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While not a true separate species, hapas are unique in that they are the product of a curse or spell. The spell is not reversible, and the curse is incurable. All hapas are human, for the curse that makes a hapa does not affect any other species. Merfolk and Centaurs are not hapas, since their children also have the traits of their species. Children born to hapas generally have no animal afflictions.

Basic Information


General anatomy differs between individuals. Some could have the wings, beaks, and talons of an eagle, while others only have the ears and tail of a wolf.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The hapa generally exhibits social traits of the animal with which they share characteristics.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some hapas are able to utilize the elements, some aren't. There is no preference of elements; each is equally likely to occur.

Civilization and Culture


Hapas have always been shunned by humans. Sometime the hapa chooses to leave humans and live with their animal counterparts, and some have wished to try and change humans. None have succeeded, since being a hapa is a mark of a nasty curse.

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