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The Fourteen Flames of Rebellion


The Fourteen Flames of Rebellion were the fourteen figures deemed most dangerous by the World Court between the years of 550 and 560. These figures were not only placed on this list because of their strength or abilities, though that was a factor in the decision, but because the World Court deemed them "a threat to justice."   This was not a formal group by any means, though many had affiliations with each other. It was a list created by the World Court to create fear about rebels and to point their enforcers in the direction of "injustice" even if it was not real nor unjust.   The list was not publicly available, nor even common knowledge, until some years had passed afterwards when it was published by the revolutionary Elven author Imvis Valhana, who had been affiliated with the rebellion because he was with Village Chief Nalrik Tilrak of Bortan at the time, following him to write a book about his life and the surrounding events that took place during it.
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
  Nalrik Tilrak, of course, was an influential figure at the time in stark opposition to the World Court, and was one of the Flames of Rebellion.   It was, however given to all World Court admissibles and anyone else working for the World Court so that they would know who was most dangerous and in need of being taken care of.   There were more than fourteen people who had ever been considered Flames of Rebellion, but there were only ever, at most, fourteen at one time because it was always one person chosen by each judge.   There were officially only thirteen judges until the year 550, when Judge Lambda was officially added to their ranks. Thus, the Fourteen Flames of Rebellion were only a thing between the years 550 and 560, at which point it was only a specific group of fourteen that changed once, replacing one member with another.  

The Flames of Rebellion

The Fourteen Flames of Rebellion were prominent rebels, rulers, warriors, diplomats, and scholars who opposed the World Court in one way or another. In the case of some, this was not even a particularly dangerous or visible opposition. This did not matter to the Court, as one of the Judges said:
The World Court by Jarhed

The World Court

An organization, with its headquarters in the city of Stallbourne on the southwestern tip of the continent Elone, dedicated to justice and upholding law in Totania.   However, most will say that the World Court, particularly in the 500s, had strayed far from this path, creating their own definition of justice and making their own laws to benefit their own selfish purposes rather than to help the world.   The structure of the organization consists of fourteen judges at the head (thirteen prior to the year 550), each one of the "major" species of the world, named with the Alzirgan alphabet: Judge Alpha, Judge Beta, Judge Delta, Judge Omega, Judge Zeta, etc.   Below them are admissibles, the enforcers of their justice, as well as lower judges and other forces around the world.   In the 500s, this even consisted of puppet rulers and monarchs that were sympathetic to the Court.
"A rebel is a rebel. If we allow ourselves to distinguish any further, we will muddy the very fabric of justice itself."
— Judge Zeta
Expressive Mastema by Jarhed
  While they were not all, at the time of the lists creation, affiliated with the major opposition to the World Court known as the Army of the Revolution, by the year 560, all but one Flame had joined them to stop the World Court.   Some figures, like Expressive Mastema, had not even acted against the court before being placed on the list. He was simply deemed so dangerous and unpredictable that the very idea that he may one day turn on them for one reason or another, most likely for profit or for Profit, was too terrifying for them to let slide.   These fourteen rebellious figures, as well as their reasoning for being considered as such, were as follows:  
  • Nalrik Tilrak, for his impossible arsenal
  • Vodron Nutsk, for his immense luck
  • Vardid Vracrath, for her unstoppable melodies
  • Pretender, for his unlimited forms
  • Lorakaen Shinebright, for her uncaged heart
  • Stranger Forestarm, for his unfathomable mobility
    Bhukk the Studious by Jarhed
  • Expressive Mastema, for his unpredictable nature
  • Caddos Damolnath, for his unbroken faith
  • Hadon Leran, for his unmatchable skill
  • Tyrant, for his unattainable power
  • Anarchy, for her unorthodox abilities
  • Bhukk the Studious, for his unending knowledge
  • Morendyn Cobath, for his unprecedented plans
  • Shatt Gunn, for his unrivaled potential
  These people were all notable figures in the world before being placed on this list, for one reason or another. To those that kept up with world events, they would largely be familiar names, except perhaps for Pretender, who often pretended to be someone else when he did something, and Stranger Forestarm, who generally kept out of conflict.   The Modan Revolutionaries led by Morendyn Cobath and including Bhukk the Studious and Anarchy were also not as active in that decade, as they were hiding more often than they were fighting due to the dangers of Tyrant and his ability, Hall of the Mountain King.   Below is the official list, as made by the World Court, which was stolen by the thief Alsamt and given to Imvis Valhana for publication. Image depictions of all fourteen rebels are for the sake of knowing them to stay away or arrest these dangerous individuals. Each of these figures has different reasons for being classified as a threat, which are boiled down to simple phrases. Among them, there are four that they find to be the greatest threats. The first two, Nalrik Tilrak and Vodron Nutsk, as well as the last two, Morendyn Cobath and Shatt Gunn.  

