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Spiritus, the element of air

Spiritus is the formal name of the element of air that blows across the world of Tilandrial. Spiritus magic is an ethereal, fluid element that focuses on pushing and blowing, floating and flying. Spiritus can give life just as easilu as it can take away, but it prefers not to fight, instead talking out problems or escaping conflict altogether. Those who show Spiritus tendencies are usually described as emotional and flexable, for Spiritus is a dainly, breezy element. They also tend to be in constant motion and have trouble staying in one place for too long, but when they do have to stay put, their presence is known.
  Spiritus is harmonious with Lux and Obscurum, and disharmonious with Terra and Aquas. Spiritus and Lux share a superior attitude and the want to be more passive-agressive. Spiritus and Obscurum share an obsession with spirits and a need to be ever-changing. Spiritus opposes Terra for the fact that earth is stable and are is ever-changing, and while Terra takes forever to change its mind, Spiritus is easily pursuaded. Spiritus opposes Aquas in being more offensive than defensive.

Current Arch

Egg has yet to be found

Prior Arches

Knylia, Arch of Spiritus

Species touched by Spiritus


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