Ezhno Masoka

Half-Elf Rogue


"Masoka" grew up in an orphanage in Brightport called Amaunator's Light. He apparently learned some of his thieving skills doing odd jobs for the people in charge there.   More recently, he met and befriended Donovan Weiss at a bar and the two have been traveling together ever since.  
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Arc 2
Masoka has made a small group of friends recently which has taken him from Brightport and far to the west. Together, they have rescued Orcs from slavers, fought dire wolves and a legendary dire bear. They are currently taking missions from the leadership of Winterhaven and searching for a mystery of what calamity befell the city of Donhurst.

Appearance and Personality

  Masoka is easy going but wary of other peoples intentions. He speaks directly and may not be the most socially acceptable of people. He is half-Elf, but he was unaware until recently that the Elven half is actually Eladrin.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Kills

  • Ol' Clawdius, Arc 2, Episode 35

Notable Moments

  • Flawlessly performed the part of Malchus Grimnas in Leeroy Garvey's newest play "Of Two Worlds"
    First Appearance
    Arc 2, Episode 1

    Crystal Blue
    Long Dark Brown