Chosen Ones

Each Flame was chosen by one Judge in particular. Below is listed which Judges chose who.  
  • Nalrik Tilrak- Judge Alpha
  • Vodron Nutsk- Judge Kappa
  • Hadon Leran- Judge Beta
  • Caddos Damolnath- Judge Upsilon
  • Pretender- Judge Psi
  • Stranger Forestarm- Judge Theta
  • Expressive Mastema- Judge Epsilon
  • Tyrant- Judge Omicron
  • Vardid Vracrath- Judge Sigma
  • Lorakaen Shinebright- Judge Zeta
  • Anarchy- Judge Lambda
  • Bhukk the Studious- Judge Omega
  • Morendyn Cobath- Judge Delta
  • Shatt Gunn- Judge Gamma
  Nalrik Tilrak. Kappa chose Vodron, Beta chose Hadon, Upsilon chose Caddos, Psi chose Pretender, Theta chose Stranger, Epsilon chose Mastema, Omicron chose Tyrant, Sigma chose Vardid, Zeta chose Lorakaen, Lambda chose Anarchy, Omega chose Bhukk, Delta chose Morendyn, and Gamma chose Shatt.  
Vodron Nutsk by Jarhed

Justice Heals

Nalrik Tilrak and Vodron Nutsk were considered the most dangerous for their abilities and, strangely, the fates the two had found themselves entwined in.   The World Court had defined themselves by the principle of "Justice Hurts," where they would not hold back their justice merely because someone would get hurt. This was based on the lesson they took from the battle between Gellark Lionrage and Varth Dreamless. Nalrik and Vodron's fates, however, aligned them perfectly with those two figures, as many began calling them a modern Gellark and Varth. Nalrik and Vodron, also, are against the World Court and their justice.   Nalrik Tilrak was Chief of the Draconian Village Bortan, where he unlocked impossible Weather magic and gained the title of "The Impossible" for his ability to push past circumstances that, otherwise, seemed impossible to accomplish.   Vodron Nutsk was the Champion of the Goddess Morrigan, particularly he was called the Guardian of Fate because he was granted a divine magic affinity beyond his Luck Magic, which then became known as Fate Magic for its ability to, of course, manipulate fate.   Nalrik could defy all odds and Vodron himself could change fate. To the World Court, there was no greater danger.
"The very fabric of reality and the threads of fate that our lives are defined by must stay in place. If we let those that go against those concrete structures of divinity roam free, we allow injustice to seep into the essence of existence itself."
— Judge Alpha
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster
Vodron was also meant, at one point, to become a Judge. When he was still in the womb, the Judges offered his mother to sell Vodron to them so he could be Judge Alpha. His fate was linked to them from the very beginning, and they feared how he would turn that around on them.  

Leaders of the Revolution

Morendyn Cobath and Shatt Gunn, on the other hand, were the most prolific rebellious leaders at the time. Both of them were the top figures in the Army of the Revolution.   Morendyn had been in charge of the Udai branch, the Modan Revolutionaries, which was basically its own independent group of rebels. When Fepar Tilrak died, Morendyn was the most experienced rebel and was considered the face of the revolution.   Shatt Gunn, on the other hand, was Fepar's chosen successor who inherited his will, having been adopted by Fepar. Shatt was, at the time, shaping up to be a daunting figure if he were allowed to grow into the man that Fepar Tilrak believed he would.   They did not initially get along well, as Morendyn believed Shatt was not fit to take Fepar's place as Fepar had grown old, soft, and complacent.   Morendyn put Shatt through many tests before he, eventually, agreed to allow Shatt to lead.
Morendyn Cobath by Jarhed
Still, Morendyn stood at Shatt's side as the second-in-command of the revolution, having had experience as the leader which helped him aid Shatt and take over when Shatt was unavailable.  
"I would not call them intimidating men. In most cases, they are just men. However, they command respect in those rebellious circles, and they constantly have something up their sleeve. If let grow and prosper, the world would be engulfed in chaos."
— Judge Psi
  Both men were aces with access to every magical affinity, and were some of the most notable figureheads of the era, with some putting them amidst the ranks of Otikul Nurdesh, Oraakil Mardaar, and Marnis Goriish as the greatest leaders of the 500s.   Of all names of heroes etched into history from this era, theirs stand at the top as the ones that led all others to greatness.  

