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Although created by a single Arch, Arch Knylia, Arch of Spiritus, faeries have always been able to touch every single element equally. This is partially because they were meant to shuttle messages between Arches, in any way possible; and because they were meant to be a gift to every single one of the eight Arches. The soon assumed the role of Watchers, conveying messages to the Arch in charge of their chosen continent about any dispute, large or small.

Basic Information


Since they are created from elves, all faeries maintain the tall, bony structure of their progenetors. Their ears are pointed and their features highly angular; however, every member has a pair of wings. There are three main variations: butterfly, bat, and bird.
Butterfly wings: Butterfly wings encompass all insect wings, The most common varient is the one most think of as butterflies, but they arent the only one. The next most common is moth wings, followed very closely by dragonfly wings. Uncommon but not unheard of are beetle winged faeries, where the faerie has a glistening shell when their wings are retracted.
Bat wings: Also known as dragon wings, this is the most common style of faerie wing. Unlike the iridescent wings of butterfly faeries, these faeries wings' tend to match either their skin tone or the main color of their chosen element.
Bird wings: Only a few have the luxurious feathered wings of the original Cardinal of Lux, the elf who was the original target of the spell to turn her into a faerie. The feathers are either pure white or a bright color that represents the individual's element.

Growth Rate & Stages

Their youngling and teenage years mirror an elf's growth rate. Once they reach adulthood, the stop physically aging completely.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Faeries are able to touch all eight elements equally; meaning, any faerie is as equally likely to be able to utilize one of the eight elements of magic. Faeries can only touch one element.

Civilization and Culture

Common Etiquette Rules

Even though all faeries have the ability of telepathy, it is considered rude if one contacts another using telepathy without proper cause.


Before the War

After the Arches agreed to split control between the eight continents, they ran into a communication problem. For although the Arches are incredibly powerful, they are not omniscient, and it became difficult for them to stay in contact with the growing amount of denizens of Tilandrial, and each other. Arch Knylia thought the creature creation spell could be tweaked to fix this problem, and she called upon her most devoted followers. She wanted to grant them wings to become the flying messengers of the Arches. Highly skilled Spiritus users, she reasoned, would have the easiest time of adapting to flight. She told none of the other Arches of her plan, for she wanted it to be a surprise. Her idea worked. The Spiritus elves each grew a pair of either butterfly or moth wings from their back. A small portion of them grew wings that looked like dragon wings, and Knylia's highest skilled followers were graced with beautiful bird wings. Thrilled with her success, she sent the newly termed Faeries - since they came from the Fae elves - to all of the other Arches. The other seven were predictably happy with Knylia's solution and immediately granted their new messengers with the ability to fully control their particular element. The faeries soon discovered that the spell also granted them the power of telepathy. Still retaining the superiority of the elves, the faeries made an agreement that the new power would only be used amongst themselves and the Arches. As the faerie population grew, many found themselves with spare time. They found themselves drawn to horses, and it soon became known that if you saw a herd of horses, there was a faerie or too associating with them. Wanting to grant their best friends with proper sentience and magic, the faeries discovered the spell Knylia used to create them. Faeries are the only species that made a new species without the Arches - Unicorns.  

During the War

Just like every other creature on Tilandrial, the faeries did not escape the war unchanged. Before, faeries were known throughout the land as the chosen of the Arches. They were playful and readily socialized with any and all species. During the war, their decision to keep telepathy to themselves meant they were used for espionage by both sides. All of the faeries became more fair-minded, being the confidants of the Arches and seeing all of the horrors of a battlefield. Obscurum faeries were affected worst of all, since they were the ones who most closely worked with Dunstan and the Sphinxes.  

After the War

The war left faeries without their playful, social nature. Being used as spies for the entirety of the war meant they were now immediately distrustful of any creature they did not know, including other faeries. Obsurum faeries fared the worst, since any found to be touched with Obscurum were immediately outcast. Not a single faerie can trust an Obscurum faerie. This mistrust lead to faeries being the rarest species on Tilandrial.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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