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Lycanthropes are humans who change into a wolf during the full moon of Mairobus. The Sphinxes created them during the Great War as a stronger soldier, sorely needed since the Arches were demolishing their troops. Some believe this transformation to be a blessing, but most see it as a curse. Lycanthropes can be born naturally or created, the latter happening via multiple bites from the same individual lycanthrope.

Civilization and Culture

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

There is a ritual that allows a Caninus to become a Mericus. Should a Caninus lycanthrope truly wish to rise above their instincts, they would be inducted via a special ceremony performed under the light of both full moons. This ceremony allows the Caninus to transform under either full moon. However, true Mericus lycanthropes can still sense this individual was not born into the lycanthropic life, and these changed Caninus tend to hold jobs in the lowest rung of the Mericus society.


During the War

Sensing that they were losing against the other seven Arches, the Sphinxes convinced Dunstan to experiment with making new species. Dunstan did not know the specifics of the spell Arch Knylia used to make faeries, but he did know it was simply a variation of the one used to create completely new species. He spent a whole month creating variations of the spell until he was sure he found the correct way to change members into a new species. He did not want a benign species, however. This was war. Searching amongst the animals that were still able to survive the degraded and sometime poisonous areas of his continent, Dunstan came across a pack of wolves. Impressed not just by their hardiness but also their ability to bring down prey that was much bigger than them, he brought them back to the Sphinxes. All of the Sphinxes agreed to his plan. Dunstan gathered some of his most feverent human worshipers, knowing that humans are the most mutible of species. The result of the spell was a human with heightened senses and strength, surpassing even the elves and drow, and an egerness to work with members in thier battlion. However, if the human was able to touch any element, they no longer possessed the ability to do so. The Sphinxes decided that was a fair enough tradeoff, and declared the experiment a success. They turned their new soldiers loose on the opposing forces. There were unintended side effects, ones that no one expected. Dunstan had cast the spell at night, when both Redigo and Mairobus were full, beliving that time to be when his powers were the strongest. The next time Redigo was full, those humans all turned into large and savage wolves. They rampaged, attacking both friend and foe. Once Redigo had set, all turned back into human form. Dunstan and the Sphinxes discussed for days if their superior fighters were worth keeping; eventually agreeing that they were more of an asset than a detrement. The biggest surprise came the next time Redigo was full. Some of the humans that were attacked by the original wolf-men transformed as well. Those who did also possessed enhanced senses and strength in their human form, just like the original wolf-men.  

After the War

The new species, now called Lycanthropes, learned that those who had the spell cast upon them, as well as their blood decendents, were able to change during any full moon. Those that were bitten, however, could only change whenever Redigo was full. Those born into the lycanthrope life seemed stronger than their bitten cousins as well, even in their human form. Eventually these differences caused them to create two factions. The Mericus are those who can change under all the full moons, the ones born into this life. They think of themselves as being the pure lycanthrope, unlike their bitten bretheren. Some even refuse to acknowledge the other kind's existance. Mercus lycanthropes dicipline themselves to not give into the wild, primal urges felt during the times they are in wolf form. This dicipline tends to give many Mericus the idea that they are the royalty of lycanthropes. Unfortunately, this mindset had led to slavery of those who are bitten. The Caninus are those who are bitten and can only change under the full moon of Redigo. Redigo is known as the lesser moon, and it is thought that this is the reason the Mericus refer to the Caninus as "lesser." The Caninus do not take any steps to control their primal urges when in wolf form, and are typically the ones responsible for any werewolf attack.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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