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The goblins were the first species created by the dragons. They are touched by all the elements, but only shamans can use magic.

Basic Information


  • Bipedal humanoids
  • Naturally muscular
  • Green skin
  • Thick mane of hair on their head like humans

Growth Rate & Stages

  • Child stage is shorter than humans

Ecology and Habitats

Goblins live in caves, and most other sentient species avoid them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their dietary habits are akin to early Earth hunter/gatherer diets.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Shamans are the leaders of the clan. Due to the outcomes of the goblin war, only females can be shamans.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Anywhere there are caves

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Only females can touch the eight elements  

Common Elements

Uncommon Elements

Rare Elements

  • Chalybs - happens only once every couple of generations
  • Lux

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Typically only use first names. Clan names are used as last names to differentiate clans when there is a meeting of clans.

Gender Ideals

Males and females are generally equal, but Shamans are always female and therefore only females can be clan leaders.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Tangmüthí: lit. Green language, what the goblins call their language.

Common Dress Code

Since the goblins do not care for farming or advanced clothing manufacturing, they wear the furs and leathers of the animals they hunt. During colder months, the garments cover most of their body, but during warmer months, a small garment that attaches around the waist and usually meant only to hold gathered items or sling weapons to are worn.


Gobins were the first creatures created after the dragons, by the dragons. The sphinxes immediately detested the creatures, but the dragons did not want to destroy their first creations, and so let them wander Tilandrial as they pleased. The goblins were drawn to the caves, and became a cave-dwelling species not long after they wandered away from the sphinxes. After some time, goblins split into factions based on skin color, the lighter blueish green skinned and the darker green skinned. Many skirmishes started to break out, specifically between those of different skin colors, and eventually this lead to to war, the Tochdakhmüthí Bashüvasakh (The Goblin Wars). Ignacia was begged by Nazvír to step in. She did, and when she saw the destruction, her anger was so great the fire she released was brighter than the sun. She permanently froze the goblin's magic, vowing to never again allow them to use such a gift in such a horrible way. Eventually, thanks to much convincing of Nazvír, she relented somewhat and allowed only those females with a specific temperament to be touched with magic. The goblins made these females Shamans and leaders of their clan.

Historical Figures

Nazvír: A female who was unusually talented with fire magic. She had bright red hair, another rarity in goblins, and although the name is well known throughout all clans, rarely any child is named Nazvír.

Common Myths and Legends

Myth of the Shamans

Ignacia only stepped in to stop the goblin war because of Nazvír, a female goblin who was extremely talented with fire. Because of her relationship with Ignacia, the dragon Arch of fire allowed those goblins with the same kind temperament as Nazvír to have magic. To this day, all goblins believe only females can be Shamans because Ignacia made a mistake with her spell, forgetting to specify that both males and females can have access to the magic.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They generally ignore the other sentient species on Tilandrial, and are subsequently ignored by the sentient species. They have been known to attack travelers who pass through their territory, but all goblins maintain they only do so to protect their home.
Scientific Name
  • Tochdakhmüthí büth(blueish-green skinned goblins)
  • Tochdakhmüthí müthí (light green skinned goblins)
70 years
Average Height
3 feet tall
Average Physique
Stocky, muscular build. Females tend to be taller than males.

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