Half-Orc Druid of the Mountain


Uboh had left the Moz'zog Camp after a failed attempt to wrestle leadership away from Or'agg. He met Maddy not long after leaving and the two developed a relationship based on trying to learn each others culture.  
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Arc 2
The rest of the group they joined up with took a job out of Winterhaven to find a group of Orcs who disappeared while hunting. The Orcs were found as captives in a slaver camp and eventually returned to the Moz'zog Camp. This brought Uboh face to face with his nemesis Or'agg who both were tense but did not fight.   Uboh again risked his life by going into the Elven city near Cal Cas with the rest of his group to let the Elves know that a simple truce had been worked out between them.   While returning to Winterhaven to collect payment, the group stumbled across Leeroy Garvey, an entertainer looking to revitalize his career with a new play. The group agreed to help him perform it in Winterhaven with Uboh and Masoka as the stars of the show.   The play was a rousing success and soon the party moved on to their next mission. They were tasked with traveling to Donhurst to figure out why the city had seemingly been abandoned and to see if there were survivors who needed to be rescued.

Appearance and Personality

  Uboh has blond hair and blue eyes and a medium green skin tone. He doesn't tolerate wasting time but his gruffness is often softened by his connection to Maddy.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Performed the part of Gork in Leeroy Garvey's hit play "Of Two Worlds"
  • First Appearance
    Arc 2, Episode 1

    Sky Blue
    Bright Blonde, swooped to the front