Donovan Weiss

Human Fighter


Donovan was born in Aldmoor and moved to Brightport on his own in his teens. During wild years of self-discovery and vice, he worked as hired muscle to keep a roof above his head, his cup full and his nights in good company. Now 21, he grew into an art enthusiast, pleasure seeker and lover of love.   After meeting Masoka at The Rusty Nipple, both became fast friends after Donovan's failed advances. When the column of light illuminated the sky two years earlier, Donovan decided to one day travel the Mainland and experience its cultures to the fullest, in hopes of dancing every dance, singing every song, and drinking every drink. He swindled his way into become a freelancer for the Therian post, which now benefits from expanding routes and commerce. Sent from one town to another, he offered Masoka to join him, and they eventually made their way to Winterhaven.  
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Arc 2
Donovan and Masoka, along with a few others were tasked with finding a group of missing orc hunters, a job meant to form a peaceful alliance between Winterhaven and the orcs. The group did eventually find the orcs and killed the slavers who had captured them. Upon returning them to the Moz'zog Camp, Donovan had one goal, party with the orcs! Though it wasn't a celebration, he did get to drink Skullsplitter with the chief and paid for it with a heavy hangover.   Currently the group rests in Winterhaven, having been paid for the job and waiting for Uboh and Masoka to make their acting debut with Leeroy Garvey's latest play.

Appearance and Personality

  Donovan is a 6'5" burly young man, built like a weightlifter, and blessed with good looks and a hearty belly. He keeps his dark hair swept back while shearing the sides with dull blades. Armed to the teeth, he puts some care into his professional looks, shaving when he can and keeping his white gloves clean. He calls himself a hedonist, seeking the pleasures of life where he goes, and with whom he goes.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Got drunk with Orcs, did not die in Arc 2, Episode 10
  • First Appearance
    Arc 2, Episode 1

    Auburn Pidgeotto Crest with Black Sides