Rebellion Without Limit

Those four were outliers even amongst the Fourteen Flames, with particular reasons that they were singled out. However, others had angered the World Court enough to be of particular note as well. Those on levels right below these four.   Lorakaen Shinebright and Hadon Leran were likely the two they would place immediately below those four in levels of danger.  
Lorakaen Shinebright by Yumedatchi
Hadon Leran was a Captain in the Elven army, and son of one of the greatest heroes in history, Narkard Leran, and carried the same skill as his father with no limit to his justice, which was, of course, contrary to that of the World Court. Anything that did not adhere to their justice was a threat.   Hadon had worked for them when he attended the Magic College, interning with the Judges before they attacked and tortured him for overhearing their plans. From then on, he dedicated his time to stopping their plans.   Lorakaen Shinebright was the most prolific healer of the era. She was able to heal nearly any injury or ailment due to her light magic infused healing spells.   What made her a threat, however, was that she did not restrict herself to healing only those deemed worthy of help by the World Court. Thina the Centurion, the leading healer in the world prior to Lorakaen's training in the technique, followed their orders and only helped those that the World Court wanted to be helped. Lorakaen did not, and therefore they believed she needed to be stopped.   The World Court pushed both of them, trying to find a limit to how far Hadon's justice would go and how much damage they could do before even Lorakaen could not heal something.   However, what put these two atop their list of threats was the fact that both had escaped the Judges personal wrath, having nearly been killed by the Judges before finding ways to wriggle out of their grasp.   Hadon Leran had falsely surrendered after being tortured, then using the invasion of Ikkul Ravofarn in Stallbourne to flee the Judges.   Lorakaen Shinebright, however, battled against half of the Judges on her own, managing to escape thanks to the help of the secondary Capture Mage, Alsamt, who snuck her out in the midst of a parade from the Prideful Folk of Stallbourne, who Lorakaen had aided prior to her battle.
"Those that escape the hand of justice are a danger, because if they believe themselves outside of the law, how far are they willing to go unchecked?"
— Judge Omega

A Flame Goes Out

The Korvian King known as Tyrant was always the odd one out in the Flames of Rebellion, and ultimately this led to dire circumstances for the Udaian monarch.  
Tyrant by Jarhed
When it came to the others, most knew each other after having attended the Magic College of Zephys around the same time or, in Vardid Liloryas's case, being a professor at said university.   Anarchy, Bhukk, and Morendyn were part of an off-shoot of the Army of the Revolution known as the Modan Revolutionaries.   Tyrant, however, was notable solely as an independent force with no other allies of considerable note, at least in the eyes of the World Court. He was an enemy to other rebels, as he found them all to be against his own regime as well.
"There is a fear in unchecked power, but truly I believe the greatest danger is a puppetmaster who has no one by his side. Is there truly a rival to such a man?"
— Judge Omicron
  Ultimately, Tyrant was killed by a coalition made up, largely, of other members of the Fourteen Flames of Rebellion. They all deemed the World Court a threat, but they found Tyrant to be a more immediate danger to the world. His ability had, at the time, engulfed the entire world and threatened anyone who disobeyed him.   Upon his death, he was replaced in the Fourteen Flames by Oraakil Mardaar, the Draconian Sword Mage. Oraakil had been left off of the list because it was commonly believed by the Judges, as well as those that worked for them, that he did not have rebellious tendencies.   They also underestimated the true power he held, thinking he had gone soft in peacetimes and after dedicating most of his time to raising his son and living with his wife.   That changed when Oraakil single-handedly killed his father, Ordoth Mardaar, the Mind Mage, who also happened to be one of the most dangerous men in the world at the time.   This, followed closely by him lending a hand in the defeat and death of Tyrant, propelled him to the top of the list, beating out other top candidates, called the Seven Potential Sparks. This group was found in other World Court records to include, aside from Oraakil Mardaar himself, Kathleen Ramone, Mebror Dosse, Gazzok Herrt the Butcher, Yilkin Tilrak, Finethir Shinebright, and Oculus.  

The Seven Potential Sparks

The Seven Potential Sparks of Rebellion were dnagers that the World Court was keeping an eye on, believed to have the potential to become Flames if one of the Fourteen Flames were to be taken out of the picture or if one of those sparks becomes more worth classifying as a Flame of Rebellion than one of the current Flames.
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker
  This decision, as with most done by the World Court in general, was rather arbitrarily decided by the Judges themselves. They could even pick someone not on the list of Potential Sparks to replace a flame, as these are just ones they were watching out for.   For these Potential Sparks, including Oraakil who was once among their ranks, their reasonings for being potential threats were:
  • Oraakil Mardaar, for his unsanctioned leadership
  • Kathleen Ramone, for her unscrupulous freedom
  • Mebror Dosse, for his unquentiable rage
  • Gazzok Herrt, the Butcher, for his unapproachable aura
  • Yilkin Tilrak, for her unrestrained care
  • Finethir Shinebright, for his unforgivable existence
  • Oculus, for their unanswered affiliation
  There was not a chance to replace Oraakil Mardaar in the Sparks, as the list became defunct within the year of Tyrant's death upon the subsequent defeat of the World Court at the hands of the Fourteen Flames and their allies, including the Potential Sparks.   The fears of the World Court, as strange as they generally were, ended up being somewhat warranted.  

The Prior Flames

The list above consists of the final Flames and Sparks of Rebellion, but they were not the only ones. It is unclear how long the system existed for, but it is known that figures like Fepar Tilrak, Ildid Tilrak, Ordoth Mardaar, and Kash Monet were considered Flames of Rebellion for starting the Army of the Revolution.   It is believed that figures from the Age of Heroes like Count Toll, Lualyrr Aleth, Prime Minister Tymond, and Shax were likely considered to be at least what would become known as Flames of Rebellion. Whether the classification itself existed or not at the time is unknown, as the records were buried.

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Author's Notes

Credit for the images in the carousel goes to Jarhed (me), alongside the creators of some of the characters inside, so credit to Yumedatchi and genuinetrickster. It doesn't display credit, but of course it's worth noting.

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