceremony, Davii goes back to leaving the Palace frequently and traveling Turien again. Though he does not participate in the Bardic Challenges every year anymore, he does start teaching music, especially the art of song, to many children from across the different races.


    Davii Dwynwen Williiams

    Brother (Important)

    Towards Brooke Williiams



    Brooke Williiams

    Sister (Important)

    Towards Davii Dwynwen Williiams




    When Dwynwen was 32, his youngest sister, Brooke was born. He feels a semi-special bond with her, especially as they are the only two siblings (out of the 23) with black hair.

    Relationship Reasoning

    Although there are 32 years between them, they are relatively close in age, with only one sister born between them. As some of the youngest, they do not have many expectations placed upon them and are often left to their own devices, leading them into many instances of individual troubles. If they were closer in age, they would probably get into much more trouble together, so their older siblings are thankful for the small gap they do have. (Another reason why the sisters tease Brooke's singing ability is to keep a small distance between her and Davii 'the singing genius' on land.)

    Shared Secrets

    Although Mermaids are practically born with musicality, Brooke was not. It didn't really phase her, as she was having too much fun with her Half-Dark Elf-Human friend on land. However, after attending the inter-racial classroom, she was bombarded with the assumption that she could sing. Despite her friend's snickers, she looked for Davii to teach her how to sing. He was the only Mermaid who wouldn't laugh at her for her tone-deaf sounds. He really tried his best, and eventually, Brooke too tried her best. They got her humming in sync just enough for the Coronation Ceremony, though that was a couple of years after she left school.
    They had the singing lessons in secret, in a hidden cave under Turien, or at Brooke's apartment in Mid-city. Although this was to help Brooke, it also helped Davii get back on his musical feet after their brother died.

    Davii (Human form) - often seen in not quite shirts and a cape - he says it feels like the breeziness of the waves. Is comforting.
    by Tara on HeroForge
    Brooke Williiams (Sister)
    Bright blue (Mermaid) Grey (Human)
    Black, shoulder length
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pale blue (Mermaid)
    Sea Instrument (Mermaid)
    Flute (Human)
    After having been kicked from the Bardic Association, Davii tried to recreate the same evokation of raw emotion he was able to perform that night at the bar. Below is just one of the many attempts to do so:

    Cover image: by TaraFaeBelle
    Character Portrait image: by Tara on Heroforge
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