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Obscurum, the Element of Shadows

Obscururm is the formal name of the element of shadows that shrouds the world of Tilandrial. Obscurum magic is a fluid, ghastly element that focuses on deception and open-mindedness. Obscurum prefers to work behind the scenes, learning secretes to bet their opponent rather than using brute force. Those who show Obscurum tendencies are usually described as having long memories and a certain reclucivness, but they also make the best of friends once their trust has been fully gained; for once it has been gained, it is never lost.
  Obcurum is harmonious with Aquas and Spiritus, and opposes Lux and Chalybs. Obscurum and Aquas sgare the relentlessness tio get what they want and the wish to work in the background. Obscurum and Spritus share ab obsession with spirits and a need to be ever-changing. Obscurum opposes Lux for light pushes back shadow, and also for the fact that Obscurum is focused on getting what it wants no matter the cost and Lux is focused on protection of the innocent. Obscurum opposes Chalybs in being more easily persuaded and in using brains over brawn, where Chalyba ia more headstrong and brawn over brains.

Current Arch

Egg has yet to be found

Previous Arches

Dunstan, Arch of Obscurum

Species touched by Obscurum


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