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Drow come from elves that settled on the Drow Lak-ek Neev, which translates to "Empty Sunlit Plains." When the Sphinxes settled on Sinistrum, the continent watched over by Dunstan, Arch of Obscurum, the elves started to become warped. They soon call themselves "Konza Drow Lak-ek Neev" or "Those of the Empty Sunlit Plains", but every other species calls them drow, knowing how empty they are inside.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Drow are typically dark skinned, deep purples and browns being the most common skin colors. Their hair is always a bright white. Their eyes range in color, with purples and blues being the most common.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Drow tend to live in the thick rainforests, the swamps, or the empty grassy plains of Tilandrial

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Common Elements

Uncommon Elements

Civilization and Culture


A group of elves settled in the Drow Lak-ek Neev (Empty Sunlit Plains) of Sinistrum, the continent watched over by Dunstan, Arch of Obscurum. Due to constant sunlight, the skin of the elves started to naturally darken, and their hair became more and more bleached. The harsher environment altered the elves' temperament as well. The elves lived in small tribes of family members that wandered the plains and occasionally warred with other tribes.   After Ignacia kicked the Sphinxes off her continent, they settled on Sinistrum. By this time, the Sphinxes magic was warping all life around them, and these elves were no exception. They soon started to worship the Sphinxes as well as the Arches. Inter-tribal battles increased in number and severity. Normally, fights like these would be broken up by the Arch in charge of the continent, but Dunstan too was affected by the Sphinxes' influence. He ignored the elves, and ignored the Obscurum Faeries that reported to him. By this point, the Arches were entrenched in the idea that, unless an Arch reached out directly for help, they would not interfere. The continent spoiled, all life getting warped by the Sphinxes magic - a black hole from which there was no escape.   Slowly, as the need for violence rose, the elves saw a shift in what elements they could touch. They lost their touch to water, air, and light, gaining the abilities to use fire, earth, metal, and darkness. They held on to their love of nature, but as the environment around them degraded, so too did that love. Natura magic was the last to disapear from these elves. Their love for material good increased as well, and they started to build an ornate city to house such goods. Each tribe claimed a portion of the city for themselves, naming the section of the city after the current leader of that tribe. Soon, only those who descended from that tribe could live in that section of the city, or "house" as it came to be known. Physical fighting abated, to be replaced by political fighting and vying to be the house that would be in charge. Assassinations became commonplace.   These elves, wanting to distance themselves from their weaker cousings, started calling themselves "Konza Drow Lak-ek Neev," or "Those of the Empty Sunlit Plains." Others simply called them "Drow" knowing how empty they really were inside. After the war, Arch Ananda found the drow to be too numerous to completely eradicate from Tilandrial. Ananda grudgingly pardoned the drow.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
700 years
Average Height
2 meters (6.5 feet)

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