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Ignus, the element of fire

Ignus is the formal name of the element of fire that can rage across the world of Tilandrial. Ignus magic is a violent, passionate element that focuses on destroying everything that stands in its way as quickly as possible. Ignus goes wherever abundant resources are found and consumes everything in its path. Those who show Ignus tendencies are described as temperamental and passionate, for Ignus is an aggressive, impulsive element. They also tend to be very instinct-driven, but are also great at waiting for the right time to attack.
  Ignus is harmonious with Lux and Chalybs. Ignus and Lux share the want to light the way and teh need to do what it thinks to be right. Ignus and Chalybs share an aggressive nature and a need to fight. Ignus opposes Aquas for the simple fact that water extinguishes fire, and Ignus is brash and impulsive, while Aquas is logical and methodical. Ignus also opposes Natura for fire eats up all nature in its path, and while Ignus is willing to fight, Natura prefers to stay out of conflict.

Current Arch

Pyre, the Second Arch of Ignus 

Prior Arches

Arch Ignacia, the first Arch of Ignus

Species touched by Ignus



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