Madailein "Maddy" Rhiawen

Human Cleric


Maddy is a 24 year old human Cleric. She has spent most of her life in Aubrey alongside he sister Aida, serving the temple of Amaunator. Maddy spent most of her life as a simple priest, while he sister trained as a war priest from childhood. During the war with Overwatch, both sisters served on the front lines. Aida as a fighter and Maddy as a nurse. During one of the battles, Maddy's Cleric powers emerged and she then served as a healer until the fighting ended. After the war, Maddy trained her body and mind to better serve Amauntor as a Cleric.   Aida, Maddy's sister, left on her pilgrimage in Vaye'll of 1264 (five months after the war with Overwatch). Maddy became restless after her sister left and dedicated all her time to securing a place for the vampires in Aubrey. Once they became settled and Maddy became restless again, she left for her own pilgrimage in Amada of 1265. In Thorom of 1265, Maddy met Uboh and began travelling with him. Maddy saw helping Uboh as a test from Amanator and dedicated herself to helping and teaching Uboh. Maddy and Uboh soon developed an odd friendship. In Reng’we of 1265, Maddy and Uboh meet up with Maddy's old friend from Aubrey, Amvin. Then in Yeste' of 1266, Maddy and Uboh set out on the mission to find the enslaved Orcs and Amvin, as ambassador to Winterhaven decided to join them. Donovan, Masoka, and Aster also join the quest.  
Show spoiler
Arc 2
Maddy has traveled many roads with her group as they searched for the missing Orcs who they did eventually find. After escorting the Orcs home, they visited the Evergreen before returning to Winterhaven. Along the way, they met a man named Leeroy Garvey who made a deal with the group to help him perform a play in Winterhaven. The play went off spectacularly, with Maddy helping with lighting and some sound effects.   Once they received their payment for the Orcs, a new job was offered and accepted; go to Donhurst and find out what happened to the city. This is their current mission.

Appearance and Personality

  Madailein stands at a sturdy 5'9 with light skin, olive eyes and blonde hair just below her shoulders but usually kept in braids. She has many small scars but wears them proudly. She frequently speaks with her hands and currently has a broken nose.
First Appearance
Arc 2, Episode 1

Divine Classification
Olive Green
Strawberry Blonde
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