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Being the only sentient species created without the help of the Arches, unicorns are a bit of an anomaly. They are the only ones who do not have grasping front limbs. They get around this, however, with a levitation ability innate to every member of the species. Also innate to every member is a passivity rivaled only by the faeries. Fitting, as faeries cast the spell upon those horses originally part of the spell.

Basic Information


Unicorns follow the basic body plan of a horse, with some differences. Of particular note is the horn which protrudes from the forehead. The color is the color of a precious metal; usually gold but silver and copper are also very common. All unicorns have a tail that resembles a lion's, possibly in homage to the Old Gods, and male all sport a goat's beard upon adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

Due to being imbued with faerie magic, unicorns have a natural dislike for any not of their kind. Most unicorns live far away from civilization, usually in the thickest parts of forests or up the steepest mountain slopes.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All unicorns have the ability to heal.
An individual unicorn can touch no more than two elements, but the species as a whole is able to touch Aquas, the element of water; Lux, the element of light; Natura, the element of nature; and Spiritus, the element of air equally.

Civilization and Culture


Before the War

The species were created when the Faeries wanted to grant their horse companions true sentience. Every faerie alive at that time contributed their energy to the spell, almost causing a mass extinction of the faerie race. The dragon Arches felt the drain of so much magic at once and contributed their almost infinite energy, just barely saving the faeries. But their spell was a success. It granted the horses with the intelligence the faeries wanted, also altering their appearance slightly. Their hooves became cloven, like a goat, their tails changed from being simply hair to looking more like a lion's tail, and a single horn grew from the center of their forehead. After the dragons erased the creature creation spell from the memory of every faerie, they termed the new species unicorn. The unicorns traveled Tilandrial with their creators, exploring the depths of their magic. They found, no matter what element they were graced with, they each had the ability to heal. Since every faerie was involved with making the species, at first unicorns could touch all eight elements. With their natural propensity for healing, however, they soon started to shy away from the more violent elements. Soon enough, they lost the ability to utilize the magics of Ignus, Obscurum, Chalybs, and Terra; considering them to be more destructive than Aquas, Natura, Lux, and Spiritus. Losing the ability to cast one of those element's magic did not, however, dictate what faerie they associated with. There would always be a special place in a unicorn's heart for a faerie.  

During the War

The unicorns saw firsthand what happened as the Sphinxes's sanity degraded, and did not like the violence that followed in its wake. Before the first blood was shed, the unicorns had decided to not use their magic to harm another sentient species unless in self defense. The approached the Arches and told them they would be their healers, but not fighters. Even without seeing actual battle, the unicorns saw what the fighting wrought.  

After the War

The War did not change unicorns as much as some other species. They kept their love of healing, but did not want to be used and abused the way they were during the war. Like their faerie creators, unicorns keep away from large settlements, especially if they contain a large concentration of humans.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Unicorns have no problems around faeries of any element. They shy away from strange elves or dwarves , but do not actively run away. If a human startles the unicorn, they will instantly run away, but if the human is by itself or with very few members of their species, the unicorn might stay to investigate. Large numbers of humans instantly make them nervous, and they usually stay away from crowds. They are indifferent to goblins; unicorns will not hesitate to help a goblin in need but they do not actively seek out goblin company. Unicorns will not go near a drow unless it is absolutely necessary. When it comes to Lycanthropes and Vampires, a unicorn will do anything and everything to get themselves as far away from them as possible.   Dragosaurs are the only species a unicorn might attack. They consider dragosaurs to be a blight, and like any sickness, it must be purged. It doesn't help that many dragosaurs acquired a taste for unicorn blood during the War, and the myth of unicorn blood extending the life of the one who drinks it started there.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
While untested, unicorns believe their lifespan to be two thousand years
Average Height
(at the withers) 1.5-1.8 meters (4'10"-6')
Average Weight
500kg (1100lb)

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