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Terra, the element of earth

Terra is the formal name of the element of earth the stretches across the world of Tilandrial. Terra magic is a strong, prideful element that focuses on overcoming its problems with brute force rather than finesse. Terra is equally offensive and defensive, preferring to use powerful muscles rather than a brilliant mind to win. Those who show Terra tendencies are typically described as narrow-minded and headstrong, for Terra is a very straightforward, robust element. They also tend to forge their own path, even if it is harder, but they have the discipline to overcome almost any obstacle.
  Terra is harmonious with Chalybs and Natura, and disharmonious with Spiritus and Lux. Terra and Chalybs share strength and the will to survive. Terra and Natura share a will to survive and a not so elegant way to solve problems. Terra opposes Spiritus for the fact that earth is stable and air is ever-changing, and while Spiritus is easily persuaded, Terra takes forever to change its mind. Terra opposes Lux for while Terra destroys everything in its path, Lux is much more scrupulous.

Current Arch

Egg has yet to be found

Prior Arches

Arch Toloc, Arch of Terra

Species touched by Terra


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