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Brooke Williiams

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Princess Brooke Williiams

Brooke is the youngest daughter of the Mermaid Queen, Naidene Williiams, with 20 older sisters, one older brother, and a younger brother not too long ago. As her mother is a friend of the Hero Steve, she was placed in the The All-Races Classroom as a student. Brooke was fine to live on the land for a while, with the provisions that her land-friend Annabelle James would join her in the classroom and that her brother Davii Dwynwen Williiams would visit her often. A handful of her older sisters jumped on that, promising that they would also visit her often. Brooke just shrugged.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is in typical teenage Mermaid shape (Mermaid teenage years go from 12-40ish). She has a decent bust (as Mermiads grow larger than Humans), silky fresh hair (as the Mermaid magic runs through her hair naturally, thus she, as all Mermaids, never have an accidental bad hair day) and the smell of the ocean is her natural perfume. Coincidentally, there is a perfume called 'Smell of the Ocean', produced and sold by her sister. Brooke is thus a walking advertisement.

Body Features

Unlike the rest of her sisters, Brooke has black hair, which she leaves long and flowing. The colour only matches her brother Davii as the rest all have varying blondes and browns, with an occasional blue or green in the mix. However, under the sun at a certain angle, there is a glimmer of purple that overtones the black.
Also in following her brother's looks, she chooses to have a silver-grey eye colour when on land in her Human form.

Identifying Characteristics

Miss Magenta Charles is the teacher of Brooke in the All Races Classroom. As a magic synaesthete, she can see the colors of her students' magic. Brooke, as a Mermaid, is filled with a flowing blue with purple bubbles floating around (which are quite dark for a Mermaid). Instead of a single magic core, the main mass of her innate magical energy switches and shifts between all and each of the bubbles, even as the bubbles pop and regenerate.

Special abilities

Brooke has most of the typical Mermaid water magic, including: manipulating water in the air; sonar; and hiding things in currents.
 Unlike all other Mermaids, Brooke is unable to sing to interact or command the creatures of the ocean. This may be due to her spending too much time on land during her raising period, though it is more likely due to her unique constitution. Be that the ocean loves her or she was just the person the magic of Turien chose to flow differently inside of her, she has a magic that is almost one of the Forbidden magics of old: Brooke is able to unveil hidden and long-forgotten items from within the waves. When Turien was first created, all Mermaids had the ability to hide anything in the waves and another Mermaid could take it out, provided they knew it was there (this was often used instead of cupboards). Sometimes a household would just have a list on a wall of what had been 'hidden' in the waves, thus making it a more spacious area, or letting Mermaids create smaller sized homes without the clutter. As years went by, that ability was Forbidden, probably in a few steps. First was the ability to grab anything that could be known from the waves by letter (for example), thus only if you saw what went into the waves yourself could you pull it out. Second was to not be able to pull anything out unless you were the one who hid it in the waves. (The Queen of Mermaids is an exception though, because she is half Mermaid and half the ocean thus it doesn't apply to her ocean half as that half is the waves the things are hidden in, so less pulling out but pushing out.) 
Perhaps because she has no singing ability, perhaps because she is otherwise special, perhaps because the ocean had a whim it wanted to fix, Brooke has a similar magic ability to the first few generations of Mermaids, yet not exactly that same. She can pull out things that were hidden in the waves that were not her own, yet they are things that have been forgotten about through the centuries, thus not 'known'. 
Brooke, however, may not yet realise she does this. Moreso, she thinks that the things she unveils are actually her will of the things she wants (acting, lying) coming into being. Basically, she is such a good actor that she is able to fool the Realm (or herself).

Apparel & Accessories

As Mermaids are known for their charms, it is very odd to see a Mermaid on land without a charm. However, the charms the Mermaids wear are often much more than simple decoration but have [protection spells] imbued in them from their family members. As Brooke's mother (and later eldest sister) is the Mermaid Queen (one with the ocean) the spells are much more potent and therefore can be highly layered and intricate with customised blessings. 
Brooke often wears purple.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brooke first swam off to land by herself when she was eight, after her older sisters' recount of their entertaining times with the Faries. Here, at the Fairy Graveyard, she met Annabelle (who had also snuck out). As Annabelle's mother had recently died, and her father didn't know how to properly watch her Annabelle got away with a lot. Brooke was the youngest girl (with a decent gap between her and her next older sibling) and also got away with a lot (at least until she got caught). Thus, they were drawn to each other and trouble.
A few years later (when Brooke was 14) her only younger sibling, her second brother, also died. The two girls bonded closer over the understanding of their grief.
Having a young friend on land, the Queen was worried, but also knew that Davii did well there and could see how much Brooke benefitted from having a friend her age. So she let Brooke off from most of her Royal duties (which were pretty bare to begin with, being the 21st princess and all) and let Brooke do mostly as she pleased. Fortunately, a number of her older siblings had taken a liking to Brooke and watched over her more than the Queen was able to (in person at least).
As Brooke and Annabelle grew closer together, and moved to Mid City together, Brooke put her relationship with Annabelle above other relationships, and even if she didn't agree with Annabelle, was more willing to change her own perspective to further understand Annabelle than match with others, even if the others were 'morally right'.

Personality Characteristics


The Mermaid Queen agreed with Steve's plan to create a racially inclusive classroom and promised one of her daughters would attend. As Brooke was the right age for the classroom, she went, after pestering her mother to allow Annabelle to also attend.


As a Mermaid, Brooke's hair is always clean and almost sparkling with the magic of the sea making it possible for her to never have a bad hair day (unless she was dressing up with Annabelle for one of their schemes).


Family Ties

Brooke feels pretty distant towards her parents, especially her mother. However, at least three of her older sisters (Anya, [Ale] and Xiiomara) played mother roles (both practically and emotionally) so she still grew up with 'parental' love and discipline. Even if she was less disciplined than her sisters, she was still raised relatively well for a Mermaid. 
She has a close bond with her brother Davii, who often writes comical songs about her.

Social Aptitude

Brooke could stand in the middle of a party and effectively swim through the pleasantries to seemingly deep friendships. However, if she is with Annabelle she often doesn't, instead, they swim together through social networks.
She will take a plot she has created to as far as it can go, and then further, unwilling to give up what she said was real. Though this happens to be seen more on land, the Queen knows it is because Brooke tends to unconsciously create what she believes others believe is real (from her stance).


Subtly flirtatious.


Davii Dwynwen Williiams

Brother (Important)

Towards Brooke Williiams



Brooke Williiams

Sister (Important)

Towards Davii Dwynwen Williiams




When Dwynwen was 32, his youngest sister, Brooke was born. He feels a semi-special bond with her, especially as they are the only two siblings (out of the 23) with black hair.

Relationship Reasoning

Although there are 32 years between them, they are relatively close in age, with only one sister born between them. As some of the youngest, they do not have many expectations placed upon them and are often left to their own devices, leading them into many instances of individual troubles. If they were closer in age, they would probably get into much more trouble together, so their older siblings are thankful for the small gap they do have. (Another reason why the sisters tease Brooke's singing ability is to keep a small distance between her and Davii 'the singing genius' on land.)

Shared Secrets

Although Mermaids are practically born with musicality, Brooke was not. It didn't really phase her, as she was having too much fun with her Half-Dark Elf-Human friend on land. However, after attending the inter-racial classroom, she was bombarded with the assumption that she could sing. Despite her friend's snickers, she looked for Davii to teach her how to sing. He was the only Mermaid who wouldn't laugh at her for her tone-deaf sounds. He really tried his best, and eventually, Brooke too tried her best. They got her humming in sync just enough for the Coronation Ceremony, though that was a couple of years after she left school.
They had the singing lessons in secret, in a hidden cave under Turien, or at Brooke's apartment in Mid-city. Although this was to help Brooke, it also helped Davii get back on his musical feet after their brother died.

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Brooke's Mermaid form:
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Current Status
Student in the All Races Classroom
Current Location
Date of Birth
26th Cycle, Year 37 of the Nymphs, Awemonth the 12th
Coral Palace
Current Residence
Mid City
Blue (Mermaid) or Silver-grey (Human)
Long and black

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