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Aquas, the element of water

Aquas is the formal name for the element of water and ice that flow throughout all of Tilandrial. Aquas magic is a gentle, soothing element that focuses on pushing and pulling, giving and taking. Aquas can give life just as easily as it can take it away; however, it is a more defensive element, preferring to work behind the scenes rather than out in the open. Those who show Aquas tendencies are typically described as cold and unfeeling, for Aquas is a methodical, logical element. This belays the truth that those who are touched by Aquas often feel their emotions too deeply, and as such will push those feelings away. They tend to find the easiest solution when dealing with minor problems, but they are relentless when they truly want something.
  Aquas is harmonious with Obscurum and Natura. Aquas and Obscurum share the relentlesness to get what they want, and the wish to work out of the spotlight. Aquas and Natura share being the giver of life and a taker of the path of least resistance. Aquas opposes Ignus for the simple reason that water extingushes fire, and while Aquas is logical and methodical, Ignus is brash and impulsive. Aquas also opposes Spiritus in being more defensive and grounded, whereas Spiritus is more offensive and carefree.

Current Arch

Arch Ananda, the First Arch of Aquas

Species touched by Aquas


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