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Chalybs, the element of metal

Chalybs is the formal name of the element of metal that abounds throughout the world of Tilandrial. Chalybs magic is a stiff, strong element that focuses on besting the opponent with strength and brashness. Chalybs is just as good with offensive magic as with defensive magic, preferring a life a little bit on the edge. Those who show Chalybs tendencies are typically described as strong but brash, for Chalybs is a stubborn but impulsive element. They also tend to charge headfirst into battle, but they do usually recognize when to back off.
  Chalybs is harmonious with Terra and Ignus, and opposes Natura and Obscurum. Chalybs and Terra share strength and the will to survive. Chalybs and Ignus share an aggressive nature and a need to fight. Chalybs opposes Natura for the simple fact that nature can grow and easily destroy metal, and while Chalybs charges headlong into battle, Natura prefers to stay out of conflict entirely. Chalybs opposes Obscurum in being more headstrong and strength-oriented, whereas Obscurum is more easily persuaded and uses brains over brawn.

Current Arch

Their egg has yet to be found.

Prior Arches

Arch Seighild, Arch of Chalybs

Species touched by Chalybs